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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ballroom Happy

RJ woke up thrilled that the tooth fairy came while he was asleep. There was a trail of glitter and it led to a little box with money and a shiny gold coin. He was so excited and happy. I was happy to see him smiling and not in pain. Tara and I took him to school and when we arrived, discovered there was going to be a Ballroom Dance practice session from the 3rd and 4th grade students. We decided to stay and watch and really enjoyed the show. When we first arrived at the school, RJ was embarrassed to open his mouth. He thought the kids might say something to him about his silver teeth. I assured him, they were far enough in the back, that they wouldn't notice and if they did, they didn't look bad at all. By the end of the assembly I could see him in his seat rocking to the music and happy once again. When we picked him up from school, he was full of energy and super happy. Once again, I am thankful for his school, it's a very happy place for him. Our time with Tara has been wonderful and I'm soaking it up as much as I can. God is good.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pirate Teeth

Today we took RJ in to for a dental surgery. He needed to be put to sleep for all the work they had to do and we were a bit nervous about it. He did great. The whole entire team at the dentist office was amazing. I can't say enough good things about them. I'm thankful Tara was there with me, she kept me calm. When RJ was given the "Happy Juice" to help him fall asleep, he was making all kinds of jokes. The sleepier he became, the funnier he would get. He was talking about wanting to go to Disneyland and then giving Tara high fives with his feet. I'm so thankful it was not a traumatic experience for him. Two teeth pulled and two silver caps later, he was placed in my arm, still sedated. When he fell asleep the last face he saw was mine and when he awoke the first face he saw was mine. It was a smooth transition and all went well. Today when he got home, he wanted to look in the mirror and inspect his new pirate teeth, and he was delighted. The tooth fairy is going to come tonight for the two teeth that were pulled. I have to say, he was very brave and deserves lots of hugs and kisses for being so good. I'm blessed with a wonderful little boy. God is good.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Books and Laughter

Today my sister Tara arrived and there was one very happy little boy named RJ. He loves his Aunt Tara. She opened her suitcase and all the books Aunt Kala sent spilled out onto the floor. She finds the silliest books and he was so excited and laughing at their titles. There were other presents from his Nana and cousin Tally..and of course I can't forget his cousin Alexis..she sent a really cool rainbow crayon creation. I let him stay up a bit later than normal because he wanted to read his books and of course because his Aunt had just arrived. Tomorrow is a big day for us. RJ will be having major dental work done on his mouth. Due to the amount of work needed, he will need to be put to sleep. We prayed for him and are confident all will go well. I'm so glad Tara will be here with us during this time. I am mommy and I will be nervous, she will be calm and peaceful..exactly what RJ will need. Her arrival couldn't have been at a more perfect time. We are looking forward to a week of laughter and happy memories. God is good.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Afar Off

Today Bro. Jonathan Walker preached a compelling sermon, entitled, "Afar Off". His main scripture was Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. He talked about how Jesus died on the cross, his dying on the cross paid for everything. Jesus was the advocate for our sins at our life trial. Before Jesus died on the cross, the Jews built their camps around the Holy of Holies. They made sure they were far from the location because it was a holy place that could not be defiled. When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the Holy of Holies was ripped from top to bottom. This was to show us that almighty God was coming down to us on earth. We no longer need to be afar off from him, we could now be close to him. We must have the blood of Christ applied to our lives, be baptized in his name and filled with his spirit. When this is done, we can boldly approach the throne room of God (Hebrews 10:19-20). When we have an indwelling of God's spirit we have full access to him. In this day and age if we are not careful, we can be present in body in an atmosphere where God is, but not in spirit. We can drift away from God and be afar off. We need to make sure we are keeping Jesus the center of our lives. When he is the center, we are close to him. Bro. Jonathan gave the example of Peter and how he followed Jesus, yet when temptation came, he denied Christ. God gave him a second chance and 50 days later, he preached to those from afar off about the plan of salvation (Acts 2). Peter was redeemed and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who before Christ died had to stay at a distance from God's presence. Now, they no longer needed to stay afar off, they could have the spirit of God dwelling within them. You can never go too far, that God will not reach to where you are (Revelation 22:17). God is good.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Beauty

One of the wonderful things about living on Long Island is how beautiful it becomes during Spring time. The explosion of color is at times breath taking. Since RJ was born, we have observed this Spring Beauty on full display every Arbor Day, at Planting Fields Arboretum. The abundance of Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias bursting forth are a sight to behold. RJ has a rock he loves to climb, which happens to be in the middle of all these trees. Every year the rock gets smaller and he gets taller. We love attending this event and today the sunshine came out long enough for us to enjoy this event. After a rough winter, I am so thankful for the beauty we beheld today. God is good.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Banana Split

