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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life Uncertainties

As I write this I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room.RJ is sound asleep on my lap, while Bob visits his dad. Life can change for you in an instant. My father in law went from grilling hamburgers to being admitted to the hospital. He's at the best hospital for his condition and I know these doctors with the help of God are going to beat this. Please keep praying good things are happening. God is good !

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Delivery and the Fair

 I woke up feeling pretty sick this morning. Thankfully RJ went to the company with his dad and went for a ride in the delivery truck. He was pretty excited about delivering product to a coal mine. Later this evening I was feeling better and we went to the county fair,for kids night. While here we have become friends with the Mayor and his wife. They brought their grandson who is the same age as RJ. They had so much fun together. We really enjoyed our time this week with Carri and Jody and with Larry and Betty
as well. Friendships of value have been made in this mountain. Tomorrow we leave to visit my Father in law, please continue to pray for him. God is good.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bluegrass Praise

This week the county fair is taking place. We had been told that there would be a gospel bluegrass concert, so we decided to attend. The music was great and by the time they were deep into the concert, the presence of The Lord showed up. A concert was turning into a camp meeting. We later learned this was the first time they had ever had this type of concert at the fair. There is such a need for a spirit filled truth speaking church up on this mountain. We are enjoying our time here and know tomorrow is our last day. I ask that you pray for the people on this mountain and to also pray for my Father in law, he is still in the hospital and in need of a miracle. God is good!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Church and a Prayer

Today we visited the Abingdon United Pentecostal Church. The pastor preached on keeping the gospel alive. We spent the rest of the day looking at the magnificent view from our room and taking a day of rest.We received    some bad news. My Father in law is in the hospital. Apparently the blood disorder is back and not reacting as it should to the blood transfusions. I ask if you can say a prayer for him. We know God does all things well and we put our trust in Him. God is good!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Picnic, a swim and drive

Today was the companies yearly picnic. This year we officially met all the employees and most of their family. I really enjoyed getting to know all of them.    We were pleased when
the mayor joined us for our picnic. The day was spent eating, paddle boating and swimming. When the day was ending we had planned to watch a go cart race but it was rained out. We did take a drive and saw some breathtaking sites. I have included a picture of the sun setting high in the mountains over a lake. God is good!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Shooting Stars

We arrived safely this evening and look forward to a week in VA. RJ was asleep and Bob and I sat on the porch watching a distant lightning storm as shooting stars passed over us. Once again I found myself amazed at Gods handiwork. He truly is amazing in all his details. God is good!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Conviction of the Holy Ghost

Tonight Pastor Davis taught a Bible lesson on The Conviction Of The Holy Ghost from John 16:7-13. The work of the spirit within us will cause reprove. First we need to know who the Holy Spirit is and that is it's the spirit of God within us. Second we need to be aware of how the Holy Spirit is in us to bring more than just salvation. The Holy Spirit is to: Empower us, Seal us unto God, Impart spiritual gifts in us and teach spiritual truths. It also convicts us of sin in our live and will also convict others of sin in their lives by just being around them. The Holy Spirit gives us a moral compass that points towards God. God never sends condemnation. Condemnation comes from satan to pull us away from God. The Holy Spirit within us will convict us to draw us towards God. Our response to convictions are: 1. Obedience 2. Convictions is not a curse it's a blessing that comes with a revelation of truth in our lives. 3. Your relationship with God will affect your relationship with others. Last and most importantly of all. 4. Any sin we commit is an offense to God. It is as if when we willingly sin, we are walking up to Jesus and slapping Him in the face. We once again are nailing Him to the cross. The Holy Spirit is about God and us, we are not go about pointing out the sins of others. We are agents of conviction. The Holy Spirit always points us towards restoration and holiness. When we feel conviction it's not a sign of God's anger, but a sign of His love and mercy, with the intent to lead us to joy. God is good!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hedge Bubble

Tonight in our Bible reading, RJ randomly picked Isaiah chapter 5. This chapter talks about a vineyard that was not producing and because it was not producing the hedge to protect it was removed. Soon all kinds of things came and choked the life out of the vineyard. I started to think about life in general and how a "hedge of protection" is so important. Boundaries are needed and when they are removed all kinds of things can come in and choke the life out of you. I choose to live a bit of a radical life as a Christian. I have some boundaries that to some may seem a bit extreme. I say look at society and all the boundaries they are ripping down. They say they are free and liberated; I say watch and see what happens to them in their liberation. I have boundaries and I am going to stick to me old me a freak...I don't care. In my hedge; I have love, joy and peace. I like this bubble and I chose to stay in it. God is Good!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silent Pain

