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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dragging Road

Pretty much everyone I spoke to that has had their gallbladder removed, told me I would feel so much better by the third day. For me, this road to recovery is dragging along. My head is clear, but the pain is taking it's sweet time to move on. I did feel good and now I'm not feeling so good again. I will call my doctor tomorrow to make sure that this is normal. The good thing is that I can eat again and that is a wonderful thing. Bob, Ross and RJ have been a great help to me. Pearl is a good nurse, even though at times, she forgets to be a nurse when food is involved. She is a dog after all. I'm not complaining, well maybe a little. Truly, I am blessed and know that even though it's going slower than I expected, I will get better. I have a roof over my head, an awesome bed to sleep in and food on the table. I have a husband who is working and keeping the house clean. I have a nephew who has really been a great help with RJ and doing things that need to be done around the house that I can't do and Bob ran out of time to do. RJ has also stepped up and is doing a great job in getting things done. It's hard for me to not be able to do what I normally do on a daily basis. I can however still pray and I am doing just that. God is my refuge and strength. He is my healer. He is my peace. God is good.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Today is Memorial Day. We wanted RJ to know the real reason for this day. Since I am recovering, I stayed home and Bob took RJ to a local cemetery. This was not just an ordinary cemetery. It was for our Military who have died. RJ placed a flag at a Soldiers Tombstone and paid his respects to the men and women who fought for our freedom. We give honor to them all. We have a long line of military history on both sides of the family. We give them respect. Life is fragile and precious. I'm thankful to live in a country where I can be free. This freedom came at a great cost. Thank you, may I appreciate the gift you have given. God is good.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I was not well enough to attend church today. However, that didn't stop me from having a time of prayer at home. Thankfully, this technological age we live in allows us to be at two places at once. While sitting in my living room, I was able to attend the church service via Live Streaming from Woodlawn Church in Mississippi. It's no where near the same as being actually present in a church service,but it was still good. I worshiped along with the songs and preached with the preacher from my couch. The sermon was a good one on being Apostolic. We can't have a this without a that. It's an experience and a lifestyle we must give a 100% to. I'm thankful for live stream. I would never replace it with an actual service. When I am able, I will gladly say, "Let us go to the house of the Lord". I knew people were praying for me because I could feel the healing touch of the Lord. God is good.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Flower Cheer

Today our church was having their annual plant sale. Bob and RJ decided to bring me some to cheer me up. I'm not well enough to plant them,but I was able to sit outside and watch them turn my backyard into blossoms of color. Bob, RJ and Ross worked hard and it came out so beautiful! Pearl of course did her share of digging and taking off with the pots. I appreciate the gift and am thankful to be on the mend. God is good.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Early in the morning on Wednesday, I went in to have my gallbladder removed and to have a hernia operation at the same time. I'm thankful for the excellent hospital I was at and for one of the best surgeons in the USA. His team was awesome and the anesthesiologist was top notch. My last thought was on a song about Jesus and my fist thought when I woke up was of sunsets and French toast! It took me a while before they felt like I could go home. I'm glad to be home. I'm in tremendous pain,but I know it's temporary. Bob, RJ and Ross have things under control in the house, so I can rest. RJ has been showering me with lots of kisses and fruit smothered in honey. Bob has stayed home with me. I can say I am blessed. God is my healer and strength. Thank you all for your prayers. My things is a small one and I will be on my feet soon. God is good.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Early tomorrow morning I will be having my gallbladder removed and a hernia taken care of. I have never had an operation before, so I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous. It's supposed to be outpatient and I'm believing all will be well. Due to it being two things at once, my recovery time will be a little longer than normal. I'm not looking forward to the pain, but I am looking forward to rest, reading my Bible and talking with the Lord. I won't be able to do much physically, but I will be able to do a lot spiritually. This world is hurting and needs Jesus. Prayers are appreciated. God is good.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blessed And Broken

