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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Time Together

Tonight we enjoyed some time with friends. RJ often says he wishes he had more play dates and when we were invited over for dinner and some fun for the kids, we gladly accepted. They all had a blast and we left with full tummys and full hearts. I'm thankful for days like this. God is good.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Light Still Shines

Today we had a guest speaker, Bro. Harold Linder. He preached an impassioned sermon with the title of, "The Light Still Shines". His main text was from Acts 26:13 and Acts 9. I was still feeling a little out of it due to getting over being sick. Thus, I forgot to bring my journal for taking notes. I did manage to write down some of what he preached. I apologize because I know that I can not share it as good as he preached it. He talked about how Paul was originally known as Saul. He was an intense persecutor of the Christians. He believed he was doing God's work by killing them and trying to get rid of them. One day a bright light shone down on Paul and heard a voice call out to him. The voice wanted to know why he was persecuting him. Paul asked who this voice was and the voice said it was Jesus. Saul repented and then was given instructions to find a preacher who would tell him what to do. Jesus was pointing out the importance of a preacher in our life. We need to hear the word of God taught to guide and instruct us. When Jesus shone his light on Saul, and changed him into Paul. We know Paul as one of the greatest Apostles. When the light shone down on him, he was changed forever. Paul repented, was baptized and filled with God's spirit. This light of Christ is not only for America, this light shines all over the universe. It doesn't matter what darkness you are hiding under or what your past may be. The light still shines on us today. The same light that transformed Paul, is wanting to shine on you. It doesn't matter what may have happened to you, forgive and let it go. If you want God to forgive you, you need to forgive. This light transforms us and heals us. We need to seek out his light and run to him. Give God everything and he will shine his light on you and give you a new direction. God is good.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

When He Comes Home

When Bob travels, RJ always has the same request. No matter how late it is when his dad comes home, he wants him to come to his room and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. True to form, RJ requested this tonight, since his dad has been away on a business trip. It never ceases to amaze me on how the moment Bob walks through the door, the house feels "right" again. God is good.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Amalia Update

Today I recieved news that my cousin Amalia was airlifted to another hospital. The plan is to remove the tumor tomorrow. Please pray that God will guide their hands and that there are no complications. The hope is that once the tumor is removed there will be no cancer anywhere else in her body.  I know God is with her and I believe your prayers are making a difference. God is good. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

By Faith And In The Spirit

We had guest speakers today, Bro and Sis Hajduk are missionaries to Croatia and Slovenia. I have to say, he was very funny and not afraid to be blunt. He shared part of his story of his life as a child. He's been through some crazy things and he knows that only Jesus can truly help you. There are some things that self help books and counselors can not help you with. These are things that Jesus can heal. You just need to be alone in his presence and he heal your hurts. He did not give a title, but spoke on walking in the spirit and having Faith in God. He read from Ephesians 6:10-13 and John 3:5-8. When you pinch someone you will find what is truly inside of them. We live in a culture of entitlement. We have our things and we can be religious and still be empty of heart. We need to stop performing and seek to be in the spirit and not in the flesh. God is moved by our faith, without it we can do nothing. It's so important that we are aware of what is taking place around us. When depression comes or we have hurts, we must turn to Jesus. He is the answer, he is the healer and he is our peace. Bro. Hajduk didn't speak for a long time, he had everyone repent and talk to God. He then began to pray against sickness in the body and hurting hearts. The presence of God swept through the sanctuary, it was amazing. I don't ever want to take for granted the sweet presence of God we felt. After the service was over, RJ went to talk with them. He loves missionaries, we love missionaries. I'm thankful they are bringing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to Croatia and Slovenia. God is good.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Evan McMullin For President

This election has been one wild ride. I have seen people bash each other over their extreme differences in opinion regarding two main candidates running for President Of The United States Of America. I have heard over and over that both Clinton and Trump are not a favorite, but they are choosing the lesser of two evils. I, in good conscience can not place my name with either Clinton or Trump. I said before that I was going to vote for Bob, however he has graciously declined the position as POTUS. Then I came across a name, Evan McMullin. I spent some time reading up on him and Bob and I have decided to give him our votes. On November 8th when I write his name in on the ballot, I will be able to go to bed with a clear mind knowing that I did not attach my name to a bully, nor did I attach my name to someone who stands against things I believe in. Why pick the lesser of two evils, instead vote for a man who would give this country the chance to redeem itself. Besides, I also like the fact that his VP is a women. This should satisfy everyone. To my fellow Americans, make your voice be heard and vote for Evan McMullin. God is good.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nurse Pearl