Tonight in our Care Group, we were discussing those who carry around silent hurts. Everyone has something that they carry deep inside that they do not share with anyone. The Bible gives us many examples of where Jesus wants to take our pain away and give us peace. When you are a Christian, you know to go to God and give Him your silent sorrows. I have things that are hurts that are way deep down inside. When I have a chance to be truly alone with God, where no one can hear me, I express them to Him. Many times when I am in church, I will find that He will help me with my pain either through a song that is sung or words preached in a sermon. Because of the Lord in my life, I am able to find strength to truly smile and mean it, even when my heart may be breaking on the inside. God truly is my peace. What is your silent pain? Have you gone to the Lord with your pain and trust Him enough to give it to Him? Try will feel a bit lighter when you do. God is good!

Monday, July 22, 2013


We are working with RJ on reading books this summer as well as his summer homework. Today we went to the bookstore and he found two books that he really wanted to read. Tonight as Bob was reading them to him, something kicked in and he started to read all the words he recognized. We are thrilled that he was doing it spontaneously and was super excited about it. When it comes to history, science or math, he can't seem to get enough..when it comes to reading and writing it can be a struggle at times. Thankfully, it seems that everything is clicking for him. God is good!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doubting Thomas

I woke up this morning still feeling sore and nauseous. I was determined to go to church because I knew once in the presence of the Lord,I would feel better. I am still a bit sore, but after being prayed for am feeling much better and no longer nauseous. I must say that today's church service was amazing. The presence of God was very real and very strong. We had a guest speaker and by the time he was done preaching, I felt like we had entered a heavenly place. He was dynamic, anointed and very real. Dr. Kloepper was our guest speaker today and his topic was Doubting Thomas. He based his sermon on John 20:19-29. All my life I have always heard the apostle Thomas described as doubting Thomas. Bro. Kloepper showed him in a much different light. He talked about how Jesus said it is a blessing for those who have not seen Him yet, still believe. We have Victory when we believe in God in spite of the circumstances. Even when things in our life become dark, we still hold on to our faith and believe. He talked about how Satan will put in our face the appeaance of the failures of our dreams. He will taunt us and cause us to want to give up hope and our faith that God is still with us, even when it seems He has left us. Even when we have lost everything, we cannot give up hope and no matter how we feel, we must bring ourselves to a place where the presence of God is felt. Thomas was faithful to Jesus and would have died for him. After Jesus had risen from the dead, He appeared to the disciples who were hiding in fear for their lives. Thomas was not there when it happened. He had left everyone. He was hurt because the one who he had left everything for, the very one he believed in, it seemed was dead. He was brokenhearted and discouraged. Yet..Jesus sought Thomas out. Thomas decided to give it one more try. He had to know that it truly was Jesus and Jesus in his love and compassion for Thomas allowed him to touch him. Thomas knew then that Jesus was His Lord and His God. His faith had been restored. While Bro. Kloepper was preaching there were moments that the presence of God was so strong that he had to stop and everyone was weeping. You could feel the shekinah glory of the Lord walking up and down the aisle. He was truly among us today. It was as if Jesus himself was saying to us, touch me, feel the nail scars in my hands. Don't give up, I am with you, don't lose faith, I am your God and I have not left you. Bro.Kloepper implored us to not give up. No matter who had hurt us, no matter what had happened, no matter what the circumstances in our life hold on to our faith and not give up hope. After today's sermon, I will never again, call Thomas a doubter. He was Thomas the discouraged, Thomas the disheartened..but no, not a doubter. God is Good!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I know I already blogged for the night, but I just had to share our conversation that took place tonight during Bible reading. Now that RJ is getting older he is starting to really ask a lot of questions. Bob was reading from the book of Matthew the part where it says that when a man gets married he is to leave his mother and stay with his wife. He then read the part about the two should become one. RJ immediately says " Wait a minute, I'm confused. I thought that when they get married that the two become three." God is Good!