Today we had a guest speaker for the Sunday Service. Today he preached on "Blessed and Broken". Those two words don't sound like they fit together. Yet in the Kingdom of God, a lot of things seem upside down compared to how we look at life. The main text came from Mathew 14:14-21. Jesus was moved to compassion, what was it that caused him to be this way? The disciples saw the multitude was hungry, but since this was not uncommon for them, they wanted to send them away. Jesus did not want to do this. He felt compassion and wanted to meet their needs. We need to see the needs of people, not the problem. We need to be moved with compassion. He shared a story or a man who was sick in the hospital. The man was dying. Someone who had been to the church before called asking him to come and pray. He wasn't able to be there in person, so he prayed for the man over the phone. He prayed with compassion and faith that God would heal this man. Several days later the man was better and left the hospital. When someone asks us to pray for them, we need to stop what we are doing and pray for them. Not just a simple prayer so get it done and over with, but a true prayer filled with compassion for their situation. God is a spirit. We are limited with our bodies, but the spirit of God can be anywhere. Jesus saw the need of the people who had come. There were thousands of them. He took the bread and fish. He blessed it an broke it. He had compassion on them and blessed them. We need to realize that when this took place it was right after John the Baptist has been beheaded. Jesus had left to be alone because he was grieving the loss of a loved one. The people saw how sad he was and followed him. Jesus minister to them all day and when the evening had come, he felt compassion for them and blessed them with a feast. Jesus was broken and then he did a blessing. So many times we say bless me, but don't break me. If you want the blessing you will need to go through some things. After you go through them, the blessing will come. When you feel the compassion for others, God can perform a blessing in their life. When this happens it impacts not just you, but everyone around you. What are you doing for those around you? We are fed on spiritual things, we need to share it with others. Are you moved with compassion for others? A weak person seeks revenge. A strong person forgives. A wise person ignores the offense. We must remember that Satan knows our name, but calls us by our sins. Jesus knows our sins and calls us by our name, because he is moved with compassion for us. We need to trust God's unlimited resources. Don't waste what he has given to you. When God brings a "breaking" into our life it's never for our harm. When we go through sickness or heartache, God will bring a blessing to follow it. God is Good.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jordan And Joe

Today, two very special people became man and wife. It's been a joy to watch their love journey unfold. Good things will come from their union. To the Bride and Groom, I wish you many loved filled years. God is good.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Anger And Bitterness

