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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pure, sweet Joy

This week, we have had the pleasure of Phillip and Twyla Tolstad's company in our home. RJ clicked with them very quickly and we are having a wonderful time. Today we were talking about how the Orphans in Uganda have never played with a Hot Wheel car. RJ was thinking about it and I asked him if he would give one for them to take to Uganda. He replied that he couldn't because they were his and continued to try and explain why he could not give even one away. He started to get grumpy about it and I told him he was getting grumpy because he was not willing to give something freely from his heart. We put some music of children singing worship songs on and he jumps up and says " OH, those poor orphans! I need to give them a car." He went to his drawer of cars and at first was only going to give them one, but as he started to pick it out he became excited and by the time we were done, he had 15 cars on my lap. He ran up the stairs to the Tolstad's and joyfully gave his beloved cars to them. He was so happy he proclaimed: " I feel so good in my heart! It felt so good to give my cars away!"
The rest of the evening he was jumping and dancing and singing around the house. He fell asleep tonight a very happy boy. RJ learned there truly is joy in giving!
God is Good!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yusef Nadarkhani

I want to post this link regarding a man who in my eyes is a hero of the faith. He is willing to die for what he believes and will not recant his faith in Jesus Christ. I pray Iran releases him and allows him to continue in his walk with the Lord, above this, I pray for God to be with him and keep him in perfect peace and have His perfect will be done.
God is Good!

Friday, September 23, 2011

"What's the Answer?"

Today RJ and I were sitting together on the couch and winding down for the day. I had some music playing in the background and RJ turns to me and says : " So Mom, What is the Answer?" I replied: " Jesus is the answer." He was not satisfied with that answer and was I sitting there thinking uh oh..I have no idea what he is talking about and then I realize that the words to the song we were listening said." Stop for a moment, be still, you are an heir to His will, believe what you say, when you pray in Jesus name, for the prayer that you prayed, the answer's on it's way." So...I figured out he wanted to know what the answer was...I told him that when you pray with faith and ask it in Jesus name that He will answer you, but sometimes you have to wait, that is why the answer is on it's way. He was quiet and then he bowed his head and prayed this prayer: " Jesus, can you please make it rain tomorrow? I want to have a movie day. Amen"
GREAT! So if it rains tomorrow, you will know why. By the way...a movie day means he can watch more than an hour of "shows" on DVD or Netflix. Most of the time they are educational or Biblical and time is very limited. We don't want him to be a couch potato. We want him to use his mind and imagination.
What is your prayer? Did you pray it with faith today? If you did and did so in Jesus name, your answer is on it's way.
God is Good!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 am

This morning at 4 am RJ came into our room and asked if we could go into the front room and put on some worship music. I wish I could say I got up, but I didn't. I have been battling a cold and was exhausted from the day before of non stop activities. However Bob was already awake and he went into the living room with RJ and put on a quiet worship CD and for about an hour RJ and Bob in their own quiet ways worshiped the Lord. Since my son has been born he has woken up to the sound of worship music playing softly in the background with the view of his daddy on his hands and knees in prayer. You may wonder why I don't join them. I don't join them because to me it's a sacred time for them with God. I wait until later in the day and I read my Bible with RJ and then we march around the house having exuberant prayer and worship. Sometimes I pray on my knees. Either way we want him to see us in a daily communication with God.
So, this morning when he came in at 4 am instead of getting upset, we went with the flow.
God is Good!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn in the Air

This week the weather has been cooling down a lot and as usual I caught a cold, combined with my allergies going haywire. In my mind I was grumbling a bit and wishing it would stay summer a little longer. RJ and I were walking to the car and he proclaimed " OH yes, I can feel it..Autumn is here!" He, being born in October and in NY loves this time of the year. He loves the changing of the leaves, wearing his hot pajamas(footies), and all the color that the Fall brings. Once again I was reminded to look at the world through a child's eyes. Instead of complaining, I should find the pure joy in what is around me. The California girl in me still at times has a hard time adjusting to the change of season, but the NYer that is rising up within me is getting excited with anticipation for the new season to come.
This applies to our spiritual lives as well. Sometimes change comes when we least expect it. We start to fight it and long for the way things were, but when God breathes and the season changes, look as He would and find joy in your situation. I admit it's easy to say, not so easy to do, but we can work at putting joy in all seasons of life.

