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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The HOPE Diamond

Last night I talked about how RJ has been praying for God to help him find a diamond on one of his digging "expeditions" at school. We smiled about it to ourselves and I want to say that I repent for taking his serious prayer so lightly. God hears the prayers of children. Today on the ground was a diamond. Yes..a diamond. As he was walking, there on the ground he found a diamond. God heard my boy's sincere prayer from the heart and gave him a diamond. He told his daddy that this diamond was the Hope Diamond. Never think for one moment that God does not hear your prayers. God is good.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Diamond Mine

I know I just posted, but this is too cute to not share. As Bob was tucking RJ into bed tonight, RJ needed to talk. He said that he has some problems in his life and he has been praying to God to help him. God has not been answering his prayers. So Bob asked what the problem is. He said. " At school he formed a diamond mine and he and the other boys have been digging for diamonds and they have not found a single one." He has been praying to God for help and God has not answered. They only found one diamond and another kid has it and won't share it. I happen to know he has been digging in a certain spot at his school for days. We have a delima folks, how do we solve this problem. God is good.

You Are Alpha Romeo

First, we are really, really happy Bob is home from his trip. The house just feels back in order when Daddy is home. Tonight RJ was talking about one of his favorite songs. He was referring to a song on a children's worship CD that he loves to listen to. The song is called "Worship You Forever". Since he was little he would dance all over the house worshiping God as it played. We learned something new. He used to think the words Alpha and Omega were Alpha Romeo! We were cracking up. He was singing for the longest time.."Alpha Romeo, beginning and end...". Never a dull moment in our house. God is good.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exercise our Senses

Tonight Pastor taught a meaty lesson. It was one of those that make you sit back and say "ouch" and know you need to make some changes. He taught on Exercising our Senses based from Hebrews 5:12-14. We need to have a spiritual sense in where we are able to discern between right and wrong. God is not going to write for you a personal journal for your life. He expects you to exercise judgment. The Bible is our nourishment, it gives us milk and meat. The milk is the good tasting stuff, the blessings and promises of God. The meat is the scriptures that challenge us to make lifestyle changes. To grow as a Christian we need to be able to move from milk to meat. There are three ways to exercise our senses. 1) The word of God gives us Biblical commands and principles to follow. This can be found in Galatians 5:19-21. 2) The Holy Ghost is there to be our teacher. Titus 2:11-12 shows us that God's spirit in us will guide us. Sometimes there will be things in our life that are not necessarily a sin, but a weight that can take us away from God.There are commandments given by God and we are to follow them. We also need to have a set of personal convictions. What may be ok for someone else, is not ok for you. 3) We have Spiritual Leaders who will help give training and guidance. A teacher will encourage you to live a life of holiness, they will hold to the standards given in God's word. Jesus will walk with you and guide you if you will let him. If we live in a way to please Jesus, then we are not following a set of rules. We are living a life to please the one we love. God is good.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All By Myself

So...Bob is out of town and I was supposed to have dinner with a friend. When the dinner was canceled, RJ became upset because he wanted a Ross night. So, I went out all by myself. I didn't want to go somewhere that Bob and I usually go because that would make me feel sad. I decided on Mexican food and figured I would do some people watching while I ate. The world has changed. I enjoyed looking from table to table and observing the interactions. Each table was a story unfolding before my eyes. When my dinner was finished, I closed in my mind the chapter of each story before me. It was nice, but I will admit, I rather enjoy writing my own story with my husband. God is good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today was Blue and White day at RJ's school. He was feeling very nervous about this because he's not so good at competitions and in the past has not done well in athletic things of any kind. He gives a try, but is usually not as good as the others. We have explained to him the importance of having fun and giving his best. Still, since the entire school is involved, he was nervous. When I picked him up, he was raving and so excited. The blue team lost, but he had found a sport he was good at. He learned he can run very fast. Then he told me about how he was tired and he was going to sit out a competition that he just felt like he would be horrible at. His wonderful teacher reminded him of something she has been teaching him all year. He is not good at "it" yet and needed to practice it. Yet...what a powerful word. He remembered this and just because it was his first Blue and White year, didn't mean he was not going to do well all he needed to do was practice by particapating. How would he know, unless he tried. His wonderful teacher stayed with him and he joined this competition and WON! Yes..he won! He was the fastest. If he had not realized he didn't know if he could do it or not because he had not tried yet, he would not have known the thrill of victory. I'm so proud of my boy for giving it a try. Once again, I find myself giving thanks to God for his teacher. She is amazing, words cannot express the extent of my gratitude for her. God is good