The other day during our dinner conversation, we realized that RJ had never had a Banana Split. We decided that instead of going to our regular place on our date day, we would go to Baskin Robbins and RJ would have his first Banana Split. He didn't take long to pick out the flavors he wanted, chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry and I got to pick world class chocolate (which he didn't like). He was so excited and enjoyed every bite. Before I knew it, my 6 year old managed to eat almost an entire banana split. I was shocked. When he took his last bite, he declared that it was amazing and waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than frozen yogurt. To top it all off tonight as Bob was tucking him into bed, he said, "That Banana Split sure refreshed me." God is good.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seeing the Invisible

I really, really, really appreciated Pastor Davis' lesson tonight. He entitled it "Seeing the Invisible" and his main text was from James 1:9-12. We are going to have to endure some "stuff" and are going to be tried. If we do not have a test, we will not have a crown. The crown of life will be given to those who overcome. In II Corinthians 4:16-18 we read about not to faint and give up. There are things that we cannot see. There is an invisible world and invisible things are eternal. What can see with our natural eye will fade away, but the things that we cannot see will last for eternity. There are 3 truths about trouble. 1) Trouble is certain and you cannot avoid it. 2) Trouble is no respecter of persons. You don't have trouble because you are a Christian. All good things happen to you because of the grace of God. The favor of God is different than the blessings of God. 3) Trouble has a purpose. Problems purify our faith. We gain faith by exorcising it. Wealth is not a solver of problems. All the money in the world cannot cure cancer or give you peace. Trouble brings the reality that we need to be totally dependent on God. God is no respecter of persons, we are equal in God's eyes. The truth of a poor Christian is that you are to rejoice in your wealth in Christ. If you are not rich, you are not be jealous of a man who has a lot of money. If you are rich and have a lot of money, your riches need to humble you. When you die, your money will not go with you. Do not put your hope in your possession, for just as quickly as you gained them, you could lose them. The real treasure are the things you cannot see. The unseen world is a real world. Everything that is visible has a spiritual counterpart. These things run parallel. There are creatures/angels that we cannot see with the natural eye. They are very real. The Lord gives Angels charge over us, they are ministering spirits to the body of Christ. They were created as a resource for us. Pastor admonished us to not get caught up on trying to figure out Angels and see them. We need to leave that with God. The devil is a fallen angel and there were some that fell with him. However, there are many more who did not. You, as a Christian, have more on your side. The question is asked on how do we endure trouble. We are to keep our focus on Jesus Christ and not on the troubles around us. When we focus on the visible world, we will become depressed and overwhelmed. When we focus on the unseen, we gain strength and are able to endure. We all have troubles, they won't last for long and if you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will make it through. God is good.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Cycles

Today we attended the 1st grade assembly at RJ's school. The children have been practicing for months for their play called Life Cycles. Their costumes were adorable and of course I'm going to be biased and say RJ looked the cutest in his little fish costume. Truly, they did a great job with their songs and all the words they had to learn. The lines were funny and the children were adorable. I'm so happy with how well RJ is doing in 1st grade and give thanks that he is attending this school. Every day is a happy day for him, for he goes to a happy place. God is good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Case of the Missing Pants

So..while I was waiting for RJ to come home from school today, I received an email informing me that RJ had lost his pants and one sock. I sat there perplexed wondering how in the world my 6 year old managed to lose his pants and what was he wearing in their place. Thankfully he had his school sweat pants in his locker, so when he got off the bus, he was wearing them. He looked so funny because his pants were on backwards and he only had one sock on. By the end of the day, I had the full story. He was changing for play practice and instead of putting them in his locker, he threw them on the floor. Apparently, so did all the boys and when he came back to change there was a sea of Khaki pants in the middle of the floor. I am confident, tomorrow, we will find the missing pants. God is good.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Roasted Peeps