God is Good!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Visit

Tonight we went to visit a couple that Bob lived with during his Law School days. This couple lives about and hour and half away and it has been a while since we have seen them. We will call them Mr. and Mrs. K. Mr. K has just be diagnosed with cancer and has at the most 3 years to live. For an 88 year old man, he looks pretty good. We had a lovely dinner with them and RJ was having a blast. They usually have little surprises for him and give them to him throughout the evening. He was on his best behavior. I have to say I was feeling very good inside to see how well he was behaving. They don't get to see their grandkids very often and you could see they were just itching to pour out their love on our son. When we left I was feeling very thankful that we took time out for them. So many times we forget about the older and wiser folks who can give very good guidance in our lives.
Take time to visit those who in the past poured into your life..pour back into theirs.

God is Good!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rock Star

As you are aware we are trying to raise our son to be a Christian in a world that is becoming more and more unChrist that a word? Well, I'll use it anyway..blame it on the cold medicine. Today RJ wanted to watch a new show..I can't really remember how to spell the character's name and I'm too tired to look it up, but it starts with a C. So, we will call this character C. Well...RJ was watching it and I was sitting with him because I wanted to make sure it was ok for him to watch. It was ok, typical toddler stuff when C encounters drums. RJ was getting excited about it and I was ok with it until C started to bang on the drums singing he was a rock star. Ok..time to turn it off. To some you would think I was being paranoid...maybe, but for us, we are teaching our son that he plays for Jesus. RJ starts to ask me about being a rock star and I decided to be open with him and I talked with him how a rock star does not play for Jesus. He was quiet and then said this: " Well..we need to call Steve and blue and have him come over our house. When Steve gets here we can squadoo into C's room and tell him about Jesus. This way he will play the drums for Jesus and not to be a rock star." Me being a Christan Parent..I was very happy to hear how he figured out how to let C be a good drummer and still know about Jesus.
You can call me nuts, overprotective even super spiritual, but I want my boy to know who Jesus is. I want his drums to be for good things, not to self glorify.
Like I said you can blame it on the cough medicine, but I stand true and strong. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
God is Good!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tara went home today. I miss her already. RJ keeps asking for her to come back and then starts to ask to go to California to visit everyone. I miss being around my family. I have to admit it was wonderful watching my son bask in his Aunt's love. I wish I could give him more of that. Life will get back to normal. I have plenty of happy memories to keep a smile on my face and in my heart. We visited Times Square, saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway ( it had been 11 years since we had seen it!), took RJ to ground zero, had a wonderful 2 hour lunch at the deli near ground zero because RJ fell asleep, baked brownies, ate MacNCheese, and were just us..sisters. Every time I am with my family I remember who I was and see how I have changed. A lot of the changes have been good ones and there are some parts of me that I need to bring back to life again. Tara, I miss you and I pray for you.
If you live near your family, don't take them for granted. Spend time with them, make lasting memories that will carry you when you no longer have them.

God is Good

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. McHiney

I am having a wonderful time with Tara and she has been coming with me to drop RJ off and pick him up from school. On one of the days this week he was in the Business Office and was telling Mrs. Diana one of the stories that he likes to hear his daddy, tell him of when he was a little boy. She was laughing when I picked him up and I was totally embarassed when I realized the story he had told her.
Here is how it goes:
"When daddy was a little boy he had a baby brother and his name was Joe Joe. That's Uncle Joe. Daddy and Joe Joe had a tree house. One day Joe Joe went into the tree house and daddy went out to get his friends. Daddy told all his freinds that Mr. McHiney is in the tree house. And his friends said, who is Mr. McHiney? So they came over to the tree house to see him. When they got there, Joe Joe pulled down his pants and stuck his Hiney out the window. And everybody said, There's Mr. McHiney. And Daddy said, Mr. McHiney, you should tell us a story. And Joe Joe went phphphph."

