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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Breath Of God

Pastor Davis preached an awesome sermon today. Unfortunately, I forgot my journal to take notes. I did manage to write some of his sermon on the church bulletin. I will do my best to share his sermon with you. Pastor preached on, "The Breath Of God". His main text came from John 20:19-22. We read that God breathed on them. From the beginning of creation the breath of God is introduced. With his breath, he spoke the creations into existence. The earth was without form and he breathed upon the face of the waters and they were created. What was dead was brought to life by the breath of God. Then, he formed man out of the dust of the earth. A body laid there lifeless until, God cradled it and then breathed life into it. God spoke everything into existence, but his breath created life. Eyes that could not see, came to life. By the breath of God, the first human rises from the dust of the earth. God breathed into our very souls and gives us eternal life. We can not breath until God gives us our breath. In the womb there is life. This is not politically correct, but it is Biblically correct. God is the one who gives life. God is the creator and Satan is the destroyer. If you destroy a life, than you are in line with the destroyer. Life is given by God, be in line with the creator. Job recognized that God was the giver of breath. Ezekiel knew that God had the power to bring the dead dry bones back to life. When Lazarus was sick and dying, Mary and Martha, begged Jesus to come. God intentionally stopped and took his time. Jesus is the only one who can be late and still be on time. He purposely waited until Lazarus was dead. He came, called his name out and after three days of being dead, Lazarus came to life. Sometimes God will let your situation sit. We come to him begging and pleading. He wants it to die out to you, so he can resurrect it. The breath of God can bring a dead situation back to life. It doesn't matter how the situation looks. If God has given you a promise, don't give up on it. No matter what happens, he will keep his promise, even if he has to breath on it. When the disciples were in the upper room, He breathed spiritual life into them. If you are not born again of the spirit you are only half alive. When you become spiritually alive, it will be with the evidence of speaking in other tounges. You can not see the spirit of God, but you can experience it. You can hear it and feel it. When God breathes on you and your situation, life will take place. He is the God of miracles. God keeps his promises. God is good.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Restoration Road

Pastor Davis taught a great lesson tonight on "Restoration Road". His main text was from Psalm 23:1-3 and Psalm 51:12. There is a time in everyone's life when we need to be restored unto God. Intimacy with our Savior is what Christianity is all about. The core of Christianity is intimacy with God. We need to have fellowship and connection with God. This in prayer, reading his word, mediating in his presence and a life of obedience. These things matter to God. You need all these elements. A Christina life, is a life of balance. You can't be spirit only and no word and you can't have word only and no spirit. When you have the spirit and the word, you grow up. The world has a way of eroding our intimacy with God. It's a long and steady process, we don't leave God overnight. You can't base your walk off of past experiences. You must need to know how your soul is with God right now. Your relationship with him is measured by where you are at with him at this present moment. It is so good to know that God restores our soul. King David was considered to be one of the greatest kings. He was a declared to be a man after God's own heart. He was a great man who made a great mistake. Our heart is deceitfully wicked. We are human beings, not angels. Without the help of God's spirit within us, we are not able to make it on our own. It's important to realize that a blessing can become a curse. If it keeps you from the house of God or maintaining a relationship with the Lord, it will become a curse. It's important to realize that David fell his hardest when things were going fine. We must be careful when things are good, it's easy to fall. We need him when things are going bad and we still need to seek him when things are going good. You are great because God is great. No one is immune from failure or stumbling in life. Just because our sins might be sociably, doesn't mean they are least sinful. Doubt is sin, murmuring, complaining, wrong attitude, unfaithfulness to God, career family and possession before God are a sin. All sin separates us from communion with God. Big sin or little sin, creates a disconnect between us and God. God is good at confronting us. He will bring something to your mind and it's like pow! If God' chastens you, it's because he loves you. You are his son. When he does this, it's for our blessing. We read David's response to God's rebuke in Psalm 51. We all need to walk the road of restoration. 1. Confession to God. We need to admit our weakness and agree with God when we have sinned. Sometimes we don't take sin seriously enough. What offends God needs to offend us, we need to take sin seriously. King Saul disobeyed God over "smaller" things, but didn't truly repent. He justified his actions and God cut him off. David admitted he sinned and wanted restoration with God. 2. Plea for Restoration. Ask God to create in you a clean heart. Many times our situations are heart problems and we need God to restore and cleanse us. God will equip us with things that we need for our spiritual walk. David found restoration. He was forgiven and is throne was established forever. Jesus is called the son of David. David found recaptured joy. It doesn't matter how far we fall, God can restore us. God is good.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Peace In The Storm

