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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Walk

Tonight, Bob and I took a walk on the beach. We enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the waves as they came upon the shore. As we walked the birds coasted on the wind above us. Once in a while, a bird would dive down in the sand and find something to eat. It was continuous and harmonious. I marveled at the beauty and creativity of God. The waves brought food for the birds and peace to our walk. God is everywhere you look, you just need to have your eyes open to see him. God is good.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Treaty Of Bread

We arrived home around midnight. Tired as we were, we were excited to attend Sunday Service at Bethel. The BYG were pretty tired, but that didn't stop them from packing the alter area to worship the Lord while the choir was singing. They even started to pray for the sick. It was clear they were deeply impacted by the North American Youth Congress this year. Even my little boy was waving his green NAYC worship cloth they gave out, in the air as he shouted for Jesus. Bro. Davis who also attended NAYC was powered up and preached a dynamic sermon on, " A Treaty Of Bread". His main text was taken from Joshua 9:7-15 and Numbers 23:19. Just after Joshua and the Israelites entered the promise land , the Hives came the seeking peace. We must realize that when our God says what he means, he means what he says and does what he says. The church of the 21st century needs a revelation of the power of the spoken word of God. What God speaks comes into existence. God's word is more than a sound or symbol, it's a dynamic force that affects everything it touches. His word is a created power and a dynamic energy. His spoken word transforms things to accomplish a purpose. His word brings life where there is bareness. God said it, he can not lie. This past NAYC was life changing, not because of the music or the crowd. It was the spoken word of God that changed and transformed everyone. When God speaks, something happens. A transformation has to take place when God speaks to someone. Can you believe that his word is enough even if you do not "see" things happening around you. God is looking for people that will believe before or even without seeing. We must be in alignment with what God says. When I prays in agreement, they send 1,000 angels to flight. When two agree, they send 10,000 angels to flight. There is power when there is an agreement, it multiplies, the power of faith added to faith. An agreement is powerful and it can have a positive impact or a negative impact. It can be productive or destructive. The Israelites were going into their promised land. The Hivites knew about this and were afraid. They had been living in a small land that was a part of the promised land. They made a deceitful plan to bring to the Israelites. They wore torn clothing and worm out water bottles. They brought bread that was moldy. They really were very near, but made it look like they came from a long distance away. When they met up with the Israelites, they gave them story about how their people from a far away land knew how powerful their God was. They wanted to live in peace and asked for them to go into contract with them to save their people from harm. In those days, they broke bread together to show a sign of agreement. They broke and ate moldy bread to signify the agreement. The Israelites did this without going to God first in prayer. They didn't seek the counsel of the Lord and instead were deceived the their tattered appearance and moldy bread. It wasn't until 3 days later, that they realized that they had been deceived and that the Hivites were living in their promised land. Because they had made a treaty with moldy bread with them, they could not break their agreement. They were not able to occupy the land God had told them to occupy, because they had been tricked. The devil wants to destroy you. He will make some kind of offer to you. It's really moldy bread! An awakening needs to take place in the church. If you want to sit back and be involved watch out you are going to get run over. The church is alive and is going to take off. If you want you can make an agreement with moldy bread and it will keep you from God has for you. You won't be able to claim the territory that God has for you. Of you can chose to walk with God. You can chose to give you life to him and receive what God has for you. Who are you going to believe? The one with the moldy bread or the one who has power in his spoken word? Accept the treaty of living bread. It makes a difference who you make an agreement with. God's word is truth. He has a purpose and a plan for you. God wants you. Make a covenant with God, the living bread and claim the destiny he has for you. God is good.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last Night of NAYC17

The day service was powerful and deep. The night service was awesome. Bro. Stanton preached the word of God strong. The worship was great. However, for those who decided to stay and linger, the power of God fell in such a mighty way. The praise and worship that erupted all over was like a fire that couldn't be contained. We have the victory! Keys were given to this generation. A strong prayer life with sound doctrine and holiness. They shall do exploits. We will see and hear great things from these kids. God is good.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Is This That