Today when RJ saw his teacher at school and was asked how his break was, he enthusiastically declared it was the best Easter of his whole life. I was very happy to hear him say this. I guess for a 6 year old, he did have a pretty amazing week. He was able to play several times with his best buddy. To top it off he had two easter candy hunts and the candy tree in Grammy's back yard bloomed again this year! Time in New Jersey is always good for RJ, it helps to take the city boy out of him. He was very adventurous this trip, he and his cousins were rolling down the hill in trash cans...he has the bruises to prove it. I would say he is getting braver. To top it all off, at the end of a wonderful fun filled day, the boys roasted peeps over the fire. He declared they were delicious. Next year, I think I shall have to try one. God is good.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Today we attended our Resurrection Sunday service at Solid Rock UPC with my Mother in law. RJ was super happy to have his Grammy as his Sunday School teacher. We all dressed in our Sundays best. We even got Ross to wear a purple shirt, he looked very handsome. Pastor Hanscom preached an impassioned sermon about the empty tomb. When you see the empty tomb, what do you see? I see that my Savior is alive!  After church we stopped by my Father-in-laws grave to pay our respects. I miss him a great deal. Once we were in play clothes, RJ had a wonderful time planting flowers with Grammy. It was a peaceful day filled with Gods grace. God is good.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today the boys cleaned up all the leaves in the yard and took care of things around the house. We ended the day with a dinner of Lamb. It was a nice day and I hope a day of rest for my mother in law. As I write this I am thinking of another Lamb. A Lamb who died On a cross for me. Tomorrow most Christians will celebrate the resurrection of the Lamb of God, Jesus.  He was wounded,died and rose against that you and I would have a chance for eternal life. I do my best to be kind to try to be like Jesus. I have a long way to go. I'm thankful for every day that he gives me breath, it's a another  chance to be forgiven and covered by his blood. What can wash away my sins..nothing but the blood of Jesus. God is good. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Rugged Cross

Today is known as Good Friday. This is the day that followers of Christ acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on a cross for us so that we may be forgiven of our sins. He became the lamb for the slaughter. Tonight we attended a communion service with my mother in law. Pastor Hanscom perched a compelling sermon on the cross. How far would you go to get to Christ. Jesus gave the ultimate gift, his life. What will you do to follow him? What will you take on to serve him? Sometimes the road to Jesus is not an easy road, if you are asked to walk it to get to Jesus will you walk it? Above all else, I must be saved. I cherish the cross that Jesus died on, I cherish more my savior who died upon it. God is good.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Special Gift

My husband has a ukulele that he's had since he was a little boy. It's very special to him because his dad gave it to him and taught him how to play it. Over the years if it needed to be adjusted or repaired his dad would always fix it. Recently something happened and one of the strings just didn't sound right. He was very sad because he couldn't take it to his dad to have it fixed. It has sat unplayed for a while and I decided to try and find someone who could fix it and give it to him as an Easter gift. Yesterday I found someone and when I told him the story, he kindly fixed it for free. I gave Bob his gift early and watched him play with tears in his eyes the songs his dad taught him as a boy. I'm thankful that my husband has something he can hold that connects him to his dad with the pluck of a string. God is good. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today we had what I would call a Sprinter Day. When I awoke and looked out to the backyard, I was amazed to see the ground was coverd in ice and snow. The sun was shining brightly and it looked like it was going to slowly warm up. I decided to call it Sprinter. We had a mixture of Spring and Winter all at once. Thankfully it's going to warm up again and I am looking forward to another happy Spring Break day tomorrow with RJ. God is good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hurting to Heaven

Tonight in our Bible reading, we read from Matthew chapter 18. RJ is sitting there listening and then says “OH, I get it you have to get hurt to go to heaven.“ Bob replied, “It’s better to go to heaven hurt, then to go to hell not hurt." RJ replied, “Well I guess I'm going to heaven, because I get hurt all the time." I know he was talking about getting hurt, like bumping into something, but he is also very sensitive and takes things to heart. Sometimes we get "hurt" and we have a choice, we can put walls up and be bitter or take the walls down. Making the choice of forgiving 70 times 7 may mean you will get hurt, but when you get to heaven, you won't hurt anymore. God is good.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Last night I mentioned that RJ's tooth fell out. When he went to bed he put his tooth under his pillow. This morning I was awakened by a very excited boy. The tooth fairy had come and replaced his tooth with a $5.00 bill and a gold dollar coin. (Yes..there was a math lesson thrown in there..five plus one makes six.) He was more excited about all the fairy glitter she must have left behind, because there was as trail on the floor that led right to where his tooth had been placed. He's growing up quickly and it made me so happy to see that he is still young enough to be excited about the tooth fairy. God is good.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Touching Jesus and Milestone

Today we had a guest speaker. Bro. Maki gave a compassionate sermon on touching Jesus. He preached from Matthew 11:12. He gave several examples from the Bible when it talks about people breaking out and being bold in their approach to God. When we need a miracle from God, good enough is not enough, there is no half way with God. When we show God our desperation and cry out to him, he hears and answers. Sometimes we have to fight through a crowd or shout out for him to hear us, when he does, he is moved with compassion on our behalf. No matter what is going on in your life, touching Jesus is all that really matters. The alters were full when he finished. Later today while at home, RJ was eating some banana chips and wallah, his first tooth fell out. I will admit I was very teary eyed. This was one major milestone that takes him from being a baby to a boy. From his glasses to now one less of a tooth, the little baby I used to rock is rapidly disappearing. He's excited and has put his tooth under his pillow. He's skeptical about the tooth fairy and is pretty much convinced there is no such thing..but just in case put it under his pillow anyway. Tomorrow we will see what is under his pillow. God is good.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