Today has been a day filled with rain and wind. Despite all of this, we continue on with our day and life duties. Days like this remind me that God is peace in the middle of a storm. He gives us peace in every storm that comes our way. I'm thankful for this. God is good.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Bowl Filled With Love

Due to the health issues regarding my gallstones, I have been put on a strict diet. It's only temporary, but let me tell you, I sure do miss meat. On Sunday's my husband usually makes this amazing feast. This Sunday it was duck. I was not able to partake in this delicious dinner. I was good and ate my fish. After dinner my husband comes to me with a bowl filled with love in his hands. He had cut up strawberries and covered it with Tulip Honey. A bowl full of strawberries, to me was a bowl filled with love. I'm thankful for my husband. God is good.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Faith Counts For Something

One thing I have learned, when a Linder comes to preach at Bethel, I will laugh and hear a word from the Lord. True to form, Bro. Robert Linder, preached the word and made us laugh. His main text was taken from Romans 4:3 with the title of, "Faith Counts For Something". The Holy Ghost is not fake. God has enough power to pour his spirit into you. Deliverance is not fake. Something does happen when you say the name of Jesus. It's real! We need to obey God's word, for he is not fake, he is real. The presence of God dwells in our hearts. God's promises are not an illusion. When he gives you a promise, he wants you to experience it. We are the church of the living God, the body of Christ. When you say yes to Jesus, you open the door to life, get ready. (2 Corinthians 1:20). When strong trials come, He will never leave you nor forsake. Jesus is always headed somewhere with your life. This is not a private club, it's for everyone. Without faith it's impossible to receive what God has for you. You must in your heart believe and seek that God keeps his promises. You can be walking a rough road and trust in God. When things are good, you can trust in God. You can trust him with your family, your finances and you children. You can trust in Him. You do not need to worry, God will back up his promises he has made to you. Abraham believed and obeyed God. The Lord counted this for righteousness. If you are keeping score on all that you have done, you are missing out. If God keeps score you win. Repentance is a waste of time unless God counts it for something. When you obey his words in faith, God counts it for something. When you pray, it counts for something. You may be nothing to the world, but you count to God. Romans 4:6-8. Only the grace of God keeps us going. God finds great value in obedience and faith. He doesn't count the mistakes. He forgives us when we repent. You can go back to a mistake you made and find that with God, it's no longer there. When he forgives, it's gone. If you will obey, have faith and put your trust in God, he will keep his promises. When God told Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice, Abraham obeyed. His faith was so great, that he believed God would raise his son from the dead if he had to. God keeps his promises. God honored Abraham's faith and provide a sacrifice. The Lord never fails. Even is he has to resurrect something in your life from the dead, he will, because God keeps his promises. God has made clear in his word, that he keeps his promises. Have faith and trust in him. Your faith counts for something. God is good.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Simple Joy

I have been enjoying the bursting of life everywhere I look. The drive to RJ's school is becoming breathtaking. I'm thankful for the beautiful creation that surrounds me. Winters on the East Coast can bring a person down, but oh the joy that comes when life begins to spring forth. Sleeping trees wake up to wave their colorful branches. The bare ground bursts forth with color filled kisses as the birds sing. Yes, Spring has finally come. God is good.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I recently discovered that I have gallstones. They are small, and the doctors were not too concerned about them, until recently. I have had several attacks and it's looking like they will need to take my gallbladder out. I was planning on taking RJ to church tonight, when I began to feel unwell. It's mild and not like the others, but I decided to play it safe and take it easy. Please say a prayer that this is resolved soon. I know God can heal me. God is good.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just To Walk

Tonight I was talking with a friend. We were discussing the things of God. As we were talking about the Lord, I remembered a song we used to sing in church. "Just to walk with him means everything to me. Just to know he's there and his hand is leading me. Though the world pass me by, go there way, let me be. Just to walk with him means everything that me". This song was written by Steve Richardson, who is now waking with Jesus on streets of Gold. His words to the song and this chorus ring true for me. For me a life without Jesus, is no life at all. I want him with me every day. God is good.