The theme this year for NAYC is "This Is That". Bro. Emory was the main speaker for tonight. Earlier in the day we heard from Bro. Ellis on the importance of having a prayer life. It went hand in hand with what Bro. Emory was conveying to this present generation. His generation and my generation have made the decision that we want to live, "This is That". We have a prayer life and anointing, but it's time for this generation to rise up. He wanted to know if they wanted the That of this. Do they want to grab the phropheaies yet to be fulfilled? Does this generation want signs and wonders to follow them? If they do, they have to reach beyond the entertainment aspect. They need to press in prayer and fasting for their own mighty moves of God. The entire place turned into a time of going deep and truly looking at their walk with God. I pray this generation grabs ahold of this. If they can pray, they can be deep in God and this will bring about a mighty revival. Rise up of generation, rise up and be the city set on a hill that shines bright in a dark world. God is good.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Faith Factor

The first night of the North American Youth Congress has come to an end. Well, for some at least. The night is still going strong for many of the thousands of young people who has come to Indianapolis, Indiana. There are about 34,000 people in attendance. The speaker tonight was, Bro. Ensey. His sermon was based on, "Faith Factor" and his text taken from Judges 8:18-20. He started by asking the question of, "Jether, where are you?". There is a spirit of deception among our young people and it's time for Jether to come out. In Topeka, Kansas, there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost. This spread and eventually went to the Aszua Street Revival. This led to evangelism that spread all over. Bro. Ensey, then gave more of the historical background of the Apostolic Church. This message is still being preached today. The Best is still yet to come. We need to make sure that there is no room for bigotry in the church. This is for everyone. It's not a black church, or a white church or a brown church, we are all covered by the Blood of Jesus. We are One Church. It's time for Acts 2:16-17 to take place. This year NAYC is multigenerational. We are unified and what takes place this week will be brought back and transferred to the church. We all need each other, we all have a place. We need the young people to pursue with passion the dreams of our sleeping fathers. Success is based on what happens when you go home. Gideon started out with a huge army and ended up with 300 men. Only God can take a fear filled man and make him a mighty conquoring warrior. We have to make sure that we do not let offence and compromise enter in our hearts. We can't control everything that happens, so stop letting it control how you react. We need to not compromise what we believe. There is one God. Holiness matters and we must obey God's word. Gideon told Jether to rise and kill. Jether froze in fear. He was afraid because he was young. It's time to realize that our age does not matter. It's by God's spirit that we are able to do things. If Jether was old enough to have a sword, he is old enough to fight. If you are old enough to know the word of God (your sword), you are old enough to fight in the spirit. You are old enough to do a work for God. If you have a sword you can use the sword. There is what is called the Fear Factor. We push ourselves to the limits to face our fears. What if instead, we had the Faith Factor. Test the limits of our faith. God is able to do exeedingling and above all we could ask our think. Why do we limit our faith? What is your motivator, is it fear or faith? Just because you are afraid doesn't mean you have no purpose or faith. What you will allow to be in you will be where you go. Sometimes we are afraid, but we still trust in God and his word. Faith is being persistent in the face of fear. Age is not an obstacle. Now is the time to rise and fight. This is the generation of the last days. You will do great things and exploits for the Kingdom of Heaven. He shared story after story of people who did not let fear rule them and they did great things for God. Lives have been changed. Will it be fear or will it be faith? We were all given a small vial with oil in it. We then anointed ourselves and began to pray. The power of God was so strong. From there, everyone was praying for each other. It's clear everyone is wanting a move of God. We have come hungry and expecting something powerful to happen. I believe tonight was just the begining of something ever more powerful to come. God is good.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

NAYC 17 Bound

We loaded our car up, bid farewell to Ross and Pearl, and headed towards Indiana. Ross will head out later with the BYG tomorrow. Huge shout our friends for house sitting and pet sitting, while we are away. We drove for most of the day and have stopped for the night in West Virginia. Our room has a spectacular view of the mountains. I'm so happy to be able to watch the sunset over my beloved mountains. We are very excited about the upcoming events. We have hearts full of expectations for a mighty move of God. We want to go to a new dimension in Christ and believe that something supernatural is going to take place. Lives will be transformed and this generation of young people are going to be empowered from on high. We are in the last days and this generation is the one for signs and wonders to follow. They will do mighty exploits in the Name of Jesus. This week, the keys to the Endtime Revival is going to be placed into their hands. This is that! God is good.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Being Instant

