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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Unexpected Snow

This morning as I was preparing my coffee, I looked out the window to discover that it was snowing. If it had been April 1st, I would have thought it was God playing an April Fools joke on New York. However, I take it as March being determined to stay in Lion phase. However, at the end of the day, the snow had melted and the sun was shining. I'm looking forward to the color and birth of Spring. God is good.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Restoration in the Valley

Our time in NJ has come to a close and we are now headed home. Pastor Hanscom preached a passionate sermon to the lost about the importance of needing the Hoy Ghost. During service I was thinking about times when we go through our valley. David wrote about it in the 23rd Psalm. Several Sundays ago Bishop talked about how when in the valley it is there that God can restore our soul. The valley is necessary and even though it can be a painful time it becomes a place of restoration. Remember at the end of your valley there is a mountain. It's either a mountain that needs to be moved by faith or a mountain you will climb to victory. Either way you need refreshing in the valley to make it to your victory. God is near you in the valley. Reach out to him as he will restore your soul. Stay focussed and you will make it out of the valley restored and ready for your mountain. God is good.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skating Cheeseburger

Since this weekend was a spontaneous one and a rainy one too,outside play was limited. Bob decided to take RJ and Joe Joe roller skating. I was going to send a shout out to all the cousins and ask them to join but realized my phone was in the car with Bob and I was at the I couldn't tell the others. When they returned RJ was pretty excited because he won 1st place in the skating race. I'm thinking this is a month of firsts for him. My mother in law wanted to have dinner at McDonald's so driving through the rain we went and enjoyed our fast food. As I write RJ is cuddled up to  Grammy as she reads him a story from the Bible. Precious moments to be treasured for a lifetime. God is good.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring in the Air

We decided to come down to New Jersey for the weekend.  Grammy had made her yummy pancakes and while Bob and I went out on a date he and Grammy had some quality time together. I can smell Spring in the air and I'm excited at the prospect of no winter for a while. God is good.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Learning Contentment

Tonight Pastor Davis taught a lesson entitled "Learning Contentment" based from Philippians 4:10-23 and I Timothy 6:6-8. Paul was the first official missionary and he was talking to the church about being content. A study was done where participants were asked how many things they would need to be content. In the year 1900 the participants listed 16 things they would need. In the year 2000 this same study was given and the answer was 98 things were needed to be content. Many times we are searching for a "Happiness High". The thrill only lasts for a while and you need to seek for more. Our nature is to want more. The secret to contentment is something that has to be learned. Paul had learned in order to be content with what one has, your contentment can't change due to your circumstances. Possessions and money do not bring contentment. Greed and covetousness are the parents of unhappiness. If you are not careful your pursuits of money can possess you. There is nothing wrong with having money, it is just important to make sure that money does not rule you. Contentment comes with knowing that with Jesus Christ in your life, you will have want of nothing for he is with you always. There are many ways to make sure you are not content. Pastor listed 10, but I was not able to get all of them. Here are some: 1 . Always rejoice in the gift and never the giver. 2. Always look at the negative. 3. Never think of the needs of others. 4. Never rely on God. If you do those things you will never reach the state of being content. You will in fact never realize what you had until it is gone. Philippians 4:13 tells us that with Christ in our life, we will have the strength to be content no matter where we are in life. God is with us in both the blessings and the hardships. We can maintain and be content because God gives us the strength to do so, no matter what is taking place in our life. Giving is a core principle of God. Whatever you give, is stored in heaven. God will supply all your needs. We need to trust God that he never fails and give generously to the kingdom of God. God is good.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wind and No Bomb

Yesterday I did not blog because I was not feeling well. In fact I went to sleep before our Home Group even started and slept until my alarm went off this morning. I'm still a bit under the weather, but am sure I will pull out of this soon. Speaking of weather, we were supposed to have a snow storm last night and I am so thankful that all we received was a little snow dust. We do however have some strong winds blowing outside. They are so strong you can hear the wail of the wind and every once in a while the windows rattle. As we did our family prayers, I asked God to keep us safe from the wind. When RJ's time came he decided to take it a step further and pray that no bombs go off on the side of our house. I guess it's good to keep all your bases covered, so yes RJ, I agree, not only do I not want any damage from the wind, I do not want any bombs to go off near my house. God is good.