Monday, April 17, 2017


I have been paying attention to the sounds of rumors of war. It would seem that the situation in Korea can escalate quickly. In our home, we are hoping there will not be a war. We are praying for the lives and souls of many that will be affected. I would like to see North Koreans experience freedom of religion and freedom from oppression. I don't want lives to be lost for this to take place. God can change the heart of a man. I have read my Bible and know that the signs will be wars and rumors of wars. I want Jesus to come. I want lives to be changed. We are praying for North and South Korea. We are praying for mercy and grace. Jesus loves everyone of them, even the leader of North Korea. When he died on the cross, he died for us all. I can pray big prayers and tonight, I am praying them. I serve a big God. I know he is in control no matter what takes place. God is good.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

Today we celebrated the resurrection of our Love and savior who rose from the dead. We joined our mothers for Sunday service at Solid Rock. The sermon was encouraging on reaching out for Jesus to stay a while with you. He rose from the dead and gave us a chance for everlasting life. Two people were baptized into the precious name of Jesus. We spent the rest of the evening with family as the children went on an egg hunt. Dinner was roasted lamb. The weekend was a great one. God is good.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Today was a day of planting flowers, sowing seeds and dying eggs. It was a simple day, but it's good because tomorrow we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior and then have an egg hunt followed by a yummy dinner. The day in between is a day of quiet and waiting. The deciples didn't know what was going on. We however know that Jesus rose from the dead and he is alive!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

This weekend is a very holy week for many. It's the day we observe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He was without sin and he took on the sins of the world. He she his blood so that we could be free. I'm thankful for his selfless act for and imperfect me. He didn't have to do it, but he loved us so much that he did. God is good.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Tonight at church we took Communion. I appreciate these moments because they cause me to reflect on what Jesus truly did. It makes me realize the importance of having clean hands and a pure heart. I'm not perfect, but I have the spirit of a perfect God inside of me. He helps me to make the right choice. He died and rose again, to save us from our sins. I'm so thankful for it. God is good.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today our plans had an unexpected change. Since RJ is on his Spring Break, we have been trying to keep it full with friends this week. When we found that the day was wide open, we made it a Mommy and RJ Date Day. Nothing big or extravagant, but it was nice to spend some quality time with my son. The school year is filled with all this "stuff" we need to do. It was nice to just spend time with him and hear him talk about things that interest him. We have our weekly dates and this is when he usually pours out what is on his mind. Today, it was an all day connection, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't take days like this for granted. God is good.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Better Get Going

Tonight, RJ saw the full moon in the sky and said, "You know...". He then got quiet and I have learned to become quiet when he starts like that because he really has something to say. He then said, " I have been reading and memorizing what the Bible says the signs of his soon coming will be. I am starting to see the signs. I want to make sure I know what they are, so I can know he is coming soon. We have a lot of work to do. We better get going. We better start working faster and getting the word out quicker. Jesus is coming soon. Yep....we better get going, Jesus is coming". God is good.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

A Palm For The King

Today is Palm Sunday. When I heard that Bro. Jonathan Walker was going to be preaching, I knew it was going to be a good sermon. The worship was great. I was thrilled with Bishop Davis came to the pulpit and began to sing " I Am Blessed". There was a sense of expectancy in the air. Then, Bro. Walker came up to preach and you just knew God was going to not only manifest his presence, but something supernatural was going to take place. I have been in church all my life and never experienced what I experienced today. I seem to be saying that often, but each one is evidence to me that the Lord is coming soon. Today was not emotionalism as some might say, it was the natural and supernatural taking place at once. A physical act that brought about a supernatural result. You could see things happening and knew that because of it, things that you could not see were also taking place. The main text was taken from Zachariah 9:9,16 and John 12:12-15. The title was, "A Palm For The King". I took notes, but it was hard to stay in my seat and write with what was taking place around me. I'm not sure if I can even write a proper synopsis from my notes, but I will try. You can call the church to purchase the CD, it will be good to listen to, but I can't write properly what we felt and experienced. Bro. Walker started by saying that this Palm Sunday was when God is going to restore double in our life what was lost. Double will come back to you. Jesus is the almighty God. We are here to Praise the King! Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He came riding into the city of peace-Jerusalem on a donkey and days later, he died on cross for you and I. Triumphant entries were not uncommon in those days. When a General won a mighty battle, he would come into the city gates on a horse to great celebrations. The horse was the symbol of conquering the enemy. The donkey was a symbol of a servant and came in peace. Jesus didn't enter on a horse, he entered on a donkey. The prince of peace, rode into the city of peace on an animal of peace. He was coming as salvation to change the world. The multitudes lined up on the road and waved palm branches. They thought he was coming to bring them political freedom. They didn't know he was coming to give them life everlasting. They lifter their palm branches crying out "Hosanna is he that comes in the name of the Lord". Praise exalts the King and destroys my enemy. Praise promotes the throne and activates miracles. The King has entered the sanctuary. When Bro. Walker got to this point, I was thinking there is no way he was going to be able to finish preaching. The power and presence of the Lord was so intense. Then he began to explain the Palm Brach and where we read about it. The Palm tree puts it's roots deep into the ground to find a water source. It's strength is within. It can withstand all kinds of storms and strong winds. Jericho is known for it's walls that came down by the peoples 7 days of marching and brought down with a shout of praise. Jericho also has palms trees. You praise your walls down and find the Palm tree of peace and God's promises coming to pass in your life. You say you don't have any more walls to come down, because your life is already in ruins. Then you can learn about Nehemiah that built the walls of Jerusalem which also has Palm Trees. We do not fight with weapons of warfare in the natural, we fight with praise, to the pulling down of strongholds. You must fight with your praise. Jesus is the carpenter of your life and he can build what you need to be built back up again. What you need to have is a Palm for your King. The Palm Branch is victory and triumph. The spirit of God dwells in you. He is your strength to withstand the storms of life. You get your strength from the inside out. He will come again victorious and this time it will be riding on a horse. We will worship before him, dressed in white and with palm branches in our hands as we wave our Palm for the King of Kings. I can't even read my notes after this. Palm Branches were handed out to everyone. We waved them in the air and began to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We walked to the front of the church and in one mind and one accord began to wave our branches. Something happened. I could feel it. Something settled deep inside of me and it was a strength and peace. I don't even know how to describe it. Jesus was walking amongst us as we waved our Palm Branches to him. How do I describe or explain what took place, I can't put it into words, they way I want to. All I can say is today we waved our Palm Branches to the King and He showed up. I believe He walked by us and answered our prayers. He broke down strongholds in our life and he built up protective shields against the enemy of our souls. When we came home, we put the Palm Branches where we can see them. God is good.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Egg Shower