We have been taught that you need to be instant in and out of season. What that means is always be available on short notice to lend a helping hand. Our good friend Bro. Wynn suffered a heart attack on Friday. He pastors at Solid Rock UPC in NJ. Bob and I made ourselves available and made plans to be in their church this Sunday. We are so thankful that Bro. Wynn is going to be ok. I ask that you keep him and his family in your prayers. My husband did a great job preaching. I always learn something new when he speaks. He talked about doing exploits and that the church is rising up in the last days. He encouraged the church and reminded them that God will give them strength through this time of trial and miracles are going to take place. We love the saints at Solid Rock and are thankful for the strong presence of the Lord that was felt today. It was also nice to spend a some time with our mom's and Joe's family as well.
God is good.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Keep It On The Table

Today at Bethel, we had an Ladies International Luncheon. We had beautiful food from all over the world. After our bellies were full, our hearts were filled by the anointed words of Sis Cerccia. She made us laugh and challenges us to keep it all in the table. God's word is filled with instructions, blessings and sometimes we may not like what we read. We can't pick and choose what we like and get rid of what we don't like. It's important to stick to the truth of God's word, all of it. She challenged us to be feminine ladies and embrace holiness. I'm thankful she came and spoke into our hearts. God is good.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Let This Mind Be In You

Pastor taught the beginning of a great lesson on, "Let This Mind Be In You". His main text was taken from Philippians 2:5-8. We don't realize the power we possess in our mind. This is in the natural and in the spiritual. When they were building the Tower of Babble, it was an amazing structure because they were of one mind and accord. When we put our mind to do something, we stay focused without reservation towards our purpose. There is a battle for our mind. We are living in the last days. The world is at a rapid decline. The mind of Christ is to be a servant, humble and obedient. These are all thing that present day society pushes away from. Our mind is the center of our thoughts and emotions. The mind is the thinking process that takes place in the brain. It's where or concerns of right and wrong take place. It's where we need to resist the things of this world. God has not just given us a brain, he has given us a mind. The power of the mind is awesome. What we become, begins in the mind. What you thoughts are, become your words. Your words become your deeds. Your deeds become your habits. Your habits become your character. Your character becomes your destiny. Your mind is really your heart, your emotions are there. The heart is the seed of our emotional feelings. Taking control of our own mind is extremely important. Romans 8:6-7, to be carnally minded is death. If you have a carnal mind it will lead to destruction and death. A spiritual mind equals life and peace. The human mind is in a carnal state, it is against God. We make the choice between life and death in our mind. We need to understand a carnal mind is the enemy of God. There is a constant struggle between the carnal and the spiritual. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to our mind. We are humans and are in a body that has not yet be changed. You can not let your mind run away with you. Do not become captive with your own min and thoughts. We must be so careful what we say. When you life for Jesus it's the best life. We just need to bring our mind under subjection to God's word. We need our mind to be renewed by the Holy Ghost. This is a daily process. We need to read the Bible and spend time in prayer on a daily bases with God. Something changes in you when you are filled with God's spirit. When you have the mind of Christ, you have a loving mind. You love your brother/sister. There will be conflicts, but you still must love them. Love is not love until it is expressed. Love demands action. Let the mind of the master be the master of your mind. God is good.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ocean Day

Today was a perfect day for an Ocean Day. We had a wonderful time in the water and soaking up the sunshine. We like the place we go to,since the crowd is small, friendly and for the most part not baring it all. The ocean is vast and mighty. The roar reminds me of how great our God is. God is good.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wedding Bells for T and Z

Today we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Terrance and Zulema. They always have a smile on their face and a kind word to say. They are totally devoted to God and he's the center of their life and I'm sure will be the center of their marriage. We wish them many blessings from the Lord as they began their new journey. God is good.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Strength In The Struggle