Monday, March 24, 2014

2 Frames and a Smoke Screen

We have been partaking in the long process of finding glasses for RJ. It's been a bit tedious, but today we had sucess. When he found the frames he liked, we had a hard time getting him to leave them at the store. This is a good thing since at the beginning the thought of wearing glasses was not a happy one for him. He made a comment that they didn't seem to change his vision. The lady who worked there told him that's because they are like a smoke screen. The lenses are just glass, they are not meant to change your vision. It was an ahah moment for me. How many times do things look good,and seem to be ok, yet they are really a smoke screen. You think what you have is real, but you are being fooled. This world has a lot to place before us and at firts it seems ok, but after a while you realize it's not what it seems. I have been in church my whole life and it seems that more and more people are chosing a smoke screen that looks good. I choose the real lenses that when I put them on, I see how Jesus wants me to see. God is good.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Too Far To Turn Back

Pastor Davis preached a really, really, really good sermon today. His title was " I have come to far to turn back now." He preached from Hebrews 10:32-35. In today's modern world there is a spirit like that of Job's wife that calls people to give up and quit. When things become rough instead of perservearing, they give up and walk away. We live in a time where we want everything now. If it's not instant we do not want to wait for it. When you have been living for God for many years we can become tempted to give up and quit. Sometimes we go through painful things and we get tired of always doing the right thing, yet if we hang on joy will come from the Lord. Romans 14:17 tell us that in the Kingdom of God there is rightousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost. Philllipians 4:4 tells us to rejoice in the lord always. That means to rejoice in God no matter what is going on in your life. You have a choice on if you want to stay in the jail of depression due to what is going on around you, or you can break your way out of jail by prasing your way to victory. If you are filled with the Holy Ghost you do not need to be walking arund with your head down. Let the joy of the Lord be your smile and strength. Remember your trials are only a test, God will get you through it. When things become tough, don't draw back, don't give up. When God tells you to move forward towards a door and when you get there the door is shut, don't walk away, stand at the door and wait. No matter what is coming at you in life, just stay in the race, don't give up. A long time ago our choir sang a song with Dan Willis called Stay In The Race. I found a clip on youtube of a choir singing the song. Click here or here to listen to the song. I challeng you to stay in the race, you have come to far in your walk with God to give up now. God is good.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1st Place

RJ entered a contest at The Aviation Museum. The requirements were to build a robot out of recyled materials. He worked very hard on his robot. We were super proud of him for finishing it and entering it in the contest. This morning everyone who made a robot was asked to attend an awards ceremony at the museum. We looked at all the robots and were amazed at how creative everyone was. When the time came to announce the winners for the Pre-K to first grade contestents, RJ had my arms wrapped around him while he waited to hear if he placed. When they called his name out as the first place winner, his reaction was priceless. He sat in stunned disbelief. He couldn't believe that he had won first place. We are super proud of our boy and are glad to see him recieve a reward for his hard work. His robot will be on display for the week at the Museum and then will come back home with us. It has been exciting weekend from medals, to first place prizes. We ended our day celebrating a birthday with his best friend. Overal it has been a wonderful weekend. God is good.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chess Sportmanship

RJ it seems does not really have a knack for athletics. I am not surprised at this since neither Bob nor I were ever good at sports. In fact both of us were the last to be picked for any team when RJ came home telling us he's not so great, we were able to comfort him. However, he is good with his mind. The school he attends participates in an annual chess tournament. He decided to attempt to compete in tonight's event. He is only 6 years old and literally has never competed in anything like this. I was not sure how this was going to turn out since being an only child, he really doesn't have to deal with losing to anyone. Right off the bat I was impressed with all the kids that showed up to compete. These kids LOVE to play chess. Ross was there with us and he sat down for a practice run with RJ..I'm glad because I have no idea how to play chess. RJ didn't win any of his matches. The first two he cried at the end and wanted to give up. His wonderful chess coach (they teach chess weekly at his school) got down eye to eye with RJ and encouraged him to not give up. I watched my little 6 year old boy become totally immersed in the game and play pretty well for a first timer. He didn't win a trophy, but he did win a medal and a chess set for good sportsmanship. Even though he lost, he made sure to shake each opponent's hand and congratulate them. Major life lessons were learned today. What really matters is how you lose and when you do, don't give up, keep trying. I'm proud of my boy and he is super excited for his first medal he has ever won. Look year I think he is going to take the chess tournament by storm. God is good.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Problem of Stress