Vase and a Car Accident

So..last night while on the way to pick up RJ from VBS, I was rear ended while sitting at a red light. Thankfully there was no damage to either car and I seemed ok. I went to pick RJ up and he proudly showed me his vase made out of clay. I felt a little sore, but figured all was well. This morning was a different story. I was in a lot of pain and pretty nauseous. Thankfully Bob took RJ out for a daddy day and I was able to rest. I am still in pain, but feeling better, so hopefully I just have sore muscles from the impact. Either way, I am thankful that there seems to be no damage to our car and I am still intact. I look forward to church tomorrow pain or no pain. God is Good!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trust in The Lord

Today I attempted to purchase another ticket via the fairsale. I ended up frustrated and without a ticket. I realize now it was a waste of time and energy. I was sad most of the day so when Pastor Davis started to teach his lesson tonight, I was like wow...he is reading my mail. I told the Lord I was sorry for complaining,all things truly do work for the good. RJ really is enjoying VBS and I am thankful for the staff's dedication to the children. Pastor taught on Trusting in the Lord. He used Mark 10: 38-32. Caring and worry are two different things. Worry is a killer that affects the heart and blood circulation. Worry is a spiritual killer and the opposite of faith. Our God is bigger than our problem and we need a revival of trusting in God in every area of our life. Mark 10 talks about Mary and Martha and Jesus being in their home. Martha was busy serving and weighed down by distraction. When we take our focus off of Jesus we will become dragged down We are all born with our human nature and its subject to our spiritual nature. Praise your way out of your situation and the depression will depart. We need to talk to Jesus when going through a rough time. We have power in the name of Jesus but need to activate it through prayer. Martha's focus was wrong her and attention was on the wrong things. She allowed her anxiety to reach a breaking point. Jesus was in her house and she was stressing out. 1. We assume Jesus doesn't' care when He doesn't solve our problem immediately. Jesus was deliberately asleep on the boat. Jesus cares!!!! I peter 5:7 to win over worry believe that God cares 2. Try to solve the problem in our own way. As long as we work our will we hinder His will. We Can't solve the problem in our own way. When you complain to The Lord you usually don't get the answer you want to hear. When we choose what is important in life stress and anxiety will not have a place in our life. We must have trust and confidence in God. Proverbs 3:5-6 Tells us to trust in The Lord with all thine heart. We say I know but... But what! He's God of everything. Do you believe and live this scripture. Living for God is more than saying I love him. When trouble comes we must trust in The Lord. 1 Do not lean to your own knowledge and he will direct, that is a promise trust is total submission to God. 2 Samuel 22: Psalms 56:3-4 We must live in faith in god 2 Do not lean to your own understanding let go and let God do what He is going to do. We need to trust what The Lord is saying to us. Lean not to your own understanding. Accept God's word as truth. 3 Acknowledge him in all your ways: Gods purpose must come first in your life. God will bless you where you are obeying him. 4 Direct our path: God will make our paths prosperous not just in finances but spiritual prosperity and emotionally . Isaiah 42:16 He will remove the obstacles in our path. Psalms 18:33 Phil 4:6-7 Pastor then asked us to read Math 6:25-34 by Sunday. The sermon was a very good reminder to myself to not complain and trust God in everything. God is Good!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Stroll and a Scroll

Today JetBlue Airlines had an airfare sale that I almost grabbed. I was not fast enough and a $168 round trip airfare for two from NY to CA slipped through my fingers. If I had succeeded, I would have had to leave tomorrow. RJ was pretty bummed, but said he would prefer to go in August because he was really enjoying VBS and also half of my family will be out of guess it was a good thing I didn't get the ticket. Tonight, Bob and I went for a lovely stroll on the beach while RJ attended VBS. When we picked RJ up he was in a very good mood and showed us the scroll he made. When we opened the scroll, he had written his own form of ancient writings and also wrote "I love you mom and I love you dad." The scroll made our day! God is Good!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Athens-God Speaking

Today we enjoyed a spontaneous and wonderful playdate with some of his friends. He had a great time. This week is Vacation Bible School at Bethel. RJ missed the first night because we were still in NJ. Bob and I are taking advantage of this time and going on mini dates while he is at VBS..I'm really enjoying our quality time together. When I picked RJ up he was full of excitement and bubbling about how much fun he had. This year's theme is Paul's Journey and is set in Athens, Greece. He made a disc for the art activity and his decoration on the disk was of God Speaking and it did look very much like God speaking. He then told us that at the beginning of the night, they sang an ancient song and as he was singing it, he could feel God's love coming inside of him. The rest of the night while getting ready for bed he was asking all kinds of questions about knowing God's voice and feeling God's love. We are very happy to see how tonight went for him and look forward to hearing more as the week carries on. God is Good!