I started off my morning by attending a bridal shower for one of the young ladies from my church. As soon as it was over, I went home and began getting ready for the egg hunt. I appreciate the mom's who helped me throw it all together. The kids had so much fun hunting for eggs and just enjoying a sunny day. After the children found all the eggs, I asked for the empty egg. Somehow, I ended up with more that just one egg. Thankfully, I knew the color of the one I had put in. The prize was a chocolate cross. I then taught the true means of Easter. The tomb is empty because, Jesus is alive! I enjoyed my time with the moms and especially enjoyed seeing the children having fun. God is good.

Friday, April 07, 2017


Tonight I spent a part of my evening getting ready for an Egg Hunt for tomorrow. I have no doubt the kids will have a good time. One of the eggs will be empty. The finder of the egg will recieve a reward and I will then explain the reason for the empty egg. We do the egg hunt, but we make sure our son knows how special this time is. Jesus died and rose again, that we may have eternal life. God is good.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Be Attitudes-Peacemakers

Tonight Bro. Joe Ferragamo continued his lesson on "The Be Attitudes" with the focus on being a peacemaker. His main text was taken from Mathew 5:9. Blessed are the peacemakers. God is a God of peace. We read about God being a one of peace five times in the Bible. They can be found in II Corinthians 11, II Thessalonians 3:16, I Corinthians 14:33, Ephesians 1:2, 6:23 and Philippians 4:7. The Apostle Paul frequently greeted with a greeting of grace and peace of our God. We have the awesome scriptures of the peace of God going beyond our understanding. Jesus calmed the storm by saying peace be still. God gives peace even when things go wrong. Jesus Christ is our prince of peace. Satan is the supreme trouble maker and he attempts to destroy all the peace on the earth and in our home. There is no peace in our world now. Peace has escaped the grasp of man. We long after peace. The problem is not a physical problem, it's an ethical problem. Sin is at the core and it's why we do not have peace. Thanks be to God that he becomes our peace. Sin needs to be destroyed and Jesus give us this by the blood he shed on Calvary for us. Peace is God's gift to mankind. By the blood on the cross man is reconciled and we can have peace. Because he is our peace, we must be messengers of peace. The characteristics of a peacemaker cover many areas. 1. Abstain from being offensive and being offended. 2. Doesn't avoid the issue. With the guide of the Holy Spirit, use wisdom to help bring peace. 3. Willing to make peace at any price. Always on the side of righteousness and God's word. 4. Does not compromise Godly principals and stands on righteousness. 5. Not an appeaser, this only postpones confrontation. Both sides have to want to have peace in order for peace to happen. On the cross Jesus broke down the walls of partitions. 6. Learns to bridle the tongue. Knows when to be careful of what we say and how we say it. 7. Knows when to keep their tongue quiet. Doesn't say some things for the sake of peace, when it's not the right time to speak. Gossipers are not peacemakers. If your words are causing division, then you are not a peacemaker. You can not be blessed of God if you are not a peacemaker. Don't become the person that is not blessed of God. 7. Peacemakers help others make peace with God and others around them. We are to stand out and be different, we are to be peacemakers. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God. God is good.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Sparrow