Since I am still not feeling so great added to the fact that RJ went the eye doctor and had to get eye drops, (his eyes are still dilated)RJ and I stayed home. I heard Bro. Costa was going to preach and unfortunately, I can not share it with you. However, I can share with you Pastor Davis' excellent and life changing lesson on "Anger and Bitterness", that he taught last week. His main text was taken from Ephesians 4:31 and Hebrews 12:15. When we allow anger and bitterness into our life there can be serious consequences in our relationship with God. Anger will steal from us the things that the Lord wants to put into our lives. Bitterness is Anger turned inward. Bitterness defined is Designating or having a sharp, often unpleasant taste; acrid. Causing or showing sorrow, discomfort, or pain; grievous. Sharp and disagreeable; harsh; severe; piercing Characterized by strong feelings of hatred, resentment, cynicism, etc. Anger is defined as wrath(thumos):“indicates a more agitated condition of the feelings, an outburst of wrath from inward indignation” Anger(orge): “suggests a more settled or abiding condition of mind, frequently with a view to taking revenge”.Anger isn’t necessarily sinful in itself, but easily leads to other sins such as: Wrath – Outburst of rage with evil speech, railing, or violence. Bitterness – Developing a grudge, revenge, malice, or bitterness. You can be angry and not sin. What is in the heart will come out of the mouth. We need to be kind to one another and be forgiving. At some point in your walk with God you will be offended. You will be hurt by someone you love and trust. This disappointment can cause you to become hurt and angry. Human nature is human nature. Sooner or later someone is going to say or do something that will cause offense. It can be your family or your job (Mathew 18:7). No one is perfect and we are all going to make mistakes. The church is the bride of Christ. We need to treat each other with love and respect. This means at the home, not just when we are out in front of others. We need to be willing to forgive. Sometimes things are done on accident and sometimes they are done on purpose. Sometimes they are sorry and sometimes they are not sorry for what they did. We still need to forgive. We can become angry at God because he didn't answer how we wanted him to answer. We need to walk in peace with all men. We must root out the anger before it becomes bitterness. Holding on to the hurt allows it to germinate. It's like drinking poison hoping the other person will die. You can be struggling with situations form your childhood. You need to let it go and forgive. Jesus heals every pain and hurt. Clinging to the past robs us of our future. Indications of bitterness and anger: 1.You explode in a rage or temper, striking out physically or verbally at people or things. 2.You control your temper with “outsiders” but have little control with those close to you. 3. You lose control in traffic, honking your horn and yelling. 4.Your comments about others are frequently critical and cynical. 5. You verbally attack or slander those who behave wrongly towards you. 6.You constantly need to talk about issues that are making you angry. 7. You write vengeful letters or emails to vent, even though you may not send them. 8. You justify your hard feelings towards others as “righteous indignation” and “justifiable”. 9.You claim that others or their actions are responsible for your anger or bitterness; it’s not your fault. We read in the scriptures that every time Jesus had an encounter with someone, he went directly to what was troubling the person. It's so important that we go to prayer with God and let things go. He will confront us because he wants us to heal us. He will touch the areas in our life that we need to release. The Bible says about bitterness is: Bitterness is lingering anger towards someone that hinders your walk with the Lord and harms other relationships (Ephesians 4:31-32, Hebrews 12:14-15, James 3:8-18); Bitterness can sometimes signify distress that results from God's chastisement and correction (Lam. 1:3-4, Amos 8:7-10); Bitterness defiles those around you (Hebrews 12:15) Bitterness connects you with godless and immoral people (Hebrews 12:16-17); it causes you to sit in the “seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1:1)Bitterness questions God's authority over your situation as you experience the discomfort of affliction and suffering (1 Sam. 1:8-11, Is. 38:9-20). The Bible says about Anger: Anger does not achieve the righteousness of God (Ja. 1:20); Anger hinders you from being conforming to the image of Jesus (Eph. 4:31); Anger is part of the sinful nature (Galatians 5:19-21); Anger is characteristic of a fool (Proverbs 29:11); Anger makes you unfit for ministry or leadership (Titus 1:7); Anger is a prelude for further sin (Matthew 2:16); Anger prevents you from loving others (1 Corinthians 13:4-8); Anger devastates your life (Proverbs 37:4); Anger demonstrates a lack of faith and trust in God's love for you (Psalm 37:1-11); Anger will put you in constant difficulty (Proverbs 19:19, 29:22); Anger makes you a stumbling block to others (Romans 14:13); Anger brands you as someone to be avoided (22:24-25); Anger hinders your prayer life(1 John 3:22); Anger is condemned by Jesus (Matthew 5:22). Bitterness questions God's authority over your life. Anger can separate you from being a child of God. You are in control of your anger and bitterness. What you do with it, is the choice that you make. The solution to anger and bitterness is to FORGIVE. You don't have to wait for people to ask you for forgiveness. Some people are never going to apologize or ask for forgiveness. When you forgive it sets you free and it's a testimony to others around you. People are watching how you are going to handle a situation. When you are squeezed what's inside of you will come out. We need to make sure there is no bitterness within us. We must root out anger and bitterness. Remember that God has promised to care for you in any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem (Psalm 23:1-6, Mat. 10:28-31, Rom. 8:28-29); Confess your angry and bitter thoughts to God and ask Him for help in overcoming the feelings you are having towards others (1 Thess. 5.17, James 1:5, 1 John 1:9); Rejoice and give thanks in every situation, knowing that you are being conformed into the image of Christ. Tell yourself and believe it: “God has a purpose in this.” (Rom. 5:3-5,1 Thess. 5:16-18, James 1:2-4); Remember that God's forgiveness of your sins is based on your forgiveness of others who sin against you (Matt. 8:21-35, Eph. 4.12, Col. 3:1~17); Focus on glorifying and pleasing the Lord and being a blessing to others (Luke 9:23-24, 2 Cor. 5:9 & 15, Phill. 2:3-4 & 4:8, Col. 3:16); Ask God to help you think kindly towards those who have wronged you and do good unto them. Try to find ways to reconcile with them (Eph. 4:32, Phil. 4:6-8, James 1:5 & 3:13-18)Make a vow with your lips not to slander, gossip, or use words that hurt the reputation of others (Prov. 10:18, Eph. 4:29, Col. 3:8, 1 Peter 2:1); Do not bring up another person’s weaknesses or sins in an accusing or vengeful manner (Prov. 10:18 & 17:9, Eph. 4:29, Col. 3:8, 1 Peter 2:1); Study and memorize scripture verses related to anger and bitterness (Psalm 119:9, 2 Cor. 10:5, 2 Tim. 2:1); Be accountable to a spiritual friend who can challenge and advise you to be consistent in your battle against anger and bitterness. (Prov. 11:14 & 27:17, Ecc. 4:940, Heb. 10:23-25). Forgive, it truly sets you free. Ask God to search your heart and give you clean hands and a pure heart. God is good.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I spent most of today in pre-surgical testing. My gallbladder removal operation has been moved up to next week. I'm glad for this because I have not been feeling well. The past two days have not been good days for me. I never know something so small in your body could cause one to feel so sick. This little thing is sucking out all my energy. I have never had an operation before, so I'm a little nervous. Thankfully, I have a good surgeon. Also, my life is in God's hands, so I put my trust in him. I look forward to feeling better and being able to eat again without pain. This too shall pass. God is good.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother Love