There you have it folks..first week as PTC(PTA) President and my son tells the staff about Mr. McHiney. No need to break the ice, RJ did it for me!

God is Good!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebration Continues

Thankfully Tara and I made it home safely on 9/11 via the Vamoose Bus. I am so glad she is here with us for the week. RJ adores her and is spending as much time with her as he can. He was so happy to see her today when we picked him up from school. Tonight we had my annual birthday dinner in yummy. I love that place! Of course RJ got his fish ball soup and kept declaring it was yummy and his favorite. I look forward to the rest of the week with Tara. I'll be very sad when she leaves. For now, I will be happy and enjoy our time togther! Let the birthday celebrations continue.
God is Good!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

35th Birthday

This weekend I took a bus to DC to be with Tara and Joy. Today is my 35th bday and the church Joy attends was having a ladies tea. The speaker was Jennifer Cobb, I enjoyed hearing her. My one birthday wish was to have a Maryland crab cake......I got to eat one it was the best I have ever had! It's been fun and we will head back to NY tomorrow evening. I miss my hubby and RJ. I pray this year that it's a good year and that God is with me in all I do.
God is good!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

"I'm the Judge"

As you may recall RJ likes to hear the story from the Bible about the Unjust Judge. Today he was upset because Bob had made Mozart go outside due to something the dog did that was wrong. He asked me if Mozart could come in, I told him he had to ask his dad. So he goes to Bob and this is what transpired:
RJ: " Dad, can Mozart come back inside?"
Bob: " No, he was a bad dog, he needs to stay outside for a while."
RJ: " Well, I'm the judge and I say he can come inside."
Bob: " Really, you are the judge eh?"
RJ: " Yes, I am the good judge and because I'm the good judge, I say Mozart is a good dog now and he can come inside."
Bob:" Ok Judge, go let your dog back inside the house."
We are tickled because he was so serious and there was not one ounce of bad attitude when he was talking to his dad. He was speaking with so much compassion, that we decided to let him give grace to his dog.
Tonight the teaching in church was about forgiveness. You can choose to be an unjust Judge and not forgive, or you can be a Compassionate Judge and forgive. Mercy and Grace when applied with Forgiveness, sets you free.
God is Good!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Drummer Boy Praise

Today I told RJ I would take him to the Guitar Center since he did not have school. When we arrived the guy working in the drum center had this look of "great a little kid to make noise". RJ asked very nicely for sticks and proceeded to test out all the drums. Finally, He gets on the biggest set they had and starts to play and sing out loud the Hallelujah chorus. The worker stopped what he was doing and just started to stare. RJ then went to two other sets and played and sang other church songs. By the time we got to the electric drums, RJ was in full swing. He was so into it that I could see he was lost in another world. He was belting out the words to "I just feel like something good is about to happen, something good is on it's way.. I can feel it in my hands, I can feel it in my feet, I can feel it in my heart, I can feel it all over me." He then tells me to sing.. I was like why not and sang..but not as loudly. I have never seen my son play like he did. He was in perfect time and beat. We hada all the workers in the room watching him. He ended with a bang, got off the drums and said. " ok I'm done let's go home now, I was so good today!" The workers told us were were welcome anytime. I think he surprised them at how good he was for a three year old. One guy told us that it was clear God had given RJ as gift of playing the drums.
Inside I was beaming and so happy that he sang for Jesus with all he had right in the middle of Guitar Center!
Jesus is the Light of the world..Let His light shine through you!
God is good!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Today was RJ's first day of school in Pre-K. I was not sure how he would be, but he walked right in and forgot all about us. We had to remind him to give us a kiss goodbye. I was impressed by how the Teacher started them off. She had a poster outside the classroom that had all the kids names on a little people cut out and the a picture of the child's' face was the head. RJ had to find his "person" and go inside the classroom and then find his name on another poster and Velcro it to where he found his name. From there, he found his cubby box and put his spare clothes in it. After that he hung his coat on a hook with his name over it and put his lunch box in the right spot. When I picked him up from school, he was in such a good mood and was so excited because he is going to to go to school every day. After one half day, he wants to go all day...for now we will keep it to half day.
All in all, we are super happy with the school and are thrilled to see how happy he is.
Today also was my first day as the PTA or as they call it PTC Clerk. I am nervous and hope I don't mess up. Already I am super busy and do not want to be overwhelmed or overcome by it. This is my last year to play with RJ before he becomes a full time I am going to have to keep my balance and my priorities straight. I do love the school and am excited to sever the faculty and staff in this position. I pray I don't fail them.