If you pay attention to the news for any amount of time, it will become clear that things are unsettling everywhere. It's like I can hear the sounds of war in the distance. My heart breaks for lives lost and for the darkness that seems to be everywhere. Then, I remember the songs I grew up hearing in church. ''Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word, just to rest upon his promise, just to know, thus Sayeth the Lord. That last phrase.. this means, when he speaks, Peace be still, I will have peace inside. Then, again I remember that his eye is on the sparrow and he is watching over me. It doesn't mean the circumstances will change, but it does mean that God is with me and he cares for me. God is good.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Thankful For Tacos

I'm thankful for many things. I'm really thankful for tacos. One thing about life so far in NY, a good taco is hard to find. At least a taco that taste like the West Coast Tacos that I grew up eating. This may sound silly, but I think God loves me so much that he brought a Taco Store to a location near me. I randomly came across a place that makes only Tacos. I put them to the test and ordered two tacos. Every bite took me to familiar places and people that I love in the West Coast. I almost cried. So, tonight I give thanks for some amazing tacos and for a bit of "home" coming to NY. If you are in the area and want to taste some good tacos, I recommend Nelly's Tacos located in Hicksville, NY. God cares about every aspect of your life. When you put him first, he takes care of the big things and the little things too. God is good.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Coming Out With Power

We heard a dynamic sermon today by Bro. Donnie Willis. He and his family recently became the new Pastors of a church in Westchester, NY. Bro. Smith was the pastor, but felt led to go to TN. I will miss hearing him preach, he is one of my all time favorite preachers. However, God has sent a young man with great passion and zeal to continue the work in NY. It's clear he has a love and desire to tell as many as he can about the love of Jesus. He preached with great passion from Luke 4:1-14. His topic was, "Coming Out With Power". Before he went into his sermon, Bro. Willis stressed the need for baptism and the infilling of God's spirit in your life. When Jesus returned from the wilderness, he returned with power. We all go through a wilderness time. It's important to realize that Jesus is the one who led us to this wilderness. We may wonder why God would lead us into the wilderness and not always to a mountaintop. In order to succeed, we need to go through the wilderness. The wilderness is not an easy place, there are wild beasts in the wilderness. There are those who will want you to give up and become discouraged while you are in your wilderness. When we are in the wilderness, it's time to count on and trust in God's strength. We are to rest upon him while we are in the wilderness. It is there that we become strong. We must understand that God will never leave us or forsake us. He is with us in and through the wilderness. Nothing can take from you, you wilderness experience. Because your wilderness experience, becomes your undisputed testimony. When you are in the wilderness, you are in the process of being advanced. There will be a series of test and God will always make a way for you. Never substitute what God is trying to do for you. We make a mistake when we try to get our self out of the wilderness. God has something specific for you and if you will just keep walking and allow him to be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path, he will bring you through it. To survive the wilderness, it's vital that you read your Bible and pray every day. This is where you get your strength. The package the world offers you looks good, while the one that God offers you, may not look so great. When you choose what God has for you, there are great things inside waiting for you. God's grace to win the race is not something you want to trade. When Satan comes to tempt you to make your own way out of the wilderness, tell him to get behind you. You need to keep moving forward towards the blessings God has for you. No matter what the day is, this is the day that the Lord has made. The past, present and future days, all good and bad, God has made them. If you are walking in the wilderness, God is walking with you. When you come out of the wilderness, you will come out with power. The spirit of the Lord will be upon you! It's in this wilderness experience that you will receive your anointing. Jesus loves you. He is walking with you. Do not give up, keep walking and when you come out, you will come out with power. God is good.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

School Gala

Tonight Portledge School held it's annual Gala. It's the biggest fundraiser of the year. Bob and I attended to show our support and extreme appreciation for the school. We are thankful that our son is receiving an excellent education in a wonderful environment. By the end of the evening a substantial amount had been raised for the School. We participated in the silent auction and came home with a Lego set for RJ and two tickets to the NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. RJ was super excited when we came home with his surprise. We enjoyed meeting and talking with many of the parents. Many of them have become our friends and it was an enjoyable evening. Portledge is a special school and we are glad to be a part of it. God is good.