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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Faith Factor

The first night of the North American Youth Congress has come to an end. Well, for some at least. The night is still going strong for many of the thousands of young people who has come to Indianapolis, Indiana. There are about 34,000 people in attendance. The speaker tonight was, Bro. Ensey. His sermon was based on, "Faith Factor" and his text taken from Judges 8:18-20. He started by asking the question of, "Jether, where are you?". There is a spirit of deception among our young people and it's time for Jether to come out. In Topeka, Kansas, there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost. This spread and eventually went to the Aszua Street Revival. This led to evangelism that spread all over. Bro. Ensey, then gave more of the historical background of the Apostolic Church. This message is still being preached today. The Best is still yet to come. We need to make sure that there is no room for bigotry in the church. This is for everyone. It's not a black church, or a white church or a brown church, we are all covered by the Blood of Jesus. We are One Church. It's time for Acts 2:16-17 to take place. This year NAYC is multigenerational. We are unified and what takes place this week will be brought back and transferred to the church. We all need each other, we all have a place. We need the young people to pursue with passion the dreams of our sleeping fathers. Success is based on what happens when you go home. Gideon started out with a huge army and ended up with 300 men. Only God can take a fear filled man and make him a mighty conquoring warrior. We have to make sure that we do not let offence and compromise enter in our hearts. We can't control everything that happens, so stop letting it control how you react. We need to not compromise what we believe. There is one God. Holiness matters and we must obey God's word. Gideon told Jether to rise and kill. Jether froze in fear. He was afraid because he was young. It's time to realize that our age does not matter. It's by God's spirit that we are able to do things. If Jether was old enough to have a sword, he is old enough to fight. If you are old enough to know the word of God (your sword), you are old enough to fight in the spirit. You are old enough to do a work for God. If you have a sword you can use the sword. There is what is called the Fear Factor. We push ourselves to the limits to face our fears. What if instead, we had the Faith Factor. Test the limits of our faith. God is able to do exeedingling and above all we could ask our think. Why do we limit our faith? What is your motivator, is it fear or faith? Just because you are afraid doesn't mean you have no purpose or faith. What you will allow to be in you will be where you go. Sometimes we are afraid, but we still trust in God and his word. Faith is being persistent in the face of fear. Age is not an obstacle. Now is the time to rise and fight. This is the generation of the last days. You will do great things and exploits for the Kingdom of Heaven. He shared story after story of people who did not let fear rule them and they did great things for God. Lives have been changed. Will it be fear or will it be faith? We were all given a small vial with oil in it. We then anointed ourselves and began to pray. The power of God was so strong. From there, everyone was praying for each other. It's clear everyone is wanting a move of God. We have come hungry and expecting something powerful to happen. I believe tonight was just the begining of something ever more powerful to come. God is good.

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