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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Is This That

The theme this year for NAYC is "This Is That". Bro. Emory was the main speaker for tonight. Earlier in the day we heard from Bro. Ellis on the importance of having a prayer life. It went hand in hand with what Bro. Emory was conveying to this present generation. His generation and my generation have made the decision that we want to live, "This is That". We have a prayer life and anointing, but it's time for this generation to rise up. He wanted to know if they wanted the That of this. Do they want to grab the phropheaies yet to be fulfilled? Does this generation want signs and wonders to follow them? If they do, they have to reach beyond the entertainment aspect. They need to press in prayer and fasting for their own mighty moves of God. The entire place turned into a time of going deep and truly looking at their walk with God. I pray this generation grabs ahold of this. If they can pray, they can be deep in God and this will bring about a mighty revival. Rise up of generation, rise up and be the city set on a hill that shines bright in a dark world. God is good.

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