Today is Mother's Day. I always liked to honor the mom's in my life. I'm thankful for their love and guidance. Today we had the pleasure of my mom and Bob's mom being with us. We went to church and enjoyed the ministry of the Indiana Bible College Choral. They did a great job and were anointed. Of course I really enjoyed it when our children's choir sang. I love seeing my boy sing praises to the Lord. When service had ended we came home for lunch and then headed to the circus. This was one of their last shows since they are retiring. My mom has never been to the circus and it's been years since my mother in law has been to one. I'm so glad we went. I loved the looks of delight in their faces. I love being a mom and count it to be such a special gift. God has been so good to me.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day Of Flowers

Every year for Mother's Day, the boys purchase flowers for me to plant all over my backyard. I was really excited about it this year because my mom and mother in law are here and we all love to plant flowers. We woke up to rain and lots of it. I was sad, no flowers for me today. This didn't stop my husband. He and the boys along with Pearl headed out in search of flowers. He went in the rain and brought in all my Planting Pots. We had the best time planting flowers. Then my husband went out in the rain and put them where I wanted them to be in the backyard. The rain didn't take our special day away. I'm looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with my mom and Mother in law. I wish I could have my other mom (Dreama) here as well. God has blessed me with great examples to follow. I'm a better person because of them. God is good.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Grandparents Day 2017

Today was Grandparent's Day at RJ's school. I'm so glad my mom was able to be there with him. This time last year she was recovering from a stroke. The children sang and then enjoyed time in their classrooms with their grandparents. A happy way to start off Mother's Day weekend. God is good.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Regarding Anger

Pastor Davis taught an amazing and what I would call a life/soul saving lesson. There is a lot of information and I want to make sure that I do not leave anything out. I plan to share it with you as soon as I get some of the parts I wasn't able to write into my notes. I value this lesson highly and want every reader to benefit from it. I believe this can save future generations and set many people free. God is good.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It Is Well

Tonight Bob and I went to visit and pray with a lady from our church who is in the hospital with stage 4 cancer. Doctors do not expect she will live much longer. We prayed with faith believing that God would give her a miracle. She was in a coma like state. But there is something about when you pray. Her hand lifted up and her body moved towards us and tears ran down her face. The peace of God surrounded her. There comes a time in you life when all you can say is that, it is well with my soul. Our bodies may be wracked with pain, but our soul can be well in the Lord. The Joy of the Lord truly is our strength. God is good.

Monday, May 08, 2017

The Cross

It's good to remember the cross. For me it's not just that Jesus died on it, but he was victorious over it. We are told to take up our cross and follow Jesus. We can do this knowing that just as Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave, we will one day also to the same. The rugged cross is where he took my place so that I could be free from sin. No on is perfect, we all make mistakes. It's because of the cross I can have another chance over and over again. If I expect this, than I must give it too. It's not always easy to give forgiveness, but it's easy to take it. I tell you, take up your cross and follow Jesus. He is the true example. God is good.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

