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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Joshua Mountain

Today we attended church at an Apostolic church in the Appalachian Mountains. I was pretty happy when the pastor pulled out his bango and added a bluegrass feel to the worship songs. The Pastor taught a compelling Sunday School lesson on the topic of Joshua. He talked about how Joshua did not fear and trusted in God. We all have our mountains and our valleys. God is with is when we are climbing or resting. We must remember to fear not when we are in each season. It was an encouraging lesson. Later in the day we went on a paddle boat ride in the lake. We went back to our room to rest and watched the sunset on the beautiful Applachian Mountains. God is good.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beloved Mountains

It's been a while since RJ and I have visited the Applachian Mountains with Bob. Mom is feeling better and Ross is taking summer classes and is able stay with her, so I knew it would be ok for us to go. It was a very long drive, and worth it when I saw my mountains. We arrived in time for dinner and sunset. This place has always spoken to my soul and causes me to feel super close to God. I love the mountains and the people who live here. We are looking forward to our time here. God is good.

Friday, July 29, 2016

All Things New

Bob, RJ and I are headed to our beloved Applachian Mountains. We stopped along the way in NJ and had dinner with Grammy. During our dinner conversation it became evident that some of my Mother in Law's relatives may have been Nazi soldiers. In an instant I had an inner reaction to this. My mom's side of the family has Jewish blood and Italian blood. Both sides suffered under the hands of the Nazi army. That reaction turned into pondering on how awesome God is. You see, Bob and I love eachother and we have an amazing little boy who genetically brought those two worlds together. The love canceled any generational hate that may have existed between our ancestors. Christ in us covers all that with the blood he shed on Calvary for EVERYONE.  Because Jesus loves everyone, I can love everyone. It's an amazing thought to have. This Italian, French and Jewish girl loves her Italian- German man a great deal. God is good.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sucess Secrets of Moses Part 2

Tonight Pastor Davis finished his lesson on "Success Secrets of Moses". His main text was taken from Hebrews 11:24-28. In review of part one. Success for Christians is doing what God has called you to do. God will never call you to something you can not do. He will empower you and make a way for it to happen. Moses refused the world, chose God's people and his cause. He esteemed God's worst to be more desirable than the world's best. Moses had a respect for the reward that was to come. He made the choice to look beyond the present circumstance and instead focus on the soon coming reward. Jesus faced the cross of Calvary with joy because he knew what was beyond the cross, his bride. He endured the suffering on the cross so that you and I would today be filled with his spirit and washed in his blood. Today, we have our own cross to carry. Many will say their cross is their sickness or their spouse. A cross is something that you carry and can lay down and walk away from. You can't walk away from your sickness and your not supposed to walk away from your spouse. Your cross is what you carry because of your relationship with Jesus Christ, what you suffer for him. We can live a joyous life, because we know what our heavenly reward is. Some people have a hard time looking beyond their present trouble. We must look beyond the cross and focus on the crown. It's a privilege to live for Jesus Christ. Present day Christians endure much less than that the early church did and they considered it to be a light affliction. We are so blessed. Moses forsook the world. He left Egypt and never wanted to go back. Nothing in your past life is worth going back to if it separates you from God. It's nothing compared to what God has for you. Every day with Jesus is better than the day before. Some people will never have what God has in store for them because their heart is still in the world. It's not enough to come out of the world, you need to get the world out of you. We must endure to the end. Moses had a lot to deal with. We must be able to endure and keep on going when everything is going wrong. It is so important that we do not become weary, will reap and we faint not. Something will happen that will nock you flat on the ground, you need to get up and keep going, endure. It's so important that you just do not quit. We read in Hebrews 11:28 how important is to keep the commandments of God. Obedience to God and his word is proof of Christianity. Many say they are Christians, but there is no obedience in their life. The proof is in your disobedience or obedience to the gospel and word of Jesus Christ. Moses had one great failure in life. When God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would come out, Moses in his frustration with the people disobeyed God. He struck the rock twice. Water did come out of it, but because of his disobedience, he did not get to enter into the promise land. If you think it's just a little bit of disobedience in your life and God will allow you to still make it to heaven, you need to think again. It's so important that if God says to do it, just do it. He may never explain why, just obey. There is blessing that comes with obeying the word of God. To break it down, The Seven Success Secrets of Moses are: 1. Refuse the world. 2. Choose God's people and God's cause. 3. Esteem the reproach of Christ. 4. Respect the reward. 5. Forsake the world. 6. Endure until the end. and 7. Keep the commandments of God. God is good.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Play & Good News

