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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A shield for me

My son is a great inspiration for me. As I watch him I understand why Jesus said for the children to come to him or that we should have childlike faith. He is always breaking out into song and I sing along with him or just enjoy the " show" when he has church. For about a year now he has been obsessed with two cd's. One is a compilation of songs that the youth choir did last year, the other is Atlanta West' Gospel Choir from Georgia. I think it may have something to do with Jessica DiGiovanni since he LOVES her voice, and she has a solo on both cd's. Either way, I listen to them on a regular basis due to his request. Today was a bit rough, he was not taking a nap and he is now diaper/pullup free...he is not too sure about it and wishes it was around just in case. As you can guess, I probably was getting a bit testy with him since he was grumpy and following me around the house with a whine in his voice. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and got real quiet and started to sing " Thou oh Lord are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head.. I CRIED UNTO THE LORD WITH MY VOICE...he heard me"..then he trailed off, I think because he couldn't remember the rest of the words. A peace came into the room and all became well again.( yes he did fall asleep shortly after this)
RJ taught me once again to worship the Lord no matter what, there is a praise inside, we need to let it out and the little stuff will go away. Jesus is a shield for us. He is the lifter of our head. Cry unto HIM and He will hear you!
God is good!

Monday, June 27, 2011

John 5:8

Tonight when we sat down for our nightly reading of the Bible. RJ requested we ready John Chapter 5 verse 8. He does ask for scriptures at random times, and we usually read it for him. Most of the times it's pretty off the wall. Tonight was right on. It was "...take up your bed and walk.."
We decided to read the whole chapter 5 outloud. I began to dwell on what we were reading. So many times we are waiting for something big to happen and when Jesus walks up to us we don't realize who He is and what He can do for us and we are looking at our situation wating for it to change. It's when we look up and see what Jesus has to say, we hear his words and then apply them to our lives. When this takes place we get more than what we have been waiting for. God knows our situations, needs, wants and desires. When the time is right, He will show up and simply tell us to take up our beds and walk. When we stand up and walk we will be free of what has held us bound in our place for so long.
So as RJ John 5:8...pray about it..and take up your bed and walk.

God is Good!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Again

So my boy is home and tonight while getting ready for bed he tells me that he could have stayed at his grandparents until time then he can stay that long. I did cry when I picked him up.
I am thankful to have such a good little boy.
God is good!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Away at the Grandparents

It has been very quiet in the house this week. RJ is spending the week with his Grandparents. I cried the first two days, then I started to relax and enjoy the rest. However, I am now ready for him to come home. I miss my little boy. He fills the room with his wonderful personality. Every time we call him, he is so busy we are lucky to get a hi, goodbye and I love you. This truly makes me glad because it shows us we have raised him to be self confident and he knows we love him and will bring him back home. God willing he will be home long as he is ready, if not, no matter what, he comes home Sunday!
Bob and I are enjoying time together, it has been nice to snuggle and not be interupted.
We are looking forward to hearing our boys laughter and drums again.

God is good!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Breaks in Virginia= Breathtaking

For Father's Day weekend we took a business/family vacation to The Breaks in Virginia. The ride here from NY was LOOONG, but scenic so it helped the time go by. RJ thankfully fell asleep and took a very long nap. The unique thing about getting to this Campsite is that you have to go up a narrow road up the mountain. RJ correctly named it the crazy mountain, because you would be crazy to go up the mountain fast and it has many turns. I will say this, the drive is worth every minute. The view is breathtaking. I have been to many mountain places in my lifetime, but this one took the cake for me. It seemed to me like if I reached up my arms high enough I could touch heaven. The bird's songs are so beautiful in the morning.
There is a lot to do here. The cabins are not badly priced. Bob and RJ went on a hike this morning and RJ came back ready to eat a horse!
Already we have ridden a paddle boat, RJ and I rode a horse. RJ lasted two minutes and wanted off, I on the other hand was fulfilling a life long dream and that was ride a horse. For 30 min I rode a horse through the was AWESOME. I am hooked. And yes, I am sore too...but still hooked!
Tonight there is supposed to be a Gospel Concert. We are looking forward to it. Tomorrow we head home. I have enjoyed being in another place of God's Beautiful creation. He truly is amazing. Only God could create such serene beauty.
Hopefully we will come here again. I would love to come here in Autumn, I can just imagine how pretty the trees will be!
At this time I am enjoying some time to myself, while Bob and RJ swim. I just heard a storm is coming, so I think my time is just about up.
If you are looking for a wonderful place to vacation and get away from it all..this is the place. Beware...there are bears and you most likely will not get cellular service here. Bob's phone has no signal and there are few wireless hot spots..but hey..when you come here, you really should have your head in the clouds and not in a computer or on the phone.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Color/Race Blind