It's Windy

Bro. Jonathan Walker preached an outstanding sermon which went hand in hand with what Pastor Davis preached last week. His title was, "It's Windy" and his main text came from John 3:8. One thing I love about when Bro. Walker preaches is that he will quote from memory scripture after scripture. His many years of Bible Quizzing days show when he preaches. I appreciate that he knows the word and lives the word. Last Sunday Pastor preached on "The Breath Of God". This Sunday Bro. Walker preached on "The Wind Of God". Wind is a powerful force and a natural resource. The wind plays a vital role in animal migration. If you are flying a strong headwind came make your trip faster, while a strong tailwind can get you to your destination a lot quicker. Outdoor sports are focused on which way the wind is blowing. Wind is a powerful influence. There is also a supernatural wind. It is supernatural resource for our spiritual lives. In the latter days, the wind is going to blow strong around us. The Old Testament and New Testament have the same word to translate wind and it's the spirit of God. We can sense the electricity of the Holy Ghost, it's the wind of God blowing. There are false winds blowing around us. We must make sure we are on the side of the right wind. There is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism and One God. If you need to read more, you can read Acts 2:38 on how to be saved. We don't need to seek to hear what we want to hear, we need to hear the strong truth of the word of God. Stay away from the winds that lead to isolation. God sent a strong wind to the get away boat that Jonah was one. This sent him to the belly of a well that put him in a pulpit in Nineveh. Don't ride the wrong wind, be on the right side of God's wind. You can be a coin in a house and still be lost in the house. Your salvation is a stake. It's heaven or hell. If God needs to send a strong wind you way to save you, then so be it. It's good to ask yourself if your circle of friends and where you spend your time is drawing you closer to God are further away from God. The world is a circus and eventually the circus is going to end and you can be lost forever. Set your affection on things above, not on things on this earth. Pastor Davis wrote a song years ago. "Above all else, I must be saved. For above all else, I must be saved. Whatever you have to do to me, don't let me be lost for eternity, for above all else, I must be saved". We have ungodly advisories in our life. We must remember that if we are living a life for Christ and filled with his spirit, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God will send a whirlwind if necessary into your life. If you have a mountain that you are facing, God is with you. With his wind, he can blow it away. Remember that there are certain mountains placed by God to teach you that you can't make it on your own. Bro. Walker then began to wave his arms. When we praise God, it creates the wind that can move a mountain. You can speak in Jesus name to mountains in you life. The wind of God will blow upon it. If he needs to send a whirlwind he will. The same God who creates the wind can also speak peace be still to any storm in your life. on the Day Of Pentecost, the wind of God bless. His spirit fills us. We can hear the wind when it is blowing. God will bring a mighty wind into your life. If you are on the right side of this wind, it will bring deliverance. If you are on the wrong side of the wind it can bring you to the wrong place in life. In the last days the 4 winds will blow. North, South, East and West. If you are on the right side you will be a part of the miraculous. King David had many run ins with the Philistines. God allowed him to defeat them every time as long as he was living in obedience to God's word. They never seemed to learn their lessons. finally, they came again and God gave David instructions to go behind the Philistines. He sent a great wind through the mulberry trees. The sound of Angels stomping feet roared above them. God sent a wind and destroyed the enemy. Speak to your mountain and let the wind of God move in your situation. God is good.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Precious Time

Today felt like California sunshine came and filled our home. We enjoyed the company of The Moreno family. Christene and I go way back and it was so good to catch up with her. She married a great guy and it was nice to see our kids having a blast together. They will do great things in Greece. I hope the next time we see each other is not so far apart, but if not, we enjoyed their fellowship today. We value their friendship. I would also like to ask that you keep my mom (Dreama) and family in your prayers. Her sister passed away last night. She is now pain free and we give thanks for this, but our hearts are sad to lose someone we love. We are to give thanks in everything.God is good.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Love To The Galaxy

Friday is date day with RJ. Today it was pouring rain and some areas were flooded, so we came home. We did a little of this and that and played on Snapchat. A simple day of connecting with my son. Tonight after our prayers, he sighed. It was a happy one. As he fell asleep he told me he loved me so much that it went beyond the galaxies. God is good.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