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mommy and RJ Day

Today Bob headed to Virginia for a business trip, Ross joined the church youth for a BBQ and RJ and found ourselves the opportunity for a Mommy Day. The weather at first was cloudy and we were trying to figure out what to do. We decided to go his favorite playground by the beach. It seemed everyone else had the same idea. The weather turned out perfect and we had a wonderful time together. I cherish my boy and I am thankful that even when it's just the two of us, we have a nice time. God is good.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Peep and a Quack

We arrived in NJ to spend a very short weekend with my mother in law. To our delight she has a baby duck and a baby bird. RJ and Ross are enjoying feeding the baby bird and I got a thrill holding the baby duck. When RJ saw the duck he started to call it Aflack. We were all cracking up. The bird's name is still in the process and at this time the duck name is little Peep. I kind of like Aflack because he runs real fast like the Aflack duck in the commercials. It has been a long and busy weekend and we are looking forward to a time of rest and relaxation by the fire. God is good.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Take Heed

Tonight was our second night of the NY Metro District Conference. We had two speakers, the first was Bro. Mitchell. I think by the time he was done, I was full and overflowing and could have gone home for the night. Bob and I were deeply encouraged by his words and proclamation of faith, the drought is over! The main speaker was Bro. Dawson, his sermon's title was "Take Heed". Since RJ was sound asleep on my lap, I was not able to take notes. He was challenging us to not become lazy, we must take heed to the gospel we believe in. It's important to teach the truth of One God, Baptism in Jesus name and the necessity of the infilling of the Holy Spirit, to the next generation. If we are not reading the Bible together and praying together, we can become watered down. This truth is important and we must stand upon it. If the next generation is not strong in this truth, they will be easily swayed and lose out on the strength of this great word. God is good.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Temporary or Eternal

This weekend is our annual district conference. This year’s speaker for tonight was Bro. Anthony Mangun. Growing up in church, you hear a lot of sermons. Tonight's was basic, to the point. The anointing that came with it combined with the awesome presence of the Lord shook me to the core. I think it shook everyone in the building. He had pictures put up of things that we seek after to purchase. These things are temporary. He had a monopoly game out and he "played" the game and then talked about how you can conquer the whole game, but when it's done, it's over. These things are temporary, they don't last for you after you die. No matter what you do in life or who you are, when you die, you are just a dead body in a box. Your title and things do nothing for you. What matters more to you, things that are temporary or things that are eternal? What are we living for, what are we giving our life for? Is it all about me or is it about others? Is it about stuff or is it about Jesus. It was so intense by the time he was done preaching it was as if Jesus was shouting out himself for us to make a choice. What matters most to us in the world? Acquiring all we can or reaching a lost soul for Christ. God is good.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No Problems

Last night in our prayer time, RJ mentioned he doesn't ever know what to pray for. He said " I don't have any problems, there are no problems in my family." We told him that was good to know and when he feels that way, he can pray for other's because it's always good to pray for others. So, he picked someone and said a prayer for them. I am so thankful that he feels peace in our home and RJ is happy. God is good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mozart's Angel

RJ on several occasions as he was being tucked into bed had pointed out that Mozart's Angel was in the room. Mozart is our dog and he is still very much alive. RJ describes the Angel as a little white dog (Mozart is little and white). We usually smile, hug him and say goodnight. We don't get into a discussion on what he sees and we leave it as it is. Mother's Day weekend as Bob and RJ were outside planting, Bob felt an overwhelming Angelic presence of peace. He said it was so strong, that he stopped working and just stood still. RJ looks up from what he is planting and points to where Bob is standing and says, “Oh look it's Mozart's Angel." The Bible tells us that we host Angels unawares. We cannot see them, but they are around us. I believe God has allowed the Angel assigned to RJ to look like his beloved dog. When he sees the Angel he is not afraid, he is comforted. I give thanks for this Angel that keeps watch over my boy. God is good.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Normandy 70 Years Ago