Today we had some friends over for a  play date. RJ had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the fellowship as well. During the play date, my mom's heart doctor called to give me the result of some testing they did. We were so thankful to hear that her heart is fine and she has no blockage or clotting. Each test is coming out with good reports and mom is getting better every day. We give thanks for this. God is good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Don't Be Offended

Tonight our group's lesson was about being offended. Everyone is offended by someone. What matters is what you do when the offense comes. The battle takes place in your mind. If you dwell on the offense you will allow it to take root in your heart. This leads to anger that causes you to want revenge. We must not allow this to happen to us. It's important that when the offense comes to forgive and let it go. Even if the person who offended you does not say they are sorry, let it go. Forgiving is a daily process and it's so important to not dwell on offenses. I wish I could say I have perfected this, but for me it's a daily process. With God's help, I am able to lay offenses at his feet. I must forgive if I am to be forgiven. Letting things go, make for a less stressful life. The world is going crazy. It is so important that we do not become upset when we see things on the news. We will feel a range of emotions. We must not allow it to cause us to make choices that lead to staying offended. Tonight was the last group for a while. I enjoy our Bible studies and am thankful for the fellowship. God is good.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Bob, Ross and RJ arrived home late last night. Pearl and I stayed up waiting for them. She missed her boy a lot. I'm thankful for the friendship they have. She's starting to grow out of her puppy stage and she's turning out to be a very loyal and sweet dog. She's still the boss applesauce and don't you forget it, but she will cuddle with you as long as you will allow her. I'm glad they are home. God is good.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

God Has Set A Differance

Today Pastor Davis was fired up. His sermon was entitled "God Has Set A Difference". His main text was from Exodus 11:7 and Romans 12:1-2. He mentioned a French phrase that means long life the difference. God made man and women and he made them different. We are in a rapidly changing world where people are beginning to become confused and no longer know the difference in who they are. Moral values in society have changed rapidly over the past 50 years. The world has radically changed in five decades. Social media has been a blessing and a curse. It has made it possible for the gospel to reach places that missionaries can not get into, but also changed the values of our society. Those who call themselves Christians have found themselves at a dividing line. Will you listen to what the world says is ok, or will you believe the report of the Lord. The church is being pressured to change according to being Politically Correct. We are being told that we will be reported if we do not align ourselves to what society around us says is correct. It's time for the church to wake up. We must not compromise, we must stand on the word of God. This does not mean we stop loving all that are around us. It's just time that we stand up and be different. We can not become concerned with being Politically Correct, we must be concerned with being Biblically Correct. We are to stand on the unchanging word of God. Society is constantly changing on what their morals and what is accepted to be ok. The word of God never changes. There is one God. There is on way to heaven. Broad is the way to destruction, narrow is the way to heaven. All roads do not lead to heaven. There is one way, be baptized in his name and filled with his spirit. There is only one truth, God's truth. We must not be ashamed to be called a Christian. Pastor than began to talk about how in life we will have sickness and heartache. We must remember that God is with us and will get us through it. He will work all things together for our good. We must not lose the battle in our minds and allow worry to rob us of our sleep. Every battle is lost or won in our mind. When we pray, we must pull down the strongholds that take place in our mind. Rest in the promises of God and trusts in him. When Moses was in Egypt and he went to see about his people. He chose to leave the identity of the world and take on the identity of God's people. He considered the reproach of Christ to be greater than the riches of Egypt. Stand up and be different in this world. Be a light for Christ. Embrace the difference, Jesus is coming soon! God is good.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Other Half

This weekend, all the boys went to NJ. My mom and I stayed home. The house has been way too quiet. Falling asleep takes me a long time because I'm used to my other half being with me. When I was single, I never understood what married couples meant when they talked about their other half. The Bible teaches us that when a man and a women are married, they become one. The longer we are married, the more one we are becoming. I miss Bob when he is gone and always sleep much better after he has come home. As I write our puppy Pearl is sitting by the door waiting for them to come home. Pearl has cried herself to sleep every night because she misses her boy so much. We will be together again soon and the house will be filled with the life they bring. I will sleep well because my other half will be home. Single life was good, married life is better. God is good.