I Will Go

I walked in to church tonight to see someone I hold near and dear to my heart. It's been several years since we have seen each other, so when I saw her, I couldn't wait to give her a big hug. Christene is now married and has two beautiful little girls. They are missionaries to Greece and were traveling through NY to share what God is doing in Greece. I couldn't stop the tears tonight as I sat back in wonder at God's handiwork. If you knew her life story, you would understand why I say that. My heart bursts with thankfulness for the wonderful things God is doing through their lives. Before her husband, Bro. Moreno gave his sermon, they showed a video clip. You can watch it here. Then, Christene came up and spoke from her heart about taking someone with you to heaven. You can't take your things, but you can tell someone about Jesus. A soul is eternal. Bro. Moreno then came up to give a heartfelt and impassioned sermon on "I Will Go". His main text was from Geneses 24:54-58. After Abraham's wife has passed away it was time for his son Isaac to have a wife. He wanted his son to marry someone from the land of their people. He wanted his son to have wife that would serve and love the One true God. He sent his servant to find a suitable wife. The servant prays to God asking that the wife to be would do certain things. This way he would know she was who God had chosen to be the bride of Isaac. When he opened his eyes, she was already there and she did exactly as he had prayed. Prayer is talking to God. We can talk to him and bring to him our needs. We serve a God who has perfect timing. When the servant spoke with her father and brother, they wanted him to stay a while, but he knew he needed to return. When she was asked if she wanted to leave, she said yes. She was leaving everyone and everything she knew and loved behind. She had never even seen her husband to be, before. Yet, she said she would go. She obeyed and followed what God had chosen for her. Nothing God does is by accident. She didn't have all the answers, but she was willing to do what God wanted her to do. Bro. Moreno then showed some pictures of Greece. He talked about the different places that the Apostle Paul had gone. He brought to them the news of the one true living God. He shared with them the resurrecting power of the Holy Ghost. The spirit of God can change your life. When Paul and Silas were in jail, the prayed and worshiped God. God delivered them. When we praise God, we get his attention and he will deliver us, like he broke the chains off of Paul and Silas. Not everyone can go on the missions field that is overseas. We must realize that we were are is a mission field. If we can not go in person, we can go in prayer and in giving. When God calls you and places you in a certain place, what will you say? Will you respond with "I Will Go". God is calling you to do a work for him, will you go? Great things have already happened through Joshua and Christene Moreno. I fully believe many more great things will take place while they are in Greece. I'm so thankful for them. If you would like to support them, you can learn more about how to here. God is good.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017


This school year has been filled with many sweet memories. Today we had another one added. The 4th graders performed their Wax Museum Assembly. Each student dressed up and represented someone they were interested in. RJ decided to present Robert Townsend. I was super happy with the costume I had found for him. All the kids look looked great. I enjoyed learning new things and loved seeing my boy perform. I treasure days like this and I'm so glad Bob and I were there to see his presentation. Every day is a gift. God is good.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

When You Pass And Walk

Today I read something that stood out to me. Isaiah 43:2 (NIV) When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. I read it several times. You will pass through some rivers, but you are not going to stumble. You will walk through fire, but it will not consume you. Life happens. Horrible things happen. War happens. Death happens. Stuff happens. Joy happens. Peace happens. Good happens. Bad happens. You can not avoid these things, they will happen. However, you can hold on and you will make it on one condition. There is a constant in each situation. You have to keep moving. In each situation, you are walking through it. If you come into the water or the fire, you must not give up. You must not stand still. You must not let fear overcome you. You must keep moving. You must push forward. The water and fire will end, and it will not destroy you. God walks with you in each and every situation. He may not make it go away, but he will be with you from the beginning of it, until the end of it. God is good.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Two Dates

This weekend I had the pleasure of going on two dates. Friday night I attended a Jeremy Camp concert with RJ. He likes his music and I took him as a surprise. I was impressed by the fact that it was not just a "show". Mr. Camp stopped and took time to worship the Lord. RJ really had a good time. I'm glad he has a heart for the Lord. My next date was with Bob. We had won tickets to the NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. I love dates with my husband. It doesn't matter where we go as long as we are spending time together. The NY Philharmonic was a treat. Both nights were focused around music they enjoy. Seeing them happy made me happy. Neither music is my favorite, but that's ok because mine will be on Mother's Day when my little boy sings in the childrens choir, which will be followed by one of my favorite choirs, Indiana Bible College. Music is wonderful. Above that, I'm thankful for special moments with RJ and Bob.
God is good.