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I started this blog several years ago as an outlet. To whomever reads my blog, I hope you are encouraged. I do my best to keep it short, so it can be a breath of fresh air.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Casting Down And Looking Up

As I was driving RJ to school today, we were commenting on all the beautiful trees. Worship music was playing in the background and we settled in a quiet calm. Out of nowhere thoughts of great sadness and sorrow came into my mind. My imagination for a brief moment caused me think of the worst what if's as if they were happening. The sun was shinning, Jesus was being proclaimed in my car and I had tears of sorrow in my eyes. I immediately and literally shook my head and under my breath I began to quote scriptures against fear. Once again I became aware of the life bursting forth in all the trees around us we drove. I cast down the false imaginations that were coming and I looked up to the promise of life that were all around me. Maybe you are not a Christian and do not have scriptures to quote when things like this happen. However, you have a choice to not dwell on the thoughts coming to your mind. I made a decision to get it out of my head and look at what was real. I do have a strong faith in Christ and made the choice to stand upon the promises in His Word. It is so important that you know your Bible. The Word of God is life, your sword, shield and armor. Cast down fear and depression and look up and proclaim and see the good God has given you. You won't have to look far, for it's all around you. God is good.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Safe Place

Today Bethel had a guest preacher, Evangelist Ethan Hagan. At first I was wondering if he was even going to be able to preach. Bishop Davis gave a great exhortation about Jesus being our wonderful counselor, followed by Pastor Davis giving a mini sermon on everything you need is in Jesus Christ. The worship was off the charts and it was one of those services that we could have just praised our Savior all day long. However, we do need to hear the Word of the Lord and Bro. Hagan came up to preach. His main text was taken from Romans 5:20. He didn't give an official title, so I am calling it, "Safe Place". The church is to be a safe place, a place where we can have an immediate spiritual help in our time of need. The House of The Lord is a safe place and a grace place. It's the place to be when everything is falling apart. It's the place to be when you are sick in your body. It's the place to be when you have fallen deep into a pit and only God can bring you out. It's where you find revelation for what you are going through and the grace to get through it. It's where you go when you feel like giving up, where you find the strength you need. It's where we are reminded that Jesus is still the light of the world. Where sin abounds grace abounds much more. Grace in found in the sanctuary, a safe place. Everyone is welcome in the Safe Place. God can bring anyone out of a horrible past, He can deliver you. Jonah was running from God. He found himself in the belly of a whale. He had nowhere to hide, he was in the depths of despair. It was in this place that he remembered the Lord. He prayed to God and he turned his heart back towards Him. He remembered what God had called him to do and he rededicated his life back to God. No matter where you are in life, when you find yourself in a pit, cry out to God. He has a safe place for you filled with grace and mercy. His grace is not cheap and your response does not need to be cheap. His grace will teach you how to live. His grace will carry you and cover you. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. God is good.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stay Close To The Shepherd

First, I realized that I accidently didn't post last Thursday's lesson. I will do my best to remember and blog it soon. Tonight the Bible Study lesson was taught by Bro. Daszewski. His main text was the 23rd Psalm and his title was, "Stay Close To The Shepherd". We all struggle with things in our life. God is calling us to be comforted by Him. The Book of Psalm is poet texts and songs written by David and others. They are artistic expressions of worship filled with praise, fighting our enemies, God's mercy and prophetic at times. We read that the Lord is our Shepherd-this means we are his sheep. We are to be humble and follow after his leading. He values us and cares about what happens to us. He leads us to places where we are well taken care of and makes sure we are safe. He takes us to places where we can find rest. We can live without fear because we know that he watches over us. We just need to make sure that we stay close to the shepherd. He is our living water and he gives us life. He restores our soul. His grace and mercy follows us. As we stay close to him, we are changed from sheep into a King and Queen. He will provide for all our needs, we just need to stay close to the shepherd. God is good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Mouth

The older I get, the more aware I become that I need to watch my mouth. Sometimes, I forget and let it run away with it's self. When I was younger I had no problem telling people exactly what I thought and didn't care the cost it was to them or to how it could come back at me in the future. I knew I was right and therefore felt justified in saying it exactly as it is. I do believe there are times to speak out and stand strong. However, it's wise to keep your mouth shut and think before you speak. I have gotten better at this, but feel like this past week, that I forgot to apply this. I try to stay low, but I guess it's due to Spring finally breaking forth, I felt emboldened. However, this afternoon, I felt a check in my spirit and realized that I needed to tone it down a little bit. I want to be a bridge builder not a fire starter. Just being real and transparent. We all go through things in life. We all have moments where we speak and wish we hadn't. I'm not perfect and have a long way to go before I can be more like Jesus. Think before you speak. God is good.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello April Rain

It would seem that Winter has finally decided to take it's rest. At least for our part of NY, it has. I know there are places that are having extreme weather. Today, I was happy to have rain instead of snow. Spring is starting to bloom all around and it's lifting my heart and spirit. Spring flowers are my favorite flowers and it's so nice to see them breaking through the once frozen ground to deliver burst of beauty all around. The rain poured and then lifted to rays of sunshine and warmth. It's cool again, but I know that Spring is on the rise. God is good.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