This year marks an event that took place 70 years ago. D-Day was a horrific day for many. On that day, my husband's uncle was one of the many who arrived on the shores. He survived, but later became a prisoner of war. By God's grace one of the German cooks decided he liked Joe and would sneak a potato to him. This potato kept him alive until his unit was liberated from the Germans. Tonight, RJ's school, joined with another school, put on a dress rehearsal performance. They will be participating in an event in France commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It was a very moving performance and I am confident that when it is performed for our President, The Queen of England and many other Heads of State, they will be deeply moved. It was a very well done depiction of what took place. I'm glad RJ and Ross were there to see it. Once again, I find myself beyond thrilled with the school my son attends. God is good.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Call Me

Today Pastor Davis preached an immpassioned sermon. He preached from Psalms 91:14-16 and Psalms 50:15, his title was "Call Me". In Genesis 4:25 we read about Adam and Eve having another son, Enos. When he was born, man began to again, call on the name of the Lord. He was the begining of the preachers of rightousness. We read in Psalms 55:16, Psalms 18:3-6, Psalms 86:7 that no matter what is happening, when we call on God, he will hear us. Jonah called out to God from the belly of a whale, Peter called out to God from the raging sea and the three in the fire called out to God and he met them there. God delievred every one of them from their situation, because the called on the Lord. If we are going through something, and we do not call on the Lord, all bets are off. We must reach out to him, when we do, he will answer. When the church was first "born" it was in a prayer meeting. Now, we are lucky if everyone shows up when we call a prayer meeting. We must wake up. Romans 13:11 tells us that it is high time to awake up out of our sleep. Jesus is coming very soon, we need to be ready and alert. We must have our focus on God. The more we are in prayer with God, the more the victory we will have. When we call on God; he is our healer, provider and so much more. Whatever our situtaion is, God can fix it, we just neet to call on His name. God is good.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ice Cream Man

Every once in a while, we will hear the ice cream truck in our neighborhood. For reasons unknown to us, he never drives by our house and we end up running down the street to catch him. During Mother's Day weekend, we could hear the music and we started our dash to try and catch him. We were not able to get him, and a sad little boy returned to the house. Ross being the creative person he is, pulled on the best surprise for RJ. He came out of the house into the backyard with the sound of the ice cream truck playing on his phone. He had an Ice Cream man hat on his head (made from paper with a towel wrapped around it) and a box filled with the random ice cream bars that were in the freezer. RJ laughed and laughed. It was a very creative and wonderful idea to put a smile on a little boys face. We are very thankful Ross is here with us, he has done wonders for RJ and our family. God is good.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cynthia White-Gone Too Soon

Every once in a while we have the pleasure of having a missionary in our home. Last year around this time, Sis. Cynthia White came and stayed with us while she was raising funds to return to the place of her heart, Jordan. RJ had an immediate bond with her and they had a really good time. True to form, she poured her love for missions into my son. She left a forever mark in his heart. Quickly she raised her funding and was able to return to the country of Jordan. Recently she became ill and when RJ heard the news, he prayed for her faithfully every night. God was answering his prayers. She came out of the coma, she was talking and maybe she would be able to come to the USA for needed treatment. Then, this morning we heard unexpected news. Our beloved Cyndy had passed away. When I picked RJ up for our date, I was dreading telling him. On a daily basis, he would ask for an update on how she was doing. When I told him, he became very sad, climbed into my lap and cried. He felt like he failed her by not praying hard enough. I told him that many people were praying for her and that sometimes when God answers us, it's not how we expect. She no longer is in pain and she is in heaven. Our hearts are broken and his biggest sadness is that he has nothing to remember her by. We do have a picture of them together, and this hangs on his wall over his bed. Cyndy left a forever mark of love on my boys' heart. I have no doubt she left that same mark many, many more times in the hearts of the people of Jordan. May her life and death, not be in vain, but be an example to us. Love with all you have and give your all to what you love. Please say a prayer for her family, she was loved by many and tonight, there are many weeping hearts. God is good.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fellow Helpers

I am so happy to say that when RJ woke up this morning, the first words out of his mouth was," I feel fine, I want to go to school." Music to my ears. If you said a prayer, I thank you! Tonight at church we had guest speakers, The Brainos Family, missionaries to France. If you know my husband you would know that he lived in France for a time and one day wants to return. Bro. Brainos, first started out by explaining how we are fellow helpers in the work of Christ. When we pray for a missionary or give in our finances we play a part in the work they are doing. He then talked for a while about France and what they and others have been doing. We were very happy to hear the good report. There is a key in reaching people around you. Many people in this day and age have walls up and if you were to start to "preach" to them, they will walk away from you. If you pray for them, God can open their heart. He then touched on something that I learned while in Taiwan. When you become a servant and start meeting the needs, doors start to open. Something so simple, and act of kindness can bring down many walls. We are all missionaries to our community. It's so easy to focus on our problems and needs, but when we start to think on what we can do for others, the atmosphere changes. He encouraged us to be involved in service to our community. When we show compassion, we are sharing the love of Christ. The Brainos Family are good people and I am confident they have found the key that will open the heart of France. Who knows...maybe one day we will join them. God is good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