I have said it before and I will say it again, Bro. Jonathan Walker is one of my favorite preachers. Today he had a message from the Lord. The anointing was upon him and I saw a mighty man standing behind the pulpit delivering a word from the Lord today. His message was regarding, "Strength In The Struggle". His main text was taken from Chronicles 32:7-8. There is strength in the struggle. This is no time for the church to get comfortable in Zion. There is a spiritual realm today, we are in a battle of a spiritual war. You must have the full armor of God on. We are not wrestling with each other, we are wrestling against rulers of darkness in this world and wickedness in high places. It's been said, when you are in a new level, you face a new devil. However, greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. We are in the last days and we need to be ready to fight against the spirits of darkness. There is a remnant of people! Do not mistake grace, it's not a get out of jail free card. Grace and Mercy is great, but we also we need teaching too. There was a song that used to be sung in Sunday School. "I'm In The Lord's Army". You can hear it here. Are we in the same army or are we in a pillow fight? Many people think the gospel ship is cruise ship, it's not, it's a battle ship. We signed up to take up our cross and follow Jesus. We are not just in it for the blessings, but we are also going to have times of battle. Light can dispel darkness, it does not co-exist with darkness. We are to be a city set up on a hill. Bro. Walker then referred to the recent lessons by Pastor Davis on being Apostolic, Pentecostal and a Christian. You can not serve two masters and survive. A double minded person is unstable in all ways of life. Why should you halt between two opinions. We don't need fence sitters, we need fire starters. The way of man is right in his own eyes, we rationalize everything, but the Lord weighs the spirits. Jesus knows where we are. If you truly love the Lord, you will be obedient to him and his word. If you are singing it and reading God's word and not obeying it, then what are you doing? Satan is looking for pushovers and God is looking for Pioneers. There must be something in our spirit that says we will not bow when the pressure comes to conform. How can you know God and willingly turn back to bondage? Bro. Walkers' dad has a phrase, "Eagles don't hang out with Turkeys. Both are birds, but one was destined to fly and soar, the other was not". No one wants to be a part of Sodom and Gomorrah, why do they set up camp in the cities near it? Just being near it, they were destroyed too. If you are too close, you will get burned too. Everyone goes through a season of struggle. There are two types. The first is a season you brought upon yourself by your own doing. The other is not directly from a decision you have made in your life. Job is an example of this, however it all worked out for Job's good. Victory starts with the struggle in the battle. If the victory doesn't start in the battle, how can you have the courage to climb the mountain? Strength can come in the midst of your struggle. The pain of all you are going through will help reveal your purpose in this life. There is something that will be birthed. Rejoice in the struggle, the spirit of God will come into your life. God will give you strength to help you get through the season. God is making something out of you during this time. Don't allow the devil to tempt you so much during the struggle that you become depressed. God will give you strength in the struggle. Just as the process of the butterfly. It starts out as a caterpillar that crawls on the ground. It has to go through the struggle of the cocoon before it can emerge as a butterfly, and fly. Researchers wanted to see what happened during the cocoon process. They discovered some butterflies took longer than others to go through the cocoon process. The struggle took longer, but it was necessary for the ink to travel to every part of the wing. If the researches tried to help the butterfly and took out of the cocoon, the butterfly would be fully formed, but not able to fly. Don't resist your season of struggle. If you will trust the Lord and hold his hand through the struggle, God will give you strength and power will come into your life. God will give you strength in the struggle. Bro. Walker mentioned a song that minister to him. You can listen to it here. God is good.

Friday, July 14, 2017

VBS Rome 2017

Tonight ended a week of fun and learning at Bethel. This week was Vacation Bible School and the theme was Rome. The kids seemed to really be having fun and RJ came home every night full of excitement. I'm thankful for the dedication of all who gave of their time to teach about Jesus in an way children can understand. God is good.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Called To Be A Soul Winner