Monday, July 15, 2013

All Done

Yesterday RJ was begging us to stay one more day in New Jersey so he could have one more day with his cousin and grandparents. We gave in and gave him one more day. Bob took the boys to the lake again and one their way back to the house, RJ declared he was all done and ready to go back home. I think this week is a summer memory RJ will always remember with fondness. The boys stayed up late every night and laughed about everything and nothing..just being boys. We are home now and ready for life and Vacation Bible School at church. This already has been one very fun and action packed summer.God is Good!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fun expectations

Yesterday Bob took the boys to the lake and from there we celebrated our nieces graduation followed by a last minute BBQ to celebrate Bob's 50th birthday. Today we attended church here in NJ and RJ got to be the usher. Sis Kind taught an excellent lesson on having expectations for God to move in your life. If you believe and add expectation, God will move on your behalf. God is good!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lake and Ocean

Today we went to the lake that Bob grew up going to. Two of RJ's cousins came with us and even though it was raining a bit off and on we had a great time.  Later today we took RJ and Joe Joe to Ocean City and were greeted the end of a rain storm and a bit of flooding. Thankfully the rain was done the sun came out and we had a good time on the boardwalk.  Rain or shine we had a really good day today. God is good!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Weekend

We are looking forward to an weekend with family. Every summer we like to go to the lake and ocean in New Jersey. It's going to be a nice time to stop and relax. Rest is good for the body and soul. God is good!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Love Gift

I was trying to figure out what to blog about tonight and I decided to look up all the scriptures in the Bible that had the word love in it. I came across 1 John 4:19 - We love him, because he first loved us. I read it again and thought about it...something so him because he first loved us. Yet..this world is beginning to not love Him anymore. There was a time when America loved God first..why, because He first loved us. I don't want to forget my first love. I love HIM because, He loved me enough to die on a cross for is love. I then thought to myself..what is God's love know..we all have them. One of mine is quality time..that's huge for me. God is one of God's love are mine too. What gift can I give to Him to let my first love know that I love Him? I can give Him my heart. God is Good!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer Homework

The school RJ will be attending for 1st grade, likes to try to avoid the summer slide. To prevent this from happening, they assign some books to be read as well has two projects. RJ has been giving us a bit of a hard time about it. Tonight I had a chat with him about it and he just didn't understand why he had to go to school in the first place, wasn't Kindergarten enough. He would rather stay home with me. This is where the teacher in my kicked in and I helped him understand the importance of school. That was all it took and he promptly did 6 pages of his required work and read with me one of the books. I was so thankful that we finally overcame the learning obstacle. Hopefully for the rest of the summer, he will stay on task and not slide too far behind. Don't worry...he will have lots and lots of fun. God is Good!

Monday, July 08, 2013

UpsideDown Shine

Saturday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had read an article in the New York Times of a special exibit regarding Punk Culture. I was curious and wanted to see it since the title was Chaos to Couture. The information regarding the exhibit gave the history of how the punk style/movement started. It was in the begining a type of rebellion and a way for somone to be extreme and stand out from society. Now the punk style has been deemed as a type of couture and has become cool. The world has litterally in the fashion sense become upsidedown. After we viewed the exhibit we sat down for a rest and a young man sat down next to us and RJ whispered in my ear: " Mom, look the art came to life.". He was right, the young man sitting next to us, looked liek he had stepped down from the art on display and came to life. I look in the mirror and I see someone who is trying to live a life for Christ and now, I am the one who is not in the norm. The young man who at one time would have been viewed as an outcast is now, accepted as being normal. I challenge you as a Christian to not be afraid to stand out in this upsidedown world. Be a light set up on a hill. There is a song from my youth sung by the Newsboys that said : "Shine, make them wonder what you got, Make them wish that they were not on the outside looking bored. Shine, let is shine before all men...." I challenge you...SHINE for Christ. God is Good!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Living The Dream

Today is Bob's 50th birthday. This morning RJ helped his daddy open his gifts and when all was done he told him that he had one more gift and proceeded to spread his arms wide and then declare o
It was himself as he gave his daddy a hug. We could not have asked for a better church service. The presence of The Lord was very strong today. Today was missions Sunday and he was so happy to hear the testimonies of thee of our youth who recently went on a missions trip. We also had a guest speaker, Bro. Costa. He preached an outstanding sermon titled " Living The Dream". His scriptures were Acts 2:17 , II Cor 12;1 and Genesis 37. In the heart of every believer there needs to be a God given dream.  Life is lived in levels and experienced through seasons and made of dimensions. When we start to move towards our God given dream we will face obstacles, but we need to hang on to the dream and we will continue to grow and eventually we will have a breakthrough to seeing our dream a reality. We can choose to live in negativity and miss out on everything or we can choose to hang
on and not let go.  The presence of God was very strong today.  While  the choir was singing it literally felt like we had reached a Heavenly place. I have no doubt lives were changed and the sick we're healed. We ended our evening by having dinner at out favorite Chinese restaurant with Bob's 
Good friend Leong, Tim and Claudia. The food was so good and the company of family and friend was perfect. God is good!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Like Father Like Son