RESCUE ME...that's how I was feeling around 5ish this evening. RJ was not feeling better this morning and it was clear he needed to stay home. Thankfully, he is a well mannered child when he is sick and we get a lot of cuddling time in. Add in that I actually slept last night and well..I really have no reason to complain. Still, I was at that point where I looked in the mirror at my unbrushed hair and super tired face and in my mind hoped someone would come rescue me. I cooked dinner and when my husband mentioned he was going to go back to the office, I wanted to cry. I really, really needed to get out of the house. Thankfully, he is a good man and saw my distress and decided to stay home. Normally, I would say sure, and ask Ross to keep an eye on RJ, but this is a crucial week of college exams and he needs to study. When I want to get out of the house, I like to go to Target. As I walk up and down the aisles, coffee in hand, it's like therapy to me. I'm able to purchase needed household items, like toilet paper (we were on our last roll). An hour at Target and I am a new women again. When I arrived home, RJ was happily reading a book with his Daddy. Major bonus points for my husband tonight. My boy was still not feeling well when we tucked him into bed. He was crying because he's just so sick of all the boogies. I prayed for him and gave him a kiss. Hopefully, he will be much better in the morning..if not, I'm ready for another day. God is good.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joys and Trials

I remember when I used to dream about becoming a mom. When I found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled and enjoyed the ups and sort of enjoyed the downs of pregnancy. My son is now 6 years old and tonight, I'm wiped out exhausted. He woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. I kept him home today and tired as I was, tended to him. Tonight as he lay asleep, still not back to 100%, I watched his sweet face. He's a happy boy and I thanked God for him. Motherhood has it's joys and trials and even though I am totally beyond tired tonight, I wouldn't trade it for the world. God is good.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ocean Peace

Today after we dropped RJ off at school,my mom and I spent several hours watching the ocean waves roll in. It's been years since my mom has seen the Ocean, so it was a real treat for her. We both got a bit sunburned, but our quality time was worth it. I was sad to drop her off at the airport today, but I am confident I will see her again, at least once this summer. Growing up in California, I developed a deep love for the ocean. It was so peaceful today and after a brutal winter, it was especially wonderful to soak up the warmth of the sun. God is good.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014-Rested Ark

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. It has been so nice having my mom here with us. Church was great and Pastor Davis taught a very encouraging sermon from Genesis 8 entitled "The Ark Rested." When God created the human race it was so he could bless it and to have a companion. When Adam and Eve rebelled, they removed themselves from the blessings of God. Because of their rebellion, we are under a curse that causes us to continually seek after peace, love and joy. We have learned the art of putting on the happy face to hide the sorrow that is inside. God gave us a way to be removed from the curse and be in his blessings once again. Noah had to trust, believe and obey God. When he did this God delivered him and gave him a new promise. Noah was a righteous man and his story is an example to us. He had to go through the water to make it to a new life. We need to repent, be baptized and be filled with God's spirit to finally have the curse removed of sin from our lives. When the Ark landed, it landed on a place the means in the Hebrew, "The curse is reversed." When our lives are in line with Christ, the curse of this world can be reversed and we can find rest in God. When we rest in God, we cease to struggle. He is our rock and when we lay down in God's arms, we can find perfect peace and rest. No matter how hard the trial is, we can rest in God. I really appreciated his sermon today. I am resting on the solid rock, Christ Jesus. My mom growing up was a testimony of this to me. No matter how hard life would become, she always kept her faith in God. I learned by watching her that no matter how bad it may look, God will make a way. He always did. Now as a Mom, myself, I strive to teach my son that God will always make a way. Tomorrow my mom leaves and I am not looking forward to the goodbyes. I'm thankful for this wonderful time we have had together. God is good.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers and Rain