Anyone who is close to my family will notice that my son is "Color" Blind.
Her is a perfect example:
For several years now we have been trying to have another baby. My son has been asking God for a baby sister. One one particular Wednesday night we were getting ready for Home Bible Study group and a lady from our church decided to attend our group. She brought with her, her 5 year old daughter. Mind you she is Black/African American or to be specific Jamaican. :}
The moment her little girl walked into the door RJ started shouting "Thank you Jesus!" He then went up to the little girl, hugged her and told her he was praying for her and God answered his prayer be sending him a little sister. Of course, he is doesn't get the whole she is 2 years older then him and taller than him, but he also doesn't even see that the color of their skin is not the same. In his mind, eyes and heart she is the sister he had been waiting for. Since that day, the two of them have a very special bond. When they see each other they become so excited, hug and then when they have to go home, cry.
We are so glad he is this way and hope we can keep him that way!
God is amazing!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

School Trip

It's funny. I remember when I was 4 having my first crush. I can remember how I felt when I saw him and how sad I was when my dad told me to not talk to him anymore. I also remember that same little boy crying when I told him word for word what my dad told me. I won't repeat it because it really was not nice. Of course I was only 4 and didn't understand the impact of his words. Lets just say my conversation with the little boy landed us with our parents in the pastors office. Keeping that in mind when my little boy told me he was going on a date with his classmate, I decided to not tell him he was too little and just go with the flow.
We arrived at the Oyster Bay Teddy Rosevelt Beach, he had his bag with his new towel my mom bought him and with that was a bag of popcorn. When she saw us, she ran to RJ and he promptly told her he had his new towel and the popcorn and asked her if she would sit on his towel with him. She giggled and said yes. It became clear that on Wednesday at school he asked her to sit on his towel with him when they were at the beach. I watched my son play all day with a very sweet little girl. Her mom and I went along with the plan. The builded sand castles together, they sat on his beach towel and ate popcorn together. It was sweet and pure with both mommies sitting right with them. I could have told him he was too little to have a date and crushed her little heart and his when we arrived. But I remembered the pain my little words caused when I was a child. It was sweet and pure and a delight.
I caught a glimps of why God said for the children to come to him. Children are so pure and kind. We in our adult worlds think too much and we don't take them for the simpleness of what it is. He wants to walk with us. He wants to be our friend. It's so simple, take a seat on Jesus' towel and enjoy His company. By the time the day is over you will be saying what the little girl said to her mommy. " Today was the bestest day I ever had!"

Thursday, June 02, 2011


This Morning my sweet littl boy woke me up by whispering in my ear, " What happened to Brother Robert's Birthday Cake? I needed to eat the frosting."

Sigh....thus we were both up and I told him we had saved a slice of cake for him since he fell asleep during the Home Group Bible Study.
However, he had to eat some fruit first. Thus, this morning..early morning..RJ had bluberries, strawberries, rasberries along with a slice of cake.

Happily, he fell back asleep around 11 am. I went to sleep to!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

5 Days of School Left

Wow..summer is quickly approaching our house. RJ goes to school three days a week. For him he has 5 more days of school and then it's summer for him. Wow..I got used to my 2 1/2 hours to myself, however I am looking forward to spending the summer with him. He truly is full of wonderful things to say and I enjoy listening to him. Before I know it he will be graduating from High School.
Time flies by, I am thankful to be able to share it with my wonderful little boy and husband.
God truly has been good to me.