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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Called To Be A Soul Winner

Tonight the Bible Study lesson at Bethel was taught by, Bro. Miller. This is the first time I have ever heard him teach and I really enjoyed it. He was encouraging, convicting and very thorough. His topic was on "Called To Be A Soul Winner" and his main text was taken from Luke 5:1-11. All ministries are important, non supersedes that of being a soul winner. Many aspire to want to great things for the Lord. Many times being behind the pulpit is the most sought after. It's good to want to do great things for God. However the most important aspect is who can you impact and reach for God today. There is big trouble waiting for those that are not preached the gospel ( Mark 16:15-16 and Mathew 28:19-20). The only way to get the results of the Gospel is to believe the Gospel. If you believe the Gospel, you need to act on what you believe. If you want to see things happen, it will only happen when you expect it to happen. Signs follow those that believe. It can't be just something we know in our head and heart, it must be something we put into action. There is an impediment to soul winning. It's the Jonah Mentality. We are so focused on the negativity that we forget to have compassion and mercy. We need to get close to people to win people. Another aspect is that we can get into the rut of life. We are worn out and left feeling that there must be more to life. We become so consumed with life that we don't live the life God has intended for us to live. We need to use our talents for soul winning. God has given everyone a talent for soul winning. God expects us to return on his investment. Cheap Grace removes commitment and personal sacrifice. Victor Frankl said, "What is to give light must survive a burning". To do something great, requires effort. Greatness has a price ( Mathew 16:24,Luke 14:26,John 8:31 and John 15:8). Living for God requires making sacrifices. To be a disciple, you must have self-discipline and committing your treasures to God. Our time, talents and treasures belong to him. God is not going to "happen" if you don't need him to show up. We will have testing times of our faith. If we don't put God in situations that only God can fix, then why should he show up. Peter and Andrew has been fishing all day and they were tired. They were in their routine and they had not caught anything. Jesus shows up and tells Peter that he needs to borrow his boat, because people were wanting to hear from him. Peter, even though he was tired, complied and waited while Jesus spoke to the people. Then instead of telling Peter to go home and rest, he tells Peter that he wants him to go out in the boat and fish again. Peter was tired, but told Jesus, nevertheless, I will do it. He was being tested by God. We need to be totally sold out and obedient. Obedience to the known will of God, regardless if you understand or not, brings results. Peter obeyed and he brought in much fish. Obedience means submission, submission is the main problem of today's world. We need to understand, Jesus will win every time. Obedience to revealed truth unleashes the impossible. Salvation of this next generation is dependent upon you and I passing the test of true discipleship and faithfulness to God's and will in our lives. He that wins souls is wise. God is good.

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