Bob likes to say that his birthday celebration start July the 4th since his birthday is on the 7th. Thus, he likes to take a couple of days off and spend time with us. Last night we attended the concert at the park and today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bob and RJ both share a love for History. I enjoyed watching them walk side by side, two peas in a pod, discussing one of their favorite subjects, History. Today was a wonderful day filled with many memories being made. Tomorrow, we will celebrate Bob's birthday. We today celebrated how much like father, like son they are. Today a legacy was being made. God is Good!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Patriotic Family Time

Tonight we attended a patriotic concert at Eisenhower Park, performed by the Long Island Philharmonic. The music was amazing and the fireworks were great. RJ was able to run around and made a friend. The best part for me was when it became dark and RJ was marching in perfect time to the music with light saber in hand. The conductor even mentioned it when the score had ended. It was pretty cute. All in all we had a wonderful time. God is Good.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fireworks and a Gay Bar

Today we went to old Bethpage restoration village and learned a lot about our history. From there we decided to attempt to see the Macy's Firework show in Manhattan.  We found a spot and prepared to wait 4 hours. During this time I had to go to the bathroom. Guess what there were no ports potties and the officers were not letting people back in if they left. I finally found a nice officer who told me I could get back in. So I went looking for a bathroom, which is no easy task in NYC. Then I saw a bar and was like Julia you are about to go into your first bar. I went to the bouncer showed him my ID and he looks at my long skirt with added tennis shoes, yes the frumpy lady. Says" You know this is a gay bar right?" I had to go potty so bad , I told him I didn't care. I went in and found myself going up steps that didn't go anywhere. Finally a guy comes up to me and very nicely says "You don't belong here, the bathroom is downstairs." I thanked him and found the bathroom. I then went to the bar and asked for a soda and he just looked at me and started laughing. To top it off there was a Hasidic Jew sitting in one of the dark corners. I look very Jewish. When he saw me he had this horrified look on his face. I left and found my way back to my loving husband and son.  We did finally see the fireworks. Both of those men were right a bar is no place for me.
God is good.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Avacado Devil

Today I had an interesting experience. I went to a small grocery store near my house to pick up some things for a BarBQ. When I walked in there was a man standing over an ATM machine laughing like a mad man. When I passed by him, he swung around and looked me right in the eyes. I thought to myself that I might be in for something. I started towards the aisle, hoping he would go back to his ATM machine hysterics. Nope..he followed right behind me moaning, and making all kinds of weird garbled noises. I decided I was not in the mood for such nonsense and turned around and very calmly said," Satan I command you and Jesus name to leave this man be and leave me alone so I can shop in peace." I then turned around and continued down the aisle. I looked over my shoulder to see the man drop into the container of Avocados holding his head into his hands and looking dazed. He then proceeded to shop like a normal person. I finished my shopping in peace and the man was no longer in a state of delirium. There is power in the name of Jesus! God is Good!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Alter of Incense

Our weekly Bible study at church was changed to tonight due to Thursday being the 4th of July. We had a guest speaker by the name of Lane Coon. He and his wife are Metro Missionaries. They will be starting a new church in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about them click here. He started out with a short video with the statistics on Atlanta to gave a background on how many people are there. Once the presentation was over he taught an in-depth lesson on "The Benefit of the Alter of Incense". His lesson was based on Exodus 30:1,7,8 and he went into detail on the steps that were taken when a sacrifice was brought to the altar and how in the end while in the Holy of Holies, The Alter of Incense, the room would become filled with the aroma. He tied all that in with the fact that Jesus died on the cross and became that ultimate blood sacrifice for our sins. A sacrifice was a bloody place and the stench was great. When we are going through a trial it can stink to us at times. When these situations occur we need to find a place of prayer and when we do, the aroma of His presence will fill the room. God's presence can surround us and bring us to a place of rest in Him. When we find ourselves in prayer, God's presence becomes the aroma that covers the sacrifice and changes the atmosphere in our life. Life will bring you trials and heartache, when they come, pray..for prayer will change things. God is Good!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Peace 19

I just got done reading online about the 19 firefighters from Arizona who died in the line of duty. These men put their lives on the line to save others and paid the ultimate price, so that other's may live. I thought of this scripture. Philippians 4:7 - And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. My prayer tonight is for the loved ones who are grieving,that God will give them peace that will carry them through this rough time. We do not know when our time will come, let us cherish the days that we have. God is good!