Friday, July 22, 2016

With Love To Germany

It seems that almost every day we are hearing of some horrific attack. The world is becoming extremely violent. On a daily bases two readers who I do not know, log on from Germany and read this blog. I want to say to you, that I am praying for you. I pray for the peace of God to cover you and keep you. I still pray for France and how they are still trying to regroup from the horrific attacks they have endured. I can name country after country, because hatred has planted a seed in the hearts of man, and it has bloomed into destruction. We must learn from this horror. Bitterness and hatred if not uprooted will bring forth death. Love one another and forgive. To Germany, to the world, I pray that you will find hope in Christ alone. God is good.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seven Principles of Moses' Sucess Part 1

Tonight Pastor Davis began part 1 of the "Seven Principles of Moses' Success". HIs main text was taken from Hebrews 11:24-28. He gave a lot of information and tonight was a night when wish I had a copy of his notes. I will do my best to share what notes I did take with you. Success is defined in various ways. Many view success by their level of education or wealth. A child of God defines success in a much different way. Some of the most successful Christians died in poverty with their names never known. Success for a Christian is doing what the Lord wants me to do. Our success is measured by the criteria of the word of God. In Hebrews chapter 11 we read about the Hall of Faith. One of those mentioned is Moses. Moses was a mighty man of faith. He was highly successful, according to God. You may at times in your life find yourself wondering if you are in the will of God. When you are filled with his spirit, you will find something rising up inside of you that causes you to want to do something for Jesus Christ. To be used of God, is to do a work for him. You live the life he wants you to live. It's important to not spend a lifetime seeking the will of God and never actually doing something for God. To do the will of God is to be in the present. You don't need to be focused on what the future may be, focus on today and do what is in front of you. Tomorrow, do what is placed in front of you. Eventually, you will grow into the future God has for you and you will find yourself in the middle of the future God had for you. Do what God asks of you at that moment and the rest will come in time. For many it's in your greatest hardship in your life that you find what your purpose is. Life comes in stages. What is important is that you are obedient and willing to do what has come to you at the present moment. Moses was successful in God in many ways. The first was that he refused the world. He was raised as a son of Pharaoh's daughter. He could have chosen to stay in his life of privilege , but instead he refused it and chose God. The decision to follow God, first begins in our mind. There must be a willingness to follow the things of God and leave the things of the world behind. To be willing to stand out even if it's not popular. His self-identity was in God, not as an Egyptian. It's so important that we do not fall in love with the world, but instead fall in love with Jesus. Second, Moses chose God's people and chose God's cause. His success was determined by what he embraced. Moses made a deliberate decision, he knew what he would be losing. He chose to be afflicted for his people over choosing the safety and wealth of Egypt. When you follow after Jesus, you stop doing what you want and start doing what he wants. If there is no suffering, there is no glory. If there is no pain, there is no crown. We must be willing in this day and age to stand for God's word, even if it's no longer popular in today's society. Thirdly, Moses felt that God's worst was more desirable than the world's best. The worst thing God has for you is better than the best the world has to offer you. This day and age, we want everything now. We forget about the first century church that suffered great persecution for Christ. They counted it as a great blessing to die for Christ. They felt that they were blessed to suffer. If he suffered for me, I can suffer for him. Heavens worst is better than earth's best. It's a radical way of thinking in today's world. This world is not my home, I'm just passing through. Heaven is my goal. God is good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Surfing Dog

Today the weather was so nice, we decided to make it a beach day. Our normal spot had a camp, so we went to a different part of the beach. When we settled down, I looked out at the ocean and to my surprise saw a dog on a surfboard, what a treat! It was a relaxing day. The summer is flowing by quickly, I'm glad for days like today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We are standing at a crossroad as a country. We are standing at a crossroad in regards to religious freedom. We are standing at a crossroad in deciding what path to take. Each and every one of us are impacted by decisions made by others. Likewise, the choices we make on whatever path we choose, will have a direct impact on those around us. This country was founded for religious freedom. Someone stood at a crossroad and decided to walk down the path that led away from why this country was started in the first place. This should not be news to anyone who calls themselves followers of Christ. The closer we come to the soon coming of Christ, the further the world will be from what God says is right. It's not popular to stand on Godly principals. If you are a follower of Christ, you are at a crossroad. Will you choose the narrow path that stands for the things of God, even if it may not go with the laws of the land? Or, will you choose the path that is easy, knowing that it is against God's word. If I am spit upon, I will stand on the word of God. If I am hated for standing on the word of God, I will love and forgive in return. I stand at the crossroad and choose the narrow path even if it means I am called narrow minded. To die for Christ is gain. No matter how crazy this world gets, I must remember this world is not my home, Heaven is my goal. God is good.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Daily Life

Every day we hear of some news that causes us to have a variety of emotions. As this takes place the earth is still in rotation and our daily life routines continue. Sometimes due to a curveball life has thrown, you have to learn a new routine. This summer has brought a lot of change. If you have been reading my blog you will know my mom had a stroke and moved in with us. Our new routine includes a lot of doctors and physical therapy. It will be this way for most of the summer. I don't mind it because I'm getting to spend a lot of time with my mom. Summer may not have been as expected, but in between doctor appointments, we have fun too. We can find rainbows in the rain that life gives us. God is good.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Faithful God