I woke up feeling sick this morning. This usually happens when the seasons change. There is something to be said for what is many times called man's best friend. Pearl must have know I was not feeling good because she has stuck to my side all day.  I'm thankful for this little dog. I'm confident this will pass quickly. For now, I will rest and give thanks for my husband who helped with RJ today and for my puppy Pearl. God is good.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Be The Bridge

Tonight we had ladies prayer at the church. There is always something encouraging about being with others in prayer. At the end we were asked to pray for others. There are many who need us to pray because we need to be the bridge for them. The word used was a hedge, I like to use the word bridge too. I had a lot of people go through my mind as I prayed, especially my cousin Amalia. She needs a desperate miracle from God.  I can't be with her in person, but I can pray to a God that can heal her. Please continue to pray for her. I know God hears every prayer that is prayed.
God is good.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Snow Surprise

This morning we were greeted with snow.  You would have thought we were in the middle of January and not October. We took a drive and marveled at the huge change from the day before. As we drove 20 miles away from the snow, we found ourselves back in October weather again. We stopped at one the many white steepled churches for Sunday service. As we walked in we heard the familiar song, "Standing On The Promises Of God." The pastor encouraged those in attendance to stand on God's promises and not be moved. Everyone in New Hampshire was very nice and we enjoyed our time there. New Hampshire was super beautiful and we definitely want to return. God is good.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mt Washington Summit

We decided to forget our original plans and just see where the road took us. We drove down the most beautiful display of colors I have ever seen. Then we found ourselves at Mt Washington Summit. We decided to take the Cog Railroad Train up to the Summit. It was an excellent experience. Weather up there changes without warning. A clear day quickly turned into mist and then windy rain. Once we had headed down in the Cog Train, the rain really began to pour. We stopped along the way at a super cute cottage. We are now enjoying a nice lit fireplace. It's been a nice trip so far. God is good.

Friday, October 21, 2016

2nd Honeymoon

We are away on our 2nd honeymoon to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We spent most of the day driving and in awe of the beautiful Fall foliage. We are looking forward to our weekend together and are thankful to Ross for taking care of RJ. We found an adorable cottage for the night. Tomorrow we will adventure some more. God is good.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Walk In The Light

I want to talk about my Bible reading today. In a day an age when there are many choices and paths that can be made, there is a good path to choose. This path is the one where you walk in the light. We read in God's word that he is a light to our path. We also read that when things seem dark, he will be our light. He is our hope and our direction. When you hear many voices shouting around you on which way is the right way to go, stop and read his word. As you read his word, you will hear his voice, guiding you to his well lit path. God is good.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tell Me Who Wins

As I was tucking RJ into bed, RJ asked me to tell him who wins the debate. I told him it does not matter who wins, because Jesus has already won the victory. This election has been a zoo of a race. I have been trying my best to stay out of the drama and have been seeking the Lord in prayer. Everyone has their opinion on why they have made their choice. I just pray when the dust settles and whomever is elected, that Christians will be a light of love and grace. Jesus is the answer no matter who wins. I believe that God is coming soon and we must be a light for Christ and not be a part of the chaos. Walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. I pray for our country and I pray for the Lord's soon return. God is good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Season

There is a time for everything.  A time to laugh or cry. A time to learn and grow. A time to work and a time to rest. This weekend Bob and I are going away to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and to rest. Also, this week I have ventured out to do something that brings me great joy. I love to teach and I love even more when it's an English Conversation Class with some very sweet ladies. To make it even better I'm doing this with two awesome ladies. Every season brings change and growth if you allow it to. God is good. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Bob's Cat

I wanted to do something special for Bob for our 10th anniversary. He often talked about a stuffed kitten he had as a baby. It took a lot of research, but I was able to find it. He was so happy and surprised at seeing his cat from when he was a baby. God is good.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warning & Goodbyes

Today we attended service at Solid Rock Church. The sermon was preached by Sis Wynn. She talked about how things have warning labels on them. God also gives us warning labels because he loves us and is reaching out to us. There was a sweet presence of the Lord there today. My Mother in law will be undergoing a knee operation this week, so my mom will be staying with her to keep her company. I'm so thankful that the doctors have given my mom a good report on her health. She has come a long way over the past 6 months. When we left they were enjoying the lit fireplace and each other's company. God is good.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Food And Pumpkins

Today, while Bob worked on a project on the house for his mom, the rest of us went to Sahl's Farm. We had a nice time watching RJ and Joe Joe run around. Later in the evening, Bob and I went out to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. The food was good and we reflected over the past ten years. I'm glad we still love each other and am so glad Christ is still the center of our lives. God is good.