This weekend my husband went away for a men's retreat. When we spoke he told me he was having a great time. I was super happy to hear this. While he was away I stayed home to clean and Ross took RJ along with our dog Mozart to Old Westbury Gardens for "Dog Day". They spent hours running around outside in the beautiufl sunshine. As the evening was arriving, I was surprised by my husband's early arrival. He missed me and decided to come home early and take me on a date. It's wonderful to know that we still like being together and he still courts me. I thank God for a man who loves me. God is good.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Flowers and Friends

RJ asked me last night if I we could pick up flowers in the morning for his Teacher. He wanted to give her flowers, just because and I think as an Easter gift. When he brought the flowers in to her this morning and I saw her reaction, it made my mommy heart soar. His teacher is amazing and I feel blessed that she has been such a great influence on his life. I have watched him blossom under her tender loving care and she deserves so much more than flowers. A teacher can have a lasting impression on a child, it can be positive or negative. I'm so thankful that 1st grade has been an amazing year for RJ. The entire staff at his school is amazing. We ended our night at his best buddies house and they played until they were both about to drop. I'm thankful for this simple and peaceful day today. God is good.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


I have had two songs on my mind over the past 24 hours. I want to share them with you. The first is called " He Will Carry You": There is no problem too big God cannot solve it. There is no mountain too tall God cannot move it. There is no storm too dark God cannot calm it. There is no sorrow too deep He cannot soothe it. If He carries the weight of the world upon His shoulders I know my brother that He will carry you, if He carries the weight of the world upon His shoulders I know my sister that He will carry you. He said, "Come on to me all who are weary And I will give you rest, rest, rest, rest. You can listen to it here. The other song is " More Of You". More of you, more of you. I've had all but what I need, just more of you. Of things I've had my fill. And yet, I hunger still, Empty and bare. Lord hear my prayer. For more of you. You can listen to it here. I rest in my savior, He is truly all I need. God is good.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

70 times 7

I have been thinking on a portion in the Bible that talks about forgiveness. In fact all day I have had 70 times 7 going through my mind. It says in Matthew 18:22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven. What Jesus is referring to is forgiveness. Many times we are faced with something and we think we are over it, or have overcome it and then it's in your face again. We are given the choice to be bitter or to forgive. I believe Jesus was saying this because there will be times that we will need to continually forgive for the same situation. Holding a hurt inside and staying focused on it, will only lead to bitterness. This bitterness becomes a chain that keeps you from being free. I'm on a journey of 70 times 7 and God is helping me to do it. For every times 7 of forgiveness, the lighter I feel and the more free I become. I want to go to Heaven, I want to live a joyful and victorious life. So, I will forgive 70 times 7 and allow Jesus to be my perfect peace.God is good.

Monday, April 07, 2014


From the time RJ was around 2 months old he has had piggie. Piggie is a bean bag pig that used to be mine. One day while we were giving him random toys to play with, when he saw piggie that was it. I believe I have talked about piggie before. Tonight when it was bed time, we could not find piggie. As we said our nighttime prayers, he prayed that we would somehow find piggie. Bob tucked him into bed while Ross and I looked all over the house, for piggie. I decided to look through the couch one more time and wallah, there was piggie. Piggie was tucked in between the couch pillows. I'm thankful that we found piggie and RJ is happily asleep. It's the little things in life to be thankful for. God is good.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Charged Atmosphere

How do I describe today's church service? How do I describe the atmosphere? We had a guest speaker, Bro. Hagan. I was thinking when church started that he may not get to preach. There was a sense of freedom of worship in the atmosphere and from the first song it was electrified. By the time the choir was in their last song, the place was going wild. I am sure that people were healed, physically and emotionally. I believe restoration took place and the miraculous was made manifest. When Bro. Hagan went up to preach, he just stood there and you could tell he was trying to figure out what to do. We like to worship at Bethel, but today, well today was above normal. I think he could feel that and went with the flow. He had us pray together and worship our way to victory. It's in times like these, that God can change a heart and mind. It's in the atmosphere like today that God shows himself to be real, that one who was going to give up, decides to hang in there. I watched with joy as my nephew worshiped with all his heart. I'm thankful he is with us. Most of all I'm thankful to be in the presence of the Lord and to worship him freely. God is good.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Puppet's, Showers and Daddy Day