Today we had a guest speaker, Bro. Bernard. He is a dynamic speaker and I came anticipating hearing a word from the Lord. Before he spoke the children who attended Vacation Bible School this past weekend, formed a choir. They sang a wonderful song about telling the world that Jesus is the answer. I watched my son sing with his friends and gave thanks that he is growing up knowing about Jesus. Bro. Bernard's sermon was entitled, "The Faithful God". His main text was taken from Deuteronomy 7:9. We are living in the last days. The news is filled with such sadness and horror. We need to be concerned for our nation. In the last days God will pour out his spirit on all flesh. The church is in the greatest revival it has ever known. We read in the Bible that the people were in the land of Canaan. They had many gods that were being worshipped. They were told to pray to different gods for different things. That is why we read in Deuteronomy 6:4 that the Lord our God is one Lord. There is only one true and living God and he deserves all the praise. How do you know the one true God from a false god? The one true God is faithful. If you think in this day and age that other god's are not worshipped, think again. To know what people worship, pay attention to what they talk about on their social media feeds. What you care about the most is what you talk about the most. It's so important to make sure God is number one in your life. God alone is loyal, faithful and steadfast. An unfaithful god breaks it's promises. You know who your real friends are when everything is going wrong. God will be with you in everything. He will be there when you need him the most. Trials in life come to everyone. It does not matter who you are, we all deal with sickness, death and heartache. God is faithful to get you through these things. There is only one God who saves and that is Jesus Christ. We need to follow his word and trust in him. Have faith that God will be with you. God is faithful to save. It doesn't matter your past or present sin, God saves and forgives. We need to share this truth with everyone. Don't look at someone and think they don't want to hear that Jesus loves them. Get beyond what you see on the outside and reach for the inside. God will give you the words to say. In this last day, we need to know that even when we make mistakes, God still loves us and cares for us. When your sin is staring you in the face, God is waiting for you to repent. He forgives you and gives you the strength to live an overcoming life. Walk away from the things that cause you to fall and stay with your ever faithful God. God is faithful to restore. When we go through our life trials, we must remember that God will deliver us. Sometimes the deliverance is instantaneously. Other times, it's a long process. Remember that if God allowed it, he knew you would be able to go through it. He will never allow something in your life that he knows you can not handle. If it becomes too hard for you, he will make a way of escape for you. Some may die before they see their prayers answered. They will see it when they "awaken" in Christ. Even when we are dead, our prayers live on and God answers our prayers. God is faithful, he heals, delivers and restores. Call on him, he is faithful to answer. God is good.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Operation BlueJay

I heard loud bird cries coming from the backyard. When I went to investigate, I discovered that a baby bluejay was on the ground with a broken wing. He was quick and before I could catch him, ran behind a bush. I could see and hear the parents flying overhead calling to their baby. With the help of Ross and RJ, we managed to get the bird safely into a box. I made several phone calls and found a place that specializes in helping wounded birds and then releases them back into the wild. Operation Bluejay was a success. God is good.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Emergency, Emergency!

I was awakened this morning by RJ running into the room yelling, " Emergency, Emergency!" I quickly jumped out of  bed. He proceeded to tell me that his fish tank had fallen over and emptied all over the floor. With much dispair he declared his fish was dead and he was done with having a fish. This was his third fish and it was still a baby. I went up the stairs to his room. In faith I brought with me a cup of water, just in case the fish survived. When I walked into the room and saw that the entire contents of the fish tank on the floor, I was sure the fish would be dead. I began to clean the mess and found the fish. When I went to pick up the fish from the floor, I was shocked when it flopped around. The fish was still alive! I immediately placed it in the water and it began to swim around. I then looked to see where the fish landed and it was on a book with a picture of Jesus with his arms wide open. The title was, "The Miracles Of Jesus".  RJ was jumping up and down shouting that Jesus had saved his fish. God is good.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Benefits Of A Shepherd