Every year for Mother's Day, RJ and Bob purchase flowers from the church plant sale. This year, Ross and my mom are with us and we had a lot of fun planting flowers. The sun came out and the weather was perfect. We were sitting on the back porch admiring the flowers, while Ross and RJ played in the hammock, when all of the sudden the sky filled with clouds and it began to pour! Ross and RJ stayed in the hammock with an umbrella, they were enjoying the spring rain. I love my flower filled backyard and am really enjoying my time with my mother. God is good.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Grandparent's Day 2014

Today my mom went to Grandparent's Day with RJ. They had a wonderful time and we have some good pictures for memory sake. I have to say we got a kick when each class sang a song that the Grandparents could relate to. RJ's class sang a Frank Sinatra song. They did a really good job. RJ and Ross are super happy she is here. There is nothing like a Grandmother's love. I'm super excited because it's Mother's Day weekend and tomorrow, rain or shine, we get to plant flowers together in my backyard. I love these simple life moments,they are precious to me. To add icing on our "cake" Bob arrived home early. My little family is whole again. God is good.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Power of Doctrine

Pastor taught on the "Power of Doctrine" from Acts 4:42. In this present day many of the Biblical teachings/words are no longer politically correct. People don't like to hear the words sin or hell spoken anymore. With today's modern thinking, the word doctrine is a bad word. You will hear to not preach doctrine just preach Jesus. What they don't realize is that Jesus is doctrine. Modern thinking wants to deconstruct tradition. God says, let God be true and every man a liar. Modern thinking rejects absolutes. God says it is wrong to lie. Modern thinking says that truth is relative. The Bible says truth is in Jesus. Modern thinking says the Bible is not the final truth. God says his word is the only way. Modern thinking promotes unrestricted inclusivism. Jesus says that only truth will save you. In reality doctrine is not a bad word, it saves you. We must have a determination that no matter what happens, we will stand strong on God's word and truth, even when it makes us stand out. There are several common objectives to doctrine. 1) Doctrine is divisive. Matthew 10:34-36 tells us that truth does divided, it divides the saved from the lots. 2) Don’t teach doctrine because it's dead, dry, boring and irrelevant. John 5:39 tells us that doctrine brings life. 3) We don't preach doctrine because you can have the wrong spirit. You can preach doctrine and be right in spirit. 4) It doesn't matter who you believe. Luke 6:46 tells us that you can't follow Jesus if you don't obey him. 5) Experience is more important than doctrine. Galatians 1:8 tells us that you must have a sound doctrine. You cannot build a belief based on experience alone. When doctrine is taught change comes. Doctrine is linked to 3 things. 1) Leaven- Matthew 16:6-12: It can be good or bad and it has the ability to affect the way you live. 2) Wind-Ephesians 4:14: What you believe will carry you in the direction you take in life. 3) Rain-Deuteronomy 32:2: Elements of doctrine can sustain you spiritually. Doctrine must be sound, scriptural and obeyed. In many things given to us, we are not expected to understand, we are expected by God to obey and trust him. On a side note, my mom arrived safely and we are so happy she is here! God is good.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mother is Coming

Needless to say, we are just a bit excited that my mom is coming tomorrow. We are praying that the weather cooperates and her flight is not delayed. RJ is so excited he had a hard time falling asleep. This weekend is going to be super special because I have not been able to celebrate Mother's Day with her in at least 10 years. To make it even better it's also Grandparent's Day on Friday at RJ's school. It's going to be a wonderful weekend and we are all looking forward to being with her. God is good.

When Daddy's Away

Apparently as I was tucking RJ into bed, I fell asleep too. In my head I was writing my blog for the night and woke up to realize that I was dreaming I was writing my blog and not actually doing it. It's midnight, but since I am awake, I will blog anyway. I hope you enjoy it. When Daddy is away we eat Lucky Charms for breakfast. When Daddy is away we have breakfast for dinner. When Daddy is away, we cuddle a little more. When Daddy is away, we go and play and mommy tries to not cook dinner. When Daddy is away, by the 2nd day, we start to really miss him. When Daddy is away,we start to count down the days till he returns, the second he leaves. When Daddy is away, we can hardly sleep the night he's coming home, because we are so excited. When Daddy is away, we are a little late for school the morning he's home, so we can cuddle a little longer. When Daddy is away, we miss him a lot. God is good.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Tearful Goodbye and Hopeful Hello