Tonight the Bible Study lesson at Bethel was taught by, Bro. Miller. This is the first time I have ever heard him teach and I really enjoyed it. He was encouraging, convicting and very thorough. His topic was on "Called To Be A Soul Winner" and his main text was taken from Luke 5:1-11. All ministries are important, non supersedes that of being a soul winner. Many aspire to want to great things for the Lord. Many times being behind the pulpit is the most sought after. It's good to want to do great things for God. However the most important aspect is who can you impact and reach for God today. There is big trouble waiting for those that are not preached the gospel ( Mark 16:15-16 and Mathew 28:19-20). The only way to get the results of the Gospel is to believe the Gospel. If you believe the Gospel, you need to act on what you believe. If you want to see things happen, it will only happen when you expect it to happen. Signs follow those that believe. It can't be just something we know in our head and heart, it must be something we put into action. There is an impediment to soul winning. It's the Jonah Mentality. We are so focused on the negativity that we forget to have compassion and mercy. We need to get close to people to win people. Another aspect is that we can get into the rut of life. We are worn out and left feeling that there must be more to life. We become so consumed with life that we don't live the life God has intended for us to live. We need to use our talents for soul winning. God has given everyone a talent for soul winning. God expects us to return on his investment. Cheap Grace removes commitment and personal sacrifice. Victor Frankl said, "What is to give light must survive a burning". To do something great, requires effort. Greatness has a price ( Mathew 16:24,Luke 14:26,John 8:31 and John 15:8). Living for God requires making sacrifices. To be a disciple, you must have self-discipline and committing your treasures to God. Our time, talents and treasures belong to him. God is not going to "happen" if you don't need him to show up. We will have testing times of our faith. If we don't put God in situations that only God can fix, then why should he show up. Peter and Andrew has been fishing all day and they were tired. They were in their routine and they had not caught anything. Jesus shows up and tells Peter that he needs to borrow his boat, because people were wanting to hear from him. Peter, even though he was tired, complied and waited while Jesus spoke to the people. Then instead of telling Peter to go home and rest, he tells Peter that he wants him to go out in the boat and fish again. Peter was tired, but told Jesus, nevertheless, I will do it. He was being tested by God. We need to be totally sold out and obedient. Obedience to the known will of God, regardless if you understand or not, brings results. Peter obeyed and he brought in much fish. Obedience means submission, submission is the main problem of today's world. We need to understand, Jesus will win every time. Obedience to revealed truth unleashes the impossible. Salvation of this next generation is dependent upon you and I passing the test of true discipleship and faithfulness to God's and will in our lives. He that wins souls is wise. God is good.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In The Process

I have been working on something that I want to share with you soon. This topic is very important to me and I hope to have it posted by the end of this week. Pastor Davis a while back was teaching on Divine Authority. One of his lessons talked about hair. I won't go into it tonight, because I'm not 100% ready. I'm passionate about this and I know many will not agree with the stand I take on this. However, this is something that I will not budge on. I believe we are in the last days and if ever there was a time to be outspoken in our lifestyle, this is the time. People are no longer afraid to be who they feel/think they are, why is it that Christians have become afraid to stand out of the crowd? God is good.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Home Sweet

We loved being with family and had a great time. Now we are back home and RJ is in full VBS swing at church. Summer is rapidly flying by and we are trying to slow it down a bit if we can. I'm glad for days to sleep in and days of doing nothing. God is good.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Attraction And Ocean

Today we had the pleasure of attending church at Solid Rock Church with our moms. Bro Wynn preached a dynamic sermon on what is attractive to God. He loves you and cares about you. He loves a humble and willing heart. The heart of a servant is very compelling to God. There was a sweet presence of the Lord in the sanctuary. When service ended, we took the moms to Ocean City for dinner at Litterer's. RJ and Ross enjoyed the rides and my mom took a stroll along the beach. It's been a great week and we enjoyed our time with family. God is good.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Congratulations Celebration

Today we celebrated the graduation from college by my niece Taylor. She worked hard and now has a degree from Stockton University. A lot of family and friends came to celebrate with her. Her famous pink ice cream truck was up and stocked with her Taylor Made Treats, trademark ice cream sandwiches. RJ and some of his cousins had s good time making sure everyone got the ice cream of their choice. The weather was great and the time with family, priceless. We are sanctified proud of her and we know she has a wonderful future ahead of her. Wishing her all the best and congratulations! God is good.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Happy Cake Day

Today is Bob's birthday. All he wanted for his birthday was a swim at the lake and a new coal fired BBQ grill. RJ helped me pick out the grill and Bob was very happy with his gift and enjoyed putting it to good use. He took the boys to the lake and in the evening time we enjoyed his skill on his new grill. I'm thankful that he is healthy and pray this new year is above and beyond what he could ask or think. May God cover him and bless him. I appreciate the fact that he started this day by spending time with God in prayer. Happiest of birthdays to you my awesome husband. God is good.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

4th Of July

Tonight we are spending 4th of July, like I remember it as a kid. We came to Joe and Jen's to light firecrackers. I have enjoyed watching RJ get excited over everything and see him enjoy the sparklers. It's nice being with my mom and mother-in-law. I have enjoyed this immensely. God is good.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Reminders From Heaven

Today I looked to the sky and saw a reminder from Heaven. It wasn't there for long, the the rainbow was bright and declaring the reminder that God keeps his promises. No matter how hard the rains of life fall, God does not forget his promises to his children. I'm thankful to be under the covering of God. God is good.