After Easter Intentions

We heard a masterpiece of a sermon preached with great passion and anointing today by Bro. Jonathan Walker. Bro. Walker preached on "After Easter Intentions, with the main text being from Mark 14:1 and Acts 12:1-5. He also covered most of Acts 12 throughout his sermon. Before he went into his sermon, he gave a disclaimer on the word Easter. He pointed out that the word was in fact in the Bible and was connected to being translated from the word meaning Passover Lamb. He also pointed out that he was very aware of the Saxon Holiday called Easter that was pagan. For his sermon, he is not referring to this holiday, but in fact the word Easter used in the Bible, referring to the Lamb of God. The intentions of Herod was to vex the church. He wanted to kill Peter after Easter. After every great victory the enemy still has great intentions, he has After Easter Intentions. Where would we be without the Lord? Where could we go? Mathew 28:18 tells us that Jesus has all power. We read in Revelation 1:8 that He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Which is, which was and which is to come. He is with us every day of the week. We live in an age of technology, we have access to things like never before. But we must make certain that we can not live or walk this life without Jesus holding our hand and being with us. Our help comes from the Lord. We can not do it by our might or by our power. It wasn't Samson that brought the pillars down, it was the strength of God in Him. Moses didn't part the Red Sea, God did. The Lord is strong and mighty in battle. We serve a miracle working God that works through a willing servant. The Herod Family was had After Easter Intentions. When Jesus was born this was a great victory. Soon after Herod had all the males 2 years and under killed. John the Baptist prepares the way for the Lord. Harrods Uncle has his beheaded. Jesus resurrects from the dead and Herod kills James. Satan can see the miracles unfolding in your life and he does everything he can to stop them from happening. He has After Easter Intentions for you. He will do whatever it takes to try and stop you. It's so important that before you walk out the door that you plead the Blood of Jesus over your family and put on the armor of God. In Acts 3 we read about Peter's ministry. A beggar is at the gate and begging for money. Peter tells him that he doesn't have silver or gold, but what he has he will give him and he tells him to get up and walk. Peter didn't give the man money, Peter became a vessel for God to move through and the man was healed. He removed himself and inserted Jesus Christ into the situation. So many times we are needing a miracle and we try to do it on our own strength. We need to depend on God and His miracle working power. Then in Acts 4 we read of Peter being arrested and then he is released and there is revival. In Acts 5 he is arrested again. Acts 6 there is more revival. Acts 8 Revival spreads to Samaria, it's being spread to all nations. Acts 10 an Angel tells a Roman Centurion to talk to Peter. Side note: We need to take our hands off a situation and let ministering Angels show up in it. Acts 12 and the Passover comes. Herod decides if he can finally stop Peter, he will stop the spreading of the church. Peter is arrested. He is assigned 16 guards. Two of them are chained to him. Herod didn't want to take any chances of Peter escaping. While this is taking place the church is having a prayer meeting. Unity in the church is important. We must not be ignorant of the devils devices. We must remember that greater is He that is you, then He that is in the world. We have a spiritual dam that is keeping the miracles from taking place. We must realize that fear is not an emotion. Fear is a spirit. God has not given us the spirit of Fear. Stand up and declare that God has not given you the spirit of fear. He gives you a sound mind. He pulls down the strongholds in your life. Use your spiritual weapons. Plead the Blood! There is power in the Blood of Jesus. Peter is sitting there surrounded by guards. He is not worried, he goes to sleep. He has full trust in God. We must get to the point that we are able to put full trust in God and go to sleep and leave it in God's hands.The Angel of the Lord appears and has to wake Peter up. The chains fall off and they have to walk through several blockades. When they get to the final gate, it swings wide open. Peter didn't question the Angel, he obeyed. Obedience to God's words releases a transformation into your life. Once Peter is out of the gate and is completely free, the Angel leaves. The prayers of the church, brought the Angel to deliver Peter. Your prayers matter, they are doing something in the supernatural. Do not think that just because you do not see something, that God is not moving on your behalf. Don't stop praying. Peter knew that God had delivered him and he goes to where he knows the church was praying. He knocks on the door and Rhoda comes to the door. She recognized that it's Peter's voice and tells the saints that God has heard their prayers and Peter is at the door knocking. They had been praying with faith, but still couldn't believe that the answer to their prayers was at the door. God was able to get Peter out of the prison, but Peter wasn't able to get in to the house. Peter persisted and they finally opened the door. He preached to them and then he went on his way. Do not miss your miracle that is knocking on your door. Don't let the After Easter Intentions the devil has sent after you, rob you of what God has for you. Herod refused to give God glory for what had taken place and he died and was eaten up with worms. His After Easter Intentions had failed and The Gospel continued to be preached. You are right there. Do not give up. Keep on praying. Ask God to send Angels to work on your behalf on the situation. Don't miss your miracle. God is good.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Remember Tree

I have been doing some more digging in my Family Tree. I came across a family line with the last name of Klein. A name Anna Klein kept coming up attached to the names of my Great Grandparents from the 1700's. They were born in France and died in France. The next time this name came up, I realized why. Anna was one of their great granddaughters and she died in one of the Nazi Prison Camps in Germany. When I read this, I felt like all the air had been sucked out of me. It just so happens that this is the time for remembrance of the Holocaust. I still have some digging to do, but I'm pretty sure Anna is one of my Great Aunts. The killing of innocents is never right. I don't care where you stand politically, racially or religiously, it's never right to take another human beings life. I don't know her, of course I never met her, but I grieve for her. Once again, I find myself staring at a generation that is fighting so hard to remove the past. How can we make sure we do not make the same mistakes if we do not learn from the past. How can we make sure we do not do the same thing in the future? Why are we not teaching this present generation about the horrible things that have been done because someone felt their way was the better way? Everyone has their own opinion and God bless America for letting you have it. Just please, don't make it an excuse to hurt the ones you do not agree with. My dear Anna- I remember you and will continue to do so. I also realized that I forgot to honor my Nonna yesterday. It was the anniversary of her birth. Happy Birthday in Heaven Nonna. I love you and miss you. Love one another. God is good.