This morning was a double whammy for RJ. He kissed his daddy goodbye as he left for another business trip (he barely came back on Thursday night) and also kissed his Auntie Tara goodbye this morning. He was so sad in the car and cried on the way to school. I heard he cried at school too..he says it was over a papercut, but I know better. It's hard enough when his dad goes on a lot of business trips, but saying goodbye to his Aunt who he hardly gets to see, that was even worse. I won't lie, when I got home, I cried too. I love living in NY and I have a happy home..there are days though, when I miss my family. I'm thankful for his school, which is a happy place for RJ. Tonight as we went to sleep, we reminded each other that on Thursday Ima (my mom) is coming and that is something happy to look forward to. We are counting down the days until she arrives and not allowing ourselves to think about goodbyes. God is good.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

An Unexpected Churchman

Today we had a guest speaker, Rev. Carlton Coon. He preached on "An Unexpected Churchman." He pointed out how everyone was shouting and worshiping the Lord during the service today. Everyone looks so well put together and it would seem they would never have had an unfortunate background. We really are all sinners saved by grace. Everyone has a story to tell that would indicate without God's grace, we may not be someone others want to be around. We are all an unexpected churchman. He then talked read about Obed Edom from 2nd Samuel chapter 6. When David was bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to Israel, one of the men touched it and died. David stopped where they were at and placed the Ark in the home of Obed Edom, until he knew what to do next. Obed was originally from Gath, the Philistines. He was at one time an enemy of the Israelites. The Ark was placed in his home and during the time it was there, God blessed him and his family. Being around the presence of God, caused him to want to continue to be in the presence if God. He went from being an enemy of God to one who worshiped and served God, he became an unexpected churchman. We are all sinners saved by God's grace. Our life story would not indicate that we would one day by a churchman. It was a good service. Today was our last day with Tara, tomorrow, she will leave. We are sad to see her go. God is good.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Waterfall and Flowers

Today we took Tara to the city. We decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial site. The cascading waterfalls located in the spot where each twin tower once stood,were beautiful. As we stood at the tower spot where my husband used to visit on a regular basis, we became very reflective. If my husband had been there that day or if he had obtained an office in the building like he always dreamed, he may not have been standing there alive. I wouldn't have my wonderful RJ. I wanted to cry. I stood there and gave silent thanks to God for my husband and my little boy. My heart grieved for the loved ones of every name listed. We decided we needed to go from there to somewhere that was beautiful and full of life. There is a wonderful place called The Highline that goes through parts of the city. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for a walk on The Highline. When we arrived, we were rewarded with such beauty! The flowers and trees were breathtaking, it was a wonderful reminder that life is in full bloom. It was a lovely day and I'm thankful for the beauty of Spring. God is good.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Happy Days

This past week has been great. It's funny I say that since, my boy had to undergo a dental operation on his mouth. Tara has been here with us and she made it fun despite that fact we were at a dentist office! As I type she and RJ are watching a movie together. He has really enjoyed his time with her. I will be sad when she leaves on Monday. I wish I could keep her here forever..but I know there are others who will miss her. I'm thankful for this time we have had and even though we have not done much of the touristy stuff, we have had a great time. God is good.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

4 Things that Jesus Changes

Tonight Pastor Davis taught on "4 Things that Jesus Changes”. His scriptures were based from Matthew 7:21, Luke 6:46 and I John 2:3. Of course there are many things that change within us when Jesus comes into our life, he just focused on 4. 1) Jesus changes our condition. Before give our life to Jesus, our mind and body is contrary to God. When His spirit is within us, we go from being lost to being redeemed. We change from being an enemy of God, to becoming a son/daughter of God. 2) Jesus changes our character. When you are filled with God's spirit you are given power to activate your spiritual nature. Whatever you feed the most will be the strongest. If you fill your life with fleshly things, your flesh will be strong, if you fill your life with things of God, your spirit will be strong. 3) Jesus changes your conduct. When Jesus is in your life, your lifestyle will change. Once we give our life to God, we need to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. There are too many who say they are Christians, yet they act just like those who say they are not Christians. We need to be separate and live in manner that is pleasing to the Lord. Pastor Davis gave several scriptures to cover this. Ephesians 4:22-24,I Timothy 4:12, I Peter 1:15-16, II Peter 3:11. 4) Jesus changes our confidence. No matter what happens, Jesus is going to bring us through. The answer to all situations is Jesus. God is good.