God is Good!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Jesus on the Rainbow

RJ: " So..Mom..did you know about Jesus and the Rainbow?"
Me: " Tell me about it."
RJ: " see Jesus died and when he died there was a big rainbow and it went down and up like this. And then Jesus came ALIVE and He went up on the rainbow..and you know what..the disciples were with him on the rainbow. That's the story of Jesus on the Rainbow. I like Rainbows."

There you have it folks! Smile..I think God is.

God is Good!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Even the Sparrow

Thankfully today we were able to get our house and lives back in order. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed having electricity! Tonight as we were reading our nightly Bible, Bob read about how God even knows when a Sparrow falls. It reminded me of something that happened right before the Hurricane hit. I had taken all the bird houses in my back yard and put them in a safe place. We were doing last minute preparations when we heard a very loud bird in the back yard. When we looked out the window we saw a Female Cardinal on the back porch huffing and puffing her feathers and it seemed like she was giving me a piece of her mind. I opened the back door to see if she would stop and she looked right at me and got even louder and more animated. Bob asked where the bird houses were and it dawned on me that I must have packed away her home. I quickly put them all back in their rightful places and she seemed pleased. As I did this, I realized one of them had a nest inside. Unknowingly I had taken not only her home from her, I had taken her baby's nest from her.
The storm approached and that night we not only prayed for God to keep us safe and our house intact, but we prayed for the bird houses to not be destroyed. When the eye of the storm came and the sun began to shine, I looked outside to see that even though many branches had fallen, not one bird house had fallen to the ground. Better yet, I was greeted by the same mommy who was yelling now for food. I put the bird seeds out and went inside to see what would happen. I was rewarded by not only seeing her eat the food, but her baby came out to eat too. God protected her and her baby during the storm. If God cared enough to keep a bird and her home from breaking, how much more does He loves and care for us. He can see when a sparrow falls, He can see you when you are down and He does hear you when you cry. He is your peace in the middle of the storm and He is your shelter from all harm.
God is Good!

Friday, September 02, 2011

back to normal

I am happy to say that life is going to be back to normal. The electricity came on while we were on our way to NJ to bring him home. School starts Tuesday and I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine. This year I will be PTA president, so I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to a warm shower in my own home and being able to see where I am going. Reva is on her way home and I miss her already. I am looking forward to seeing Tara and joy next week. Let the birthday celebration continue.
God is good!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thankful for family

RJ has been in NJ since Monday, we are so thankful that he has been able to finish his last week of summer with his cousins and away from the lack of electricity. He truly is having a blast at his Aunt Linda and uncle Jeff house of course I can't forget Jake and amber! The plan is to pick him up tomorrow after we take Reva to the airport. Hopefully we will have power by then. It's been fun, that's the joy of being with your best friend, you have fun no matter where you are or what you are doing.
GOD is good!