It's been a busy weekend and we are not even to Sunday yet. Last night I attended a Kid's Church meeting and had a lot of fun, maybe too much fun, greeting everyone as a puppet. I like them, I get to act silly and get away with it. This morning, I was able to be a part of a surprise Bridal Shower for a young lady at our church. It was a lovely time of fellowship. Then, I was a puppet again to greet for today's Kids Church meeting. While all this was taking place, Bob took RJ out for a Daddy day. It has been a blessed day filled with peace. Living for God is fun, it can be if you let it be. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will be in church, I'm looking forward to what God has in store. God is good.

Friday, April 04, 2014


Today RJ wore his glasses to school. He was a bit nervous and I was glad to see the kids were not making a big deal about it when he arrived. I learned later that one of the teachers wore his glasses and they took a picture together. I'm amazed at the love and care they have for the students. This school year has been a wonderful one for RJ. I am forever grateful to them for all they have done. His first day at school with his glasses has been a good one and I know we will not have any troubles getting him to wear them. I thank God for his school teachers and church teachers who said a kind word to him. God is good.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Beauty of the Journey

Tonight we had guest missionaries as our speaker. Bro and Sis Sponsler have been missionaries to Argentina for the past 7 years. They have been missionaries to South America for many years. In the beginning he spoke about how God is doing great things in Argentina and there are many miracles taking place. He told a story about two elderly ladies that came to the church. One had a growth and had been told by doctors to go home and die. The other had broken ribs and because she didn't have money for health care, they did not treat her. After they both were baptized, they were healed! After telling us this,his wife showed us how they take a cow’s hoof and make it into a type of coffee mug. She was very funny. Then Bro. Sponsler got up to preach. Not only was he an outstanding preacher, he was hilarious. I laughed until my sides hurt and tears were streaming down my face. His stories were so funny. I wish I could repeat them, but there is no way I can tell them the way he did. I can share with you his sermon, entitled “The Beauty of the Journey". He preached from II Timothy 4:7. There are two ways we can travel. We can rush and pass everything by in a hurry to reach our destination or we can take our time and enjoy the ride. We can stop and see all that there is to see and learn from it. You can go through life one trial to another or from glory to glory. He then gave us 4 ways to enjoy the journey. 1) Know who you are traveling with. You can come to church sit on a pew and not know God. When you are filled with his spirit and baptized in his name, you take him into your life. It goes beyond that, you need a one on one relationship with God, beyond the church walls. 2) Get rid of excess baggage. Dump the weights that easily drag you down. 3) You Gotta know that everything is going to be all right. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You need to remember the good things outweigh the bad things. Sometimes life just happens. I didn't hear him say the 4th one. I will say this, it was wonderful to laugh and be reminded to slow down and enjoy this journey we are on. Our goal it to make it to heaven. He mentioned a song called “I Feel Like Traveling On" We used to sing that song a lot when I was a child. To hear it, click here. God is good.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fools Day and Glasses

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. RJ learned about it last year and couldn't wait for it to come. He took a pack of fake gum to "give" to the teachers and a rubber pencil. This pencil was so authentic looking that Bob even fell for it. Needless to say, he had a lot of fun with this day. It's looking like RJ will have his glasses by Friday. His teacher along with another upper grade teacher brought in a book about wearing glasses. The book came along with some silly paper glasses and I have to say they looked so cute. I'm deeply appreciative of how much the teachers care about the students. This entire school year has been positive for RJ and we are so thankful that still to this day, he can't wait to go to school. God is good.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Earth Groanings

I have talked about this before in my blog and I want to touch on it again. We read in Luke 21:11 (NIV) There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. If you have read,listened to or watched the most recent news you are aware that California has been having some major earthquake activity. As I write Chile, just experienced an 8.1 earthquake and is anticipating a Tsunami to follow. Weather all over the world has had record breaking situations. In New York we have had so much snow, that people are scratching their heads, wondering what is going on. For those who scoff at the Bible, I say to them, scoff no more. For those who once believed in God and have decided it was not worth the price, I say think again. The earth we live on is shouting out for us to prepare ourselves. We know God is going to come as a thief in the night. I sound the alarm to you, wake up, pay attention! Jesus is coming back. To the Christian I say put on your full armour for you will be challenged. Just as the earth groans, nations, your famil and your friends are going to turn on you. Stand fast, hold to the truth and sell it not...for soon God is coming. Pray for your Nations..pray for your family, most of all keep your soul ready to be with the Lord. God is good.