Friday, October 14, 2016

10 Year Milestone

In a world where people give up and walk away instead of working through it. In a world where vows are meaningless, we defied the odds. Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. Ten years have gone by quickly. We have gained some love handles and a son. Along the way our nephew joined the fold and of course we can't forget our Pearl. Mom has also come into the circle. God has been the center and he is the cord that keeps us together. We learned a lot about each other and our own self. I'm thankful we made it to 10 and pray we make it to many more years. Happy 10th Anniversary to my love, Bob. God is good.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Even There

Tonight once again we heard an outstanding sermon on Hope. I truly believe God is wanting us to know that no matter what is going on, he is our hope. We had a guest speaker, Bro. Wyser. He always takes us deep and the only way you can truly get all of what he teaches is to purchase the CD and listen to it several times. I can give you the basics of what he taught since there was no way I could write down everything he was saying. His title tonight was, "Even There". The main text was taken from Isaiah 59:1 and Psalm 139:7-12. There is no place where God is not. If would make such a difference in our life if we truly understood how "there" God really is in our life. God's presence is always there, He just does not always manifest himself. God created man and has been on an endless quest to be with us. He longs to be with you, he seeks after you. When Jesus died on the cross, he was the bridge for him to come to us and for us to come to him. God sees and hears everything we are going through. His hand is not short that he can not reach you. God is your comfort, confidence, protection and seeking after you. It does not matter where you are, no matter how bad it is, God is even there with you. He sees what you are doing for him. He knows what you are going through. It does not matter the situation, he is seeking for you and wanting to be with you. No matter what, even there, he can reach you. Bro. Wyser has a lot of amazing lessons. If you would like to learn more, you can click here. If you would like to purchase tonight's CD, please click here. I am so thankful for how God has been reaching out to us with the very clear message of Hope. God cares for us. God is good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Scent Of Water

As promised I am going to share my notes from Sunday's sermon. Bro. Staten preached an outstanding sermon on Hope with the title of, "The Scent Of Water". His main text was taken from Job 14:7-9. He started by talking about the Rose of Jericho. This rose is not the most beautiful rose and it lives in the desert. It's an unattractive and mangled plant. No matter how blazing hot the sun may be, the parched limbs hang on and do not give up. When the first sign of rain appears, the dry limbs stretch forth and the lush roses return. At the scent of water, this takes place. Job endured some crazy things. He lost everything, his friends were against him and his wife was ridiculing him. He was at death's door and depression was coming upon him. He refused to give in and refused to give up hope. He believed God was with him. Job referred to this rose. If the rose can hang on and eventually survive, he will hang on and life will come again. It doesn't matter what the doctor says, there is still hope. When you have hope, you can make it through the pain, no matter what it is. There are five senses. Touch needs to be activated. It will not work until something breaks the distance and allows a connection to take place. Taste has to possess a substance for it to be activated. Sight is the distance it sees, it's something in the distance. To Hear a vibration needs to take place first. When it comes to Scent it's based on smell. Just a few molecules of a substance can cause the substance to fill the atmosphere. There is nothing can stand in the way of scent taking place. Water on it's own does not have a smell. When it rains we can smell it because a chemical reaction takes place when it hits the dirt and comes into contact with other things. When you add hope to the mix of whatever is taking place in your life, you cause a scent to take place. If you are struggling, add hope and it will cause you to push forward. If you are doing well, speak life and hope into those around you, it will cause a chain reaction to those who are in need. A scent can bring a memory back to you. When God gives you a victory, remind yourself of it when you go through a trial. If God did it before, he can do it again. Remember what God has done for you. Tonight, I started something new. I with the help of two others are offering an English Conversation Class as an outreach. Our first night and we had two students. One of them was my massage friend. She was there and she started crying as we left. She said that God has been showing himself to her every day. I'm so grateful for this and I know great things are happening. Be the scent of Jesus Christ everywhere you go. It's not always easy to remember this, I often forget. You don't know what life will be changed if you are the scent of living water. God is good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Last Test

Tonight is what we hope is the last test my mom will need to take. She is having some overnight testing done. I didn't want to leave her, but there was not a place for me to stay, so I placed her in the capable hands of the staff. I will pick her up early in the morning and hopefully, both of us will take a nap. She has come a long way over the past 6 months. I pray now, she can rest and enjoy her retirement. It looks like the doctors have figured out what is needed to maintain her health. I'm thankful for the good doctors she has had and I know that all things work together for the good. God is good.

Monday, October 10, 2016

9th Birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated RJ's 9th birthday. He started his day first by waking up his dad by saying he wanted to pray first. Bob prayed with him and this time he was praying with all his might. Later, His friends came and they had a fun timehaving sword fights, breaking the piƱata and ending the night creating an underground church in the basement. It's was a day full of child's play and fun imagination. His cake today was a special one to celebrate his spiritual birth as well as his natural birth. The children had a blast as well as the parents. To make it more special his Grammy and Ima were here to celebrate with him.It was a wonderful birthday for RJ. God is good.