Tonight we had a guest speaker. Sis. Fross is a missionary to Quebec, Canada. She first shared her burden for Canada and then gave a sermon with the title of "The Benefits Of A Shepherd". Her main text was from John 10:14 and Psalm 103:2. A Shepherd is not just in charge of a flock, he is in charge of each sheep individually. When you have a good shepherd the sheep takes care of the details of the needs of the sheep. The shepherd will seek out good ground for the sheep to graze on. The presence of the shepherd brings peace because he is their defense. Jesus is our good shepherd. He looks out for us, he gives us peace and he protects us. He will look for the one lost sheep until he finds it. Without a shepherd the sheep will die. Without Christ in our life, we are dead in sin. I'm so thankful that Jesus is the shepherd in my life. God is good.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This week several trees on my block have been in the process of being cut down. When we walked to where the trees have been cut, you can see that underneath the ground the roots go far and deep. We all have roots of our linage. You see the person, but you don't know how far back their ancestry line goes. My friend has been doing a family tree for me. She has discovered exactly where my roots go. I had to do some genetic testing a while back and was surprised to see how European I really was. Her research is proving it to be true. She even found that she and I are related somewhere way up the family tree. This is amazing since we have been best friends for many years. I guess that is why we were drawn to each other, our roots connect along the way. I may not like everything I learn, but it's good to know the story. I am thankful that I have been grafted into the family of God and into my adopted family, the Brolliers. I love them all dearly. God is good.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Music With Dad

Bob and RJ had a Daddy Day in Central Park. They went to hear classical music performed live in the Nuremberg Bandshell. This is one of Bob's favorite summer activities. They drove to the city in their Alafa Romeo and from the text messages Bob is sending, I can see they are having a good time. I'm thankful for a husband who takes time out for his son. God is good.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Die Daily

What does it mean to die daily? The Apostle Paul talked about this. He had to die to his flesh on a daily bases. It does not mean in the literal sense, but in a spiritual sense. The way of society at this time is to do what feels good to me.  This is allowing the flesh to be in full control. To die daily is to say not my way, but your way God. This is easy to say not always easy to do. To die daily is to forgive and give each day a new day of grace. To die daily is to let go of offenses and move on. To die daily is to forgive 70 times 7 every day. These things are not easy and can only happen with God's help. The less of me, the more of him, the easier it is to forgive.  I must keep my eyes on Christ for Heaven is my goal. God is good.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trusting God

Today we attended service in NJ. Sis. Kind taught a lesson on trusting God with everything. We need to follow his guidance and know he is going to take care of us. When church was over we had a BBQ and enjoyed the cooler weather and sunshine. We gave Bob a birthday cake and celebrated him once again. It was a nice week. God is good.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Memory Lane

Today we took a walk down memory lane. We started sorting through and organizing a huge container of 40 years worth of pictures. Some have the year written in the back of the picture, for the majority, it has been quite the task of figuring out the year based on birth dates and wedding dates. For me it's been an emotional ride. Some pictures made me laugh, while others brought tears to my eyes. We took an ice cream break and are now back to our project of walking down memory lane. God is good.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Unexpected Rain

Today we were going to have a BBQ, but out of nowhere it began to rain. Then the sun came out and we figured that the BBQ was back on again. Unfortunately, the rain has returned in buckets. Life can be like an unexpected rainstorm. Your day in an instant is upside down. The world is like that right now. Dark clouds are booming and lightning is flashing. We must not let it cause us to lose sight of our goals and direction. Heaven is my goal and even when rainstorms unsettle me, I must rise above it, stay the course and keep my eyes on the rainbow of promise. God is good.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Happy Birthday Bob

Today is Bob's birthday. We are in NJ and he wanted to spend his day doing some work on the house for his mom. He is still hard at work, so tomorrow, we will play. He did open his presents this morning and RJ made him a breakfast cake. He's a good man who gives a 110%. Happy Birthday Bob, I love you.
God is good.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Birthday Week

This week is Bob's birthday. He wanted to spend it in NJ, so in NJ we shall be. I'm looking forward to time with my Mother in Law and family. Also, apparently today is National Kissing Day, so my Bob gave me a kiss on the cheek. Makes me blush every time.
God is good.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Keep Your Armor On

Our Home Bible Study lesson had a scripture that talked about the armor of God. I was thinking about how this tied in with the sermon on Sunday. When we keep the armor of God on there is less chance of an offense. Praying daily and reading the Bible is a good way to do this. I noticed that the days I don't read the Bible or pray, I don't react to situations like I should. I need to keep the armor of God on me to keep me. Knowing his word can carry you through the roughest of days. God is good.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Birthday America

We started our day with our annual visit to Old Bethpage Restoration Village. This was mom's first time and it was nice to share it with her. RJ was able to participate a bit and was super excited to see the Civil War soldiers. After we went home for a rest, we ventured out to see some Fireworks. We decided to be adventurous and went to Jones Beach. We found a nice spot. It rained a little bit but it was light and not for very long. The fireworks were above expectations. We had a nice time. I'm glad my mom was with us and had a good time as well. Happy Birthday America!! God is good.