Tonight we had a guest speaker, Bro. Weiser. He is always a wealth of information and when I take notes, I am aware there is now way I can catch everything he says. I did catch some of it and manage to write it down, I hope I do it justice. Tonight’s lesson on the "Problem of Stress" was one of those keys that you take and keep with you. Stress can squeeze years from your life. The most stressful job is to be a pastor and not far from that is a housewife. He made a comment that this present generation is known for being hurried, worried and barren. Most of our health related issues are due to stress. He quoted a survey that said that the major causes of stress were: work, money, children, health, marriage and parents. He talked about Isiah 40:28-31 and how if we wait upon the Lord, we will renew our strength. The Bible is the best go to source for remedies for stress. We have stress because our can do can't keep up with my want to. He then talked about two types of personalities. One is prone to stress and burn out. They want to do more in less time and are major muliti-taskers. They tend to confuse their worth by what they are doing, not by who they are. Another type is the one who won't do anything, they are lazy. These people tend to never get anything done and cause a lot of stress for others. God does not want us to burn out, he wants us to be successful. When one is dealing with stress there are signs that burn out is on the way. Some of these indications are: decision making becomes difficult, fantisizing, temper, mistrust, forgetfulness and reversal in usual behavior. Moses was dealing with burnout and his father in law stepped in and gave him some guidance. Bro. Weiser than gave examples of what can cause burnout. 1) You begin to depreciate your worth and put yourself down. When you compare yourself to others, you are setting yourself up for burnout. 2) Trying to control everything and act like the whole world rest on your shoulders. When you try to run the universe, you are setting yourself up. You need to realize there is only one God and you are not him. 3) Exaggerating our problems causes us to ignore the positive things that are happening in our lives. Emotional reasoning listens to the feelings rather than the facts. We cannot go by our feelings alone. Truth makes us free, sometimes facing the truth, hurts, but it does bring a release. 4) Giving up your dreams and no longer caring is the ultimate burn out. You can't control your feelings but you can control your commitment. The ultimate case of burnout is when you say you are checking out. In order to have a release you can pray, go to church, worship, have a hobby. You need to have something healthy as an escape from your stress. If not, you will find escape in things that are harmful to you and those around you. Sometimes you need to say no and set boundaries for your life. Do not take on more than what you are equipped to do. God wants you to last and wants you to live in peace. It is not God's will that your life be destroyed by stress. God is good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In Certain Times...

It seems that the world is a bit upside down. There is a missing plane, things with Russia are tense and RJ has to get glasses. Now you may say the last statement seems small in comparison to the first two. You are right to think this, but in the mind of a child it's the same scale. In the past 24 hours the positive support he has been getting has been amazing. Today I was thinking about all these things among others and I went to the Lord in prayer. I believe this scripture in John 16:33 is perfect for our present day situations. John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Prayer does work and God truly does have it all in His hands. Today RJ decided he wanted to start looking at frames. I think we are getting close to something he feels confident wearing and by the time he went to bed the idea was not seeming to be so bad. I don't know what is going to happen between Russia and the rest of the world, nor do I know where the missing plane is. I do know that I serve an all knowing God and my little world is in his hands. Therefore, I will lay my head to rest on my pillow and sleep in peace. God is good.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vision Distress

Today RJ had an eye doctors appointment. He was dreading it because he has to get three eye drops and then his eyes get all blurry. Also, he was going to hear if he still had to wear an eye patch. I wish I could say he was perfect when it came to eye drop time, but I had to hold him down while the drops were put in his eyes. After a lot of testing it was determined that he needs to wear his eye patch two hours a day while wearing glasses. RJ cried and cried because he does not want glasses. I felt so bad for him. Bob and I both had to wear glasses when we were little kids. I'm supposed to wear them now, but hate wearing them, so I don't wear them. I told him I would be a better example and start wearing my glasses again. He cried himself to sleep and when he woke up he told us that he if he had to get glasses, he didn't want to look too cool like a surfer dude. I have no idea what that means, but we will do our best to help him pick out glasses that make him feel comfortable on a daily bases.God is good.

Monday, March 17, 2014


This morning Los Angeles residents were awakened from their slumber by an earthquake. Having grown up in California I remember the shaky feeling you have for a while after a strong one occurs. Today Bob and I attended a funeral of a friend who died unexpectedly of a heart attack. I didn't know him very well, my husband did. It was not the typical funeral in the sense that it was at a Messianic Synagogue. I enjoyed hearing the hebrew being spoken and shed a tear when I saw how devastated the son was to have lost his dad. I began to reflect on the earthquake that took place and the sudden shock of death. Many times we are given wake up calls and our earth or world is shaken. When these events occur for a brief moment we start to self reflect. When these events take place and the dust settles you have a choice on if your world will remain upside down or will you allow it to strengthen you. God is good.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

God is Still in Control

Today my adorable nephew was dedicated to the Lord as well as other babies including my good friend's miracle baby. All those babies are precious in the sight of the Lord. Due to the dedication it was nice to see family that was present for the event. Pastor Davis preached a very good sermon about John the Baptist. The direction he took concerning John was in a way I have never heard before. I really enjoyed it and felt strengthened by it. His title was "God is Still in Control". His main text was from Matthew 11:1-15. John the Baptist is described as the greatest prophet to ever live. He was not your typical man because he ate bugs and wore animal skins as clothing. John was the first to receive the Holy Ghost and he had a revelation of who Jesus truly was. He was unique because of three things that happened to him. 1) In Mathew 3:16-17 we read that he baptized Jesus. He was aware of who Jesus was and felt it was Jesus who should be baptizing him. Yet, Jesus was baptized to be an example to all of us. He who was without sin, wanted to show us that we all need to be baptized. 2) The Holy Spirit descended like a dove when Jesus was being baptized by John. This was to show us that not only do we need to be baptized, we need the Holy Spirit as well. The dove was a representation that Jesus was not just man, but he was also God. Jesus was that spirit, the Holy Spirit. John 14:17. 3) When Jesus was baptized, John, heard God's voice in audible form saying that Jesus was his beloved son in whom he was well pleased. This was a divine revelation that Jesus was the son of God. In John 1:29 we read that when John the Baptist sees Jesus he becomes very excited and proclaims that Jesus was the Lamb of God. He knew without a doubt that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus was God manifested in the flesh, who came to save his people from their sins. Jesus was more than just a prophet who performed miracles, he was almighty God with us. In John 20:28 we know that if you have seen the son, you have seen the father. John the Baptist was the greatest prophet because he knew who Jesus truly was. We read in the Bible that the least of these is greater than John the Baptist. When we have a revelation of who God is, we are great in the Kingdom of God. When John the Baptist was in jail, he began to doubt if Jesus was who, he really was. He sent messengers to ask Jesus if he was the messiah or if they should look for another. Jesus didn't answer his question the way John wanted to be told. Instead Jesus told him about all the miracles that were taking place. Even though John was in jail, God's work and will was still being performed. He was letting John, know that God was still in control. We all have times of doubt and we start to wonder if God is really aware of what is going on. We need to trust and believe that no matter what is happening, that God is in control and His will shall take place. God will do it his way and not our way. John died believing the Jesus was God and knew that God was being glorified. Pastor than said something that I do often. He said sometimes we are going through things and in our frustration we will tell God that we can't take it anymore. The truth is, that you can because if you couldn't take it, you wouldn't be going through it in the first place. God promises to never give you more than you can take. So, instead of saying you can't take it anymore, reach out to God and ask him to help you get through it. Knowing God is still in control, enables you to hang on to God. When the devil comes against you like a flood and uses your sorrow against you, stand up and come against the devil in the name of Jesus. Remind the devil that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Do not give up, remember God is still in control! During alter call they sang a song that I want to share with you. I think it fits. Still by Hillsong, click here. God is good.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Safe Travels

We safely arrived home this evening and I have to say I was truly glad to be home. We had a wonderful time visiting in NJ, VA and TN and RJ was correct in it felt like we were only gone for a second. RJ clearly missed Ross because as soon as we got home, he wanted to build LEGO's and was talking a mile a minute with him. I'm looking forward to church tomorrow and getting back into our normal routines. We give thanks for safe travels and there truly is no place like home. God is good.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Arms

Today we said goodbye to my mom and David and headed to Virginia. It was a long drive and we were very happy when we finally arrived. We had dinner with some friends and then went to our hotel room for the night. It was so wonderful to have out little family together again. I love my husband and give thanks that I still have butterflies when I see him and feel the happiest when I'm in his arms. RJ missed his daddy and misses Ross. I think we are all looking forward to going home tomorrow. God is good!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Today was a very relaxing day with my mom. We were so happy to be in warm weather. RJ ran around outside for a while with David and we soaked up the sunshine. He drew on the sidewalk with chalk and for the most part enjoyed the breeze. Tomorrow we head back to Virginia to pick my husband up and then will be on our way home. It was a short trip and as RJ said feels like it was for only a second. I love being with my mom and cherish every moment I can get. God is good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fun and Choice

Today has been a wonderful day. I have really enjoyed my time with my mom and David. We went to Chuck E Cheese and RJ along with my mom got their annual cotton candy. It's always nice to be with my mom. Yesterday the Weser was so warm. Today it was cold but that's ok. Tonight we attend church with my mom and the speaker taught on mailing the choice to follow Jesus. There were men that God called to follow him and they both had a different answers on why they hesitated. Their distractions were in the way of truly letting go and following God. One wanted to go back to his family another was looking back.  When God calls you sometimes your family will forsake you and other times the cares of life will pull at you. We need to make a choice to follow Jesus and not turn back no matter the cost.God is good.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bird Alarm

This morning RJ woke up and ran to the front door of our room at the lodge. He thought someone's car alarm had gone off. When he opened the door he laughed because it was a bird singing the new day in. It was clear we had taken a city boy and put him in the mountains.  God is good.

Monday, March 10, 2014

On The Road

RJ has this week off from school. We decided to make a road trip out of it and go to what RJ calls the  "crazy mountains" of Virginia. I like coming up here, it's a break from the rat race of life for me. Tomorrow RJ and I will say hello to everyone at the company and then go to Tennessee to spend a couple of days with my mom and David. I enjoy our road trips. It's fun to hear the songs RJ makes up and it's just nice being together and seeing Gods handiwork. God is good.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Deep Roots

This morning RJ woke us by asking what tree had the deepest roots. We being half awake muttered something about redwood trees. He then says " Well... Actually it's the mustard tree because its roots run deep enough to move mountains. Jesus said if you have the faith the size of mustard seeds you have enough faith. Really it's not little faith but big faith because the roots go waaay down deep and moves the mountains." God is good.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tree and No Brakes

Today I had the privilege of attending a breakfast event with my Mother in law. I enjoyed hearing about the miracles of God and being with other ladies who love  The Lord. While we were away the "boys" cut down dead trees and filled up the wood shed. They kept themselves busy cleaning up the woods for mom. I give thanks for God's protecting hand. Bob and RJ were driving the truck through the woods and the brakes gave out. Thankfully they were not going fast, so when they hit a tree they were ok. I know Angels were watching over them. Every morning I plead the blood of Jesus over them and pray for God's protection. I'm so glad I did that today! God is good.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Grammy Time

This weekend we are spending time with family in New Jersey. Ross is in NY since he has school and we will head from here to Virginia and then on to Tennessee to see my mommy! Every time we visit NJ RJ likes to cuddle with his Grammy and watch The Wheel of fortune. I took a picture of them because I know these moments are priceless and need to be treasured. A weekend of fun awaits us and I'm glad we have this time together. God is good.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Be-Attitudes

Tonight Bro. Joe taught a "meaty" Bible study lesson. His title was “The Be-Attitudes-Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit". His main scripture was from Matthew 5:1-10. When you read these scriptures you notice that everyone starts with the word blessed. This word means to be supremely happy and fortunate. God's way to this inner joy and happiness is to be in favor with God. Blessedness is a character of God. When we put on Christ, we take on the nature of his nature. Mathew 5:3 talks about blessed are the poor in spirit. When we are poor in spirit we are seeing ourselves as needing Christ. We are aware that we cannot make it on our own and we need him. When we have pride in our life we are not poor in spirit. We are instead full of ourselves and not able to see that we are in need of a Savior. In Psalms 34:18 we learn that God will be near us, we when we are in need of his help. When we learn to be poor in spirit we are able to overcome the pride of life. There are three steps towards being humble and poor in spirit. 1. Take your eyes off of yourself and keep your eyes on God. Don't compare yourself to those around you, compare yourself to Christ. 2. See the strength and virtue in others. Treat others as you would treat yourself. 3. Ask God for it. When we humble ourselves before God, He will do the lifting. God is good.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Circus and a Drum

Today we had the pleasure of attending The World Day Assembly at RJ's school. He was very excited because his class was singing a song in Malay and he was going to play an instrument. We were delighted to see that he was playing an African Drum. He did so well keeping the beat. I'm so glad he loves music. As I type RJ and Ross are at the circus and from the pictures Ross has sent, they are having a great time. It has been wonderful having Ross with us and we are thankful of the season with him. God is good.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I wanted to look up songs about the Peace that comes from God. I want to share them with you. "Peace in The Valley" by Thomas Dorsey. This version is sung by Elvis Presley during his church days. I used to listen to this version a lot as a child. To listen click here. "Let The Peace of God Reign" sung by Hillsong, click here. I used to listen to that one a lot when I was overseas in Taiwan. For the last one, I give you my all time favorite "Wonderful Peace". Click here to listen. I chose this topic because it feels as if the entire world is spinning in a topsy turvy manner. There are rumors of wars and let's face it the weather has been intense in many places. Tonight I pray that you will have peace that passes your unerstanding. God is good.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Rich and Poor

Tonight we were reading from the book of James. RJ was full of questions since it talks about taking care of the orphans. He also wanted to know how a rich person could become poor. The bible says that if you are rich and do not give to the poor, you will become poor. RJ has told us on several occasions he is going to be a rich man, but live a medium life because he is going to give money to help the poor. This past Sunday, he put money in an envelope marked to be given to the poor. I'm amazed at his gentle and giving heart. God blesses RJ because he is so giving. He mentioned to someone the other day that he collects clipper ships. Next thing he knows they are giving him a beautiful wooden clipper ship. I know this happens because he gives and gives and gives. My boy is only 6 years old and he gets it. Giving to the poor for him comes easy. I want to be more like RJ and give. When I give, I am rich in the blessings and favor of God. God is good.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Spirit of Praise

Today we had a guest speaker, Bro. Bob Costa. His sermon was titled “The Spirit of Praise" and he preached from I Samuel chapter 17. The greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbor as yourself. Above anything else you need to love God with all your heart, mind, body and soul. When we worship God, it must be only him and your attitude is important part of your worship. When we enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise we are mindful that there are others that are less fortunate than us. We give thanks to God for everything. Our hands are an important part of our praise and worship to God. When we lift our hands towards heaven we are showing God our heart to him. When we are praising God, we are causing our enemies to scatter. To get the enemy out of your camp, you need to praise the Lord. When we are praising God, it's plowing the atmosphere and this allows seed to be planted. When the Philistines came to fight the Israelites, they came to Judah, the place of worship. They knew if they could distract the Israelites, they would not focus on worshiping God. It was known that the more the Israelites worshiped God before a battle, the more victorious they would become. Goliath would come and taunt the Israelites. He was wining by taking their worship away. The less they worshiped, the more afraid they became and the greater the chance the Philistines had of winning. When David came along he saw what was going on and rose up to fight. He beat Goliath by worshiping God. He came in the name of the Lord. By putting God first, he released the mighty hand of God and the battle was won. The way to win your battles in life, is to praise your way out. The more you praise God, the more victorious you will be. God is good.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Wake Up Spring

It would seem that we have had snow at least once every week during the month of February. I know March can bring snow as well, but I don't recall the temperature being that of the month of January. Today was what I would call a warm day considering how cold it has been,even though it was in the 30 degree range. More snow is being predicted to fall starting Sunday night and into Monday morning. When RJ heard this he didn't become excited and expressed his desire for Spring to come and for Winter to go away. I think everyone in the path of this snow is in agreement. We need winter to go take a rest and allow Spring to wake up. Snow or Tulips, we will be going to church tomorrow. I'm looking forward to being in a supernaturally charged atmosphere and will come expecting an